Case Study: Severn Trent Water

See how Severn Trent Water wanted to implement Condeco’s reliable meeting room management system to help them improve their meeting room efficiencies.


Severn Trent Water provides water and wastewater treatment as well as operating services to utilities, municipalities and commercial customers. Severn Trent is one of the biggest water companies in the UK, supplying to over four million homes.


Severn Trent Water opened a new building that came with previously installed room booking software. Severn Trent Water wanted to gain an insight into how their rooms were being used so they could better manage the spaces.

The business wanted to minimize their no-show problem by installing room screens outside of the meeting rooms. However the original system did not supply room screens, so they needed to try and integrate a separate vendor’s room screens. Unfortunately the system was continuously faulty and they couldn’t integrate the room screens with their existing room booking software.

After four years of non-stop issues, Severn Trent Water decided to change providers in order to improve their meeting room management and staff experience. They wanted one single vendor that offered an integrated solution for meeting room software and screens.

“As with any organisation, meeting room space is always at a premium. The Condeco software solution has made a real difference and has helped us increase utilisation of our meeting spaces.”

Ian Humphray, Workplace Strategy Manager, Key Business User (Property Services), Severn Trent Water


Knowing from previous research that Condeco was best in market, and a fully integrated workplace solution, Severn Trent Water decided to implement Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software across all of their twenty buildings. They also implemented Condeco Meeting Room Touch Screens in five of their service buildings to see if it would reduce their meeting room no-shows and increase their workplace efficiency.

Condeco enabled Severn Trent Water to gain meeting room information easily with detailed utilisation reports. Administrators could identify repeat offenders that had booked a room but failed to show up and notify them. This helped to prevent this from happening again.

Meeting Room Booking Screens

Meeting Room Booking Software

Condeco’s new system was intuitive and simple to use, both for the administrators and users. Condeco provided a small amount of training for key users, who found the system very simple to navigate. To manage the change within the organisation, Severn Trent Water kept the whole team updated well before the implementation. The business communicated how the new system would function and the reasoning for its implementation so that everyone was on-board.

Severn Trent Water has granted special access rights for their administrators to prevent people from blocking out the meeting rooms. The room screens also have an auto-bump feature, which helps to decrease the amount of no-shows by releasing a room after a set period of time if a host fails to start a meeting. This has allowed people to make more bookings on the day, whereas before the rooms were always booked out.


Condeco helped Severn Trent Water to:

  • Decrease meeting no-shows by around 30%, which is expected to decrease even more as time goes on
  • Create a more professional looking system that contributes to their agile working environment
  • Book less external meetings which has resulted in an on-going financial gain
  • Spend less time managing meeting room bookings and schedule catering and additional services within a single booking
  • Find out utilisation information about their meeting rooms easily


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