Workplace Analytics

Office space monitoring and utilization technology that can help you maximize both real estate and productivity.

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Measuring Office Space Usage

Get more from your workspaces through office space monitoring and utilization analysis.

  • Understand space usage: get detailed insights that can support correct space control, access, and occupancy
  • Inspire user satisfaction: deliver workspaces that meet user needs and underpin their productivity
  • Improve workplace design: reshape office spaces to respond to changing business needs

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Predictive workplace analytics

Reshape office environments based on insights to adapt to a new world of work.

  • Right-size real estate: develop an office that perfectly supports a flexible workforce
  • Enable a reactive office: use data to seamlessly adapt the workplace according to employee requirements
  • Support continuous improvement: reshape working practices long-term based on data and insights

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What is workplace analytics?

Workspace analytics uses software reporting and data analytics such as Microsoft Power BI to closely monitor the use of your workspace, helping you make better design decisions.

Analytics through Power BI brings the ability to easily create high value, interactive, analytical dashboards. Connected with Condeco you can produce powerful data-driven insights into historical resource usage and plan for future space needs.

“I am delighted to find out from our employees that Condeco Meeting Room Booking System allows them to book meeting rooms much easier and faster now.”

Thiri Aung Thein, Country IT Manager, Dentsu Ageis Network

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