With its London office housing 1,600 people and at capacity, Vodafone wanted a better way to manage meeting room booking and use their space more effectively.

The company wanted to move away from its approach of using calendars, or relying on personal assistants (PA’s) to book meeting rooms, and adopt a cloud-based system that could be easily updated; providing them with meeting room usage data.

The system had to provide a seamless experience for staff with a mobile-first focus, as well as support Vodafone’s goal of allowing employees to work flexibly.

“Meeting room booking is usually a big deal in the office because there’s not enough [rooms]. We wanted to understand whether we could have a seamless reservation experience.”

– Mirna Gelleni, Senior Workplace Strategist, Vodafone


Having a mobile application for meeting room bookings is essential for a company that works in mobile communications – and has the added benefit of creating a positive impression on external visitors. It also meets their need to offer staff more flexible working, booking meeting rooms while on the move. Vodafone’s entire ethos is mobile and agile, and they worked with us to enhance the mobile app to better suit their needs.

Condeco meeting room screens were installed outside each meeting room, allowing people to see at a glance on availability of the meeting room. The 150 screens help reinforce the behavior Vodafone wants to encourage, having people use rooms and pods only when needed for meetings, rather than taking them over for entire days at a time.

Vodafone created an internal governance team to support the roll-out of the new meeting tools. This team worked closely with Condeco, enabling them to get the best quality support.

Vodafone also created a managed service team, based in Egypt, which will offer support for the Condeco systems as they roll-out worldwide. The phased implementation has currently reached 10 sites globally, with others to follow.

The Products Used

Meeting Room Booking IconMeeting room booking

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Room Screen IconMeeting room screens

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Staff members now have access to the mobile app for space booking


Global offices with Condeco implemented


Meeting room screens help reinforce the behavior Vodafone wants to encourage

Room Booking IconSince installing Condeco’s systems, Vodafone has seen an improvement in how its meeting rooms are used.

Room Management IconIt is easier for staff to book meeting rooms because we provide a straightforward user experience.

Free Space IconStaff are behaving more responsibly in their use of rooms, which has increased availability of spaces and put an end the monopolization of the rooms.


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