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Grow your business with flexible work.

See your business thrive by empowering your workforce to work from anywhere.

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Work from anywhere

Unlock new ways of working.

Give your employees control of where and when they work and create a truly flexible workplace. Make every workspace searchable and bookable, and make their working days seamlessly effective, wherever they are. Workspace scheduling software

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Flexible Work Types

The future at work

Boost your productivity

Embrace flexible work, and see your business thrive. By empowering your people to work from anywhere with the help of our workspace solutions, you will soon find your competitors left behind.

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Employee satisfaction

50% of employees say they will look for another role if they are not offered flexible work.1

1 EY report

Better employees

Happy employees are 13% more productive.2 By giving employees the best of both worlds – an attractive office space to collaborate in and the ability to focus remotely – businesses will be able to retain and attract the best talent.

2 University of Oxford Said Business School

Productivity & efficiency

Employees that no longer have a daily commute say they spend 47% of their usual commute time working and have less interruptions during the day leading to an increase in productivity of 15%.3

3 The Business case for remote working Global Workplace Analytics

Revenue growth & profits

Offering flexible work can reduce the office cost per employee by 25%.4

4 The Business case for remote working Global Workplace Analytics

How tomorrow will work.

Intelligent analytics

Learn how your office really works.

No-one knows exactly how the future will work. Get valuable insights on how your workspaces are used, so you can reshape and optimize your office to deliver a space where your employees will want to work.

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We’re the market leading solution trusted by over 2000 enterprise level businesses to enable their future at work. Every day, 4.6 million workspaces are booked in leading businesses worldwide.
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Transform your workspace management with a platform given five badges of honor in the G2 Summer 2021 report, and featured in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Resource Scheduling Applications.
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Enterprise level businesses trust Condeco

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Companies who adopt employee centric work practices often find flexible work to be an effective way to motivate, retain and attract their employees.

Many businesses are using the savings from the efficient use of office space from flexible work to invest in reshaping their offices with more attractive spaces for collaboration.

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