Mobile Booking App

Tap, tap… book.

Quickly find and book workspaces on your mobile through our app for iOS and Android.

Mobile workspace booking

Book a space in seconds.

When a need for a workspace suddenly arises, you can secure the spaces you want just as quickly. With a few taps, you can book a workstation or a meeting room, along with other areas like parking, lockers, quiet spaces, breakout zones and more.

Mobile Booking Management

Manage bookings on the move.

One screen in the palm of your hand keeps you in control of your daily schedule. See all your bookings in list form, find booked workspaces on a floor plan, and make changes or cancellations to bookings as required.

Book a Team Day

Bring everyone together in the office.

Encourage collaboration and simplify workspace booking by inviting your colleagues to a Team Day, right in the app. Choose a location and date and reserve workspaces for your team members to ensure you can all work together.

QR code entry

Check in with ease.

It’s never been faster to check into a workspace. The Condeco app supports three ways to seamlessly check in: through an on-screen process, using QR codes, or automatic proximity based.

Employee notifications

Never miss a meeting.

Like a helpful personal assistant, the Condeco app always keeps you in the loop. Notifications of upcoming bookings and changes go straight to your device, so that you can keep track of where you need to be and when in real time.

Find a colleague

Find your co-workers – fast.

When you need to collaborate with a co-worker, Condeco helps make it happen. You can search in the app to find where they’re working, book an available workspace nearby, and start innovating together in minutes.

User interface

One simple booking solution

In the calendar

Use our smart calendar feature to book meeting rooms from Microsoft Office.

On the web

Our online portal supports advanced management and searchability of workspaces for a more detailed view.

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Is the booking app available on IOS and Android?

Use the Condeco app for either iOSor Androidand put the power of workspace scheduling in the palm of your hand. Search and book the workspaces you need, check availability, manage reservations and locate colleagues, all within the app.

What workspaces can I book on the mobile app?

Organize your entire day in the office through the app before you even leave home, from desk spaces and touch-down areas to parking spaces and lockers. Condeco is your simple self-serve tool for booking personal workspaces.

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Condeco Workspace Booking Datasheet

Condeco is the platform that puts you in control of your working days. You can easily find and reserve the spaces you need, and ensure that they’ll be ready for you when you arrive. It’s flexible working without the hassle.

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"Condeco was the perfect fit: an established product that had the market traction, and we could get it in quickly. That was the bottom line."

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"I am delighted to find out from our employees that Condeco Meeting Room Booking System allows them to book meeting rooms much easier and faster now."

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"It was important to us that the software was compatible with Outlook and that it was compatible and especially user-friendly."

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