Calendar Booking

Booking a workspace?
It’s a date.

Use Smart Calendar to secure the workspaces you need, when you need them, directly through Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook calendar booking

Book through Outlook
in seconds.

Booking your workspace through your Outlook calendar is fast and easy: open the add-in, search rooms, and select one from the list. Room details and features are listed, so you can be certain the space you’ve booked is right for you.

Alternative meeting rooms

Plan B? Sorted.

As your plans change, Condeco takes care of everything. Its smart calendar feature detects when an Outlook meeting is moved, automatically finds a suitable alternative and sends out all the necessary details.

Smart Recurrences

Same time next week?
No problem.

If you have recurring meetings at fixed times, Condeco ensures you always have the space you need. And if the original room is not available for certain dates, it automatically books another that still meets all your requirements.

Video conferencing

Dial in anyone.

Bringing virtual attendees into a meeting is as easy as collaborating with them in person. Video conferencing like Teams and Zoom can automatically be managed in Condeco, and then started with just one click when everyone is ready to go.

User interface

One simple booking solution

On mobile

Quickly find and book workspaces on our mobile app for IOS and Andriod.

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On the web

Our online portal supports advanced management and searchability of workspaces for a more detailed view.

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All your booking information is automatically synchronized across the Condeco mobile app, the web portal and your Outlook calendar. If a meeting moves, don’t worry about finding a new room: Condeco finds you a suitable space for the time you need it.

Make workspace bookings, amendments and cancellations seamlessly through your Outlook calendar, and Condeco updates automatically.

Get people together without the hassle. Add Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings directly to your calendar bookings, then use automated video conferencing management means you can start meetings with a single click.

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Condeco Workspace Booking Datasheet

Condeco is the platform that puts you in control of your working days. You can easily find and reserve the spaces you need, and ensure that they’ll be ready for you when you arrive. It’s flexible working without the hassle.

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"Condeco was the perfect fit: an established product that had the market traction, and we could get it in quickly. That was the bottom line."

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"I am delighted to find out from our employees that Condeco Meeting Room Booking System allows them to book meeting rooms much easier and faster now."

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"It was important to us that the software was compatible with Outlook and that it was compatible and especially user-friendly."

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