Employee Experience

Inspire motivation and productivity in your workforce through solutions that give them full flexibility in their working arrangements.

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Frictionless employee experience

Condeco solutions that combine the best of office and remote working to inspire happiness and productivity.

  • Open up employee choice: make it easy for employees to book spaces when they need them
  • Enable smart workplace scheduling: provider user-friendly tools for booking anywhere, any time
  • Put the office at the core: foster a culture where the office is considered your business’s ‘hub’

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Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration with workspaces and Condeco technology that make teamwork more flexible than ever before.

  • Improve culture and connections: help employees come together to build stronger bonds
  • Enable better teamwork: give groups the time and space they need to collaborate and contribute
  • Support workplace collaboration: enable teamwork that’s physical, virtual, or a combination of the two

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What is employee experience?

Workplace experience considers a number of elements that influence how employees use their office space. Workspace experience considerations include:

  • Physical workplace design and function, ensuring user-centered design to maximize satisfaction
  • Technology enables better use of available space and monitors trends and utilization for future planning.
  • Company culture and connection to give employees a hub to come together and collaborate and contribute, shaped by work policies

Employees who enjoy positive experiences will be more motivated, happier and more productive in their work.

“I am delighted to find out from our employees that Condeco Meeting Room Booking System allows them to book meeting rooms much easier and faster now.”

Thiri Aung Thein, Country IT Manager, Dentsu Ageis Network

Dentsu Ageis Network case study

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