Meeting Room Booking System

Meet your new way to collaborate.

Easy booking of formal and informal meeting spaces that support how you want to work.

Meeting room booking

Bring people together with ease.

Securing the meeting space you need, at the time you need it, has never been easier. You can find a suitable space and time, check all attendees are available and make a booking in moments. Whether through Outlook, on your mobile, or via the Condeco portal on the web.

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Virtual meetings

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Whether meeting in person, virtually or through a combination of the two, Condeco brings everyone together. Teams or Zoom calls can easily be added to your meeting space booking, and calls can be started with a single click.

  • Helps you collaborate, wherever you are
  • Helps you improve productivity
  • Easily connect with your colleagues

Dynamic space management

Make changes stress-free.

When plans change, Condeco takes care of things for you. The platform automatically checks whether a suitable meeting room is still available for the new time, moves the booking if so, and moves all booked services along with it. No stress for you, and no confusion for attendees, service vendors or front-of-house staff.

  • Helps remove the burden of rescheduling meeting spaces
  • Helps you utilize space more efficiently


Manage meetings and services effortlessly.

Bird’s-eye view of bookings

Everything you need to know about your bookings can be overseen through one screen in Condeco.

Standard booking grid

Monitor every aspect of your meetings, from room status to additional services like catering.

Quick booking and swapping

Create new bookings, move them to other rooms, swap rooms with other bookings, or extend overrunning meetings, so that everyone is always in the right place at the right time.

Bespoke set-up

The specification of every type of space can be set up within Condeco. Rooms can be self-serve, managed or blind-managed, so that they’re always used in the right way.


Additional hardware

Meeting room screens

Enhance your workspace experience with meeting room screens.

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Enhance your workspace experience with a Wayfinder.

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Find and book conference rooms, meeting spaces and other collaboration areas with a single tool. Search for an available room that meets your needs, from capacity to installed equipment, then book and invite your attendees – all in a few clicks.

Seamlessly integrate your Outlook calendar and Condeco meeting space bookings. Open the add-in, search for a room, explore its details and make a booking – right in the very place where you plan your meetings.

Change of plans? No problem. Move or delete a calendar event and Smart Calendar takes care of the rest, keeping everything up to date and resolving any room conflicts.

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Condeco Workspace Booking Datasheet

Condeco is the platform that puts you in control of your working days. You can easily find and reserve the spaces you need, and ensure that they’ll be ready for you when you arrive. It’s flexible working without the hassle.

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"Condeco was the perfect fit: an established product that had the market traction, and we could get it in quickly. That was the bottom line."

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"I am delighted to find out from our employees that Condeco Meeting Room Booking System allows them to book meeting rooms much easier and faster now."

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"It was important to us that the software was compatible with Outlook and that it was compatible and especially user-friendly."

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