Advanced touch screens for your meeting rooms

Condeco Room Screens are the perfect addition to your meeting spaces. The high-resolution 10.1″ touch screen clearly shows room name, availability and booking information outside the room and offers an intuitive booking interface with RFID functionality.

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Increase room

Free up unused meeting rooms in an instant if users don’t turn up and check-in, removing those annoying ghost bookings and increasing room availability.

Manage bookings

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Show the
room’s status

Bright LED lights show the room’s occupancy status even from a distance. With the reservation details clearly displayed on the room, there’s no more argument about who booked what.

Room status display

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Instant booking with
your access card

Instantly make a booking right on the device, start your meeting, or release a room, using any RFID-enabled access card.

Screen functions

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Accurate reports
on room usage

Each screen gathers essential meeting data, enabling you to get insight about how the room is being used and who turns up for their meetings.

Data analytics

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Manage and monitor
in the Cloud

All your screens can be managed from a cloud-based dashboard that includes usage statistics, device health monitoring, management of users and locations, and software updates.

Device management

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Sleek design for
your workspace

Our exceptionally designed, crystal-clear 10.1″ touch screens are an elegant addition to your meeting rooms. The interface can be branded in a few simple steps.

Screen design

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Increase room availability

Get more out of your workspace. Condeco Meeting Room Screens help you better manage your meeting rooms and increase visibility and availability of rooms.

Release unattended bookings

Do some of your colleagues have a habit of not showing up and leaving a room booked but empty? Ask the meeting host to check in. Condeco can automatically cancel bookings that have not been checked in to, freeing up the room for others to use.

If a meeting ends before the scheduled finish time, you can use the touch screen to end the meeting, releasing the room for others to book.

Need a bit more time in the room? Amend your booking on the screen to add more time in just a few simple steps.

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Show the room’s status

The Condeco Room Screen clearly shows the occupancy status of the room and details of any bookings, putting an end to confusion about room availability and bookings.

Clear meeting information

See when the room is booked and who by. If a meeting overruns and the room is still available, you can extend your booking right from the screen.

No more wandering corridors or peeking through windows. Red, amber and green LED lights with 180° visibility enable you to see which meeting rooms are available, booked or occupied, even from a distance.

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Instant booking with your access card

The brilliant touch screen display lets you book the room, and start, end, or extend your meeting, simply by tapping your RFID-enabled security card or entering a 6-digit PIN. The screen works with a wide range of RFID cards to suit your current infrastructure.

See how Sodexo optimized their meeting space with Condeco Meeting Room Booking


“We worked with Condeco to improve our own workspace technology solutions, as well as demonstrating to our own customers how they can improve their workspaces.”

Richard Priestly, Real Estate Director, Sodexo

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Accurate reports on room usage

Each screen gathers essential data, providing insight into how rooms have been booked and used. The data can be used to support tactical improvements to your workspace, and well as strategic planning decisions about what kind of meeting space is needed; enabling a more efficient and effective provision of meeting space.

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Manage and monitor in the Cloud

No matter if you have 10 or 1000 screens, your devices can be conveniently managed in from a central dashboard in the Cloud.

Device activation

Get up and running in seconds

Easily activate your screens with a few simple steps. Set up all major settings in the Cloud from the convenience of your desk, and simply activate the device with a secure, time-limited activation code.

Device Activation


Stay in control of your entire estate

Comprehensive health monitoring enables you to see if any devices, anywhere in the world are showing issues. If needed, you can remotely restart a device from the convenience of your desk. You can also opt to receive daily email updates highlighting any issues.


Energy saver

Don’t waste power

Don’t waste power outside business hours. Easily define on what days and at what times you’d like a group of screens to go to standby mode.

Energy Saver


Brand your screens

Give your screens a branded edge with screen theming. You can develop themes with a custom background and logo in seconds, whether it’s for a single room, a building, or all your screens.



Your screens working your way

Set how you’d like a group of screens to work in a certain environment. Available settings include meeting privacy, business hours, if and how far people can book ahead on the device, identification and check-in requirements, and many more.


URL mode

Show a webpage

Want to use your screens to temporarily advertise an event, and use another system? With URL mode you can show any webpage on your screens.



Get deeper workspace insight

Develop a deeper understanding of which rooms are most used, and which ones least, or how many people did not turn up for their booking. You can see instant reports in your dashboard, or analyze your data further in tools such as Power BI or Tableau.*

*Depends on chosen integration

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Meeting Room Screen
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Sleek design

Condeco meeting room screens look exceptionally sleek and are incredibly simple to use.

Key Features:

  • 10.1″ multi-touch glass screen
  • 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Tri-color LED room status indicator with 180º visibility
  • Screen theme capability to brand your space
  • Wall or surface mounted, can be mounted on glass

Display 10.1″, 24-bit LCD capable of reproducing 16.7M colors 10.1″
Touch Panel Capacitive multi-touch
Processor Dual core ARM A9, 1GHz Processor
Memory 1GB 64-bit DDR3
Storage 8GB NAND Flash
Power Power Over Ethernet (POE) and 12 Volt power supply
RGB LED indication Optimized and redesigned for 180-degree visibility
Wired Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Wireless Network 802.11 b/g/n WI-FI
Remote update New features and software updates can be pushed remotely to the screen
RFID Interface Support for 125KHz and 13.5MHz RFID cards
Bluetooth iBeacon using Bluetooth LE
Power Key Yes, on the back to shut down/restart the unit
Languages English (UK, US), French, German, Italian, Spanish
Download the Meeting Room Screens Datasheet

Help people easily find their room

The Condeco Wayfinder displays easy-to-read meeting information and provides directions for visitors and meeting attendees – ideal for any areas with multiple meeting rooms and high levels of visitor traffic.

Learn about Wayfinder


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Condeco Meeting Room Screens

Whether your meetings are planned or impromptu, our sleek, intuitive touch screens are the complete package for your meetings rooms.

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