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Inspire motivation and productivity in your workforce through solutions that give them full flexibility in their working arrangements.

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Deliver a workplace that your employees love.

Employee experience is about more than just helping them get their jobs done. It’s about providing a physical environment where they can learn, socialize and build bonds and friendships. It may be difficult to quantify the benefits of employee experience to efficiency, productivity and satisfaction, but it’s a vital part of the modern workplace.

Condeco technology plays a key role in enhancing employee experience, enabling them to easily book time at the office so they can work side-by-side with their colleagues to drive themselves – and your business – forward.

Benefits of a better employee experience

Improving employee experiences inspires positivity in employees in two key areas.


More choice and flexibility in how they work.


Access to workspaces that support their productivity.


Better collaboration that strengthens connections to company culture.

Open up employee choice

Open up employee choice in the workplace

In the changing world of work, employees expect a degree of flexibility in how, where and when they work. They also expect to be trusted by their employers to work in the ways in which they’re most productive. Those that don’t get this trust and flexibility will find somewhere else to work.

Condeco technology removes the barriers between your business and this flexibility, allowing each employee to book a workstation and any other space they need for their entire workday. By giving them both time and location choice, our platform gives your workforce the control they want.

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Enable smart workplace scheduling

Smart workplace booking system

When working remotely, planning office visits can be difficult for employees. They need to know which spaces are available, where they can work and who they can work with when they get to the office, so that their trip isn’t wasted. We make this possible before they even set off from home.

Our booking tools integrate into systems like Microsoft Outlook, along with mobile apps for iOS and Android. So wherever and whenever they’re working, employees can easily find available meeting rooms and desks, manage bookings and check colleague work locations so they can plan ahead with ease.

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Put the office at the core

The fundamental shift on how we all work is having major consequences on how our offices function and serve us. There has never been a greater need to redefine the role of the office, and many offices will become ‘hubs’ where remote-working employees meet to collaborate or socialise.

Condeco solutions support this by bringing all the organization and administration of finding spaces to work and meet into one app, covering the basics like timings and space, and associated services like video conferencing and catering needs. That way, your employees can maintain their bonds and connections, and contribute to a strong, positive corporate culture.

Did you know?

When workplaces perform well across space, culture, interaction and behavior, employees prefer working there to working from home; when spaces don’t perform well, employees prefer home-working instead.

Source: Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey 2020

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

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Employee experience is the overall feeling of the interactions and observations they make of their working life, of the work they do, their working environment and their employer.

The best way to improve culture and employee experience is to make them feel valued, confident and productive. This can include enabling team-building and collaboration, supporting their personal needs and work-life balance, and giving them freedom to work from home or from the office as they require.

Employees who enjoy positive experiences will be more motivated, happier and more productive in their work. As well as the direct benefit to you as an employer, there is an added benefit of greater talent acquisition and retention at a time where employees, especially younger ones, value employee experiences highly.