What's New?

Jul 08 2024

Condeco mobile app

New! See who’s in

The new ‘See who’s in’ option on the Today page allows users to see the location of colleagues who have booked workspaces for the day, on a floor plan.

User PIN

Users can now view their PIN in their user profile on the Condeco mobile app.

Eptura Asset integration

Issues with spaces can now be reported to Eptura Asset directly from the Condeco mobile app.

Intelligent booking

Users with ‘intelligent booking’ enabled in their profile, are now notified that a personal space will be automatically booked when they change their working status to ‘in the office’.

Jul 02 2024

Condeco Cloud

New! Intelligent booking

Book a personal space automatically when your working status is set to ‘in the office’.

The following factors are intelligently weighted to find the best space:

  • Where team members are sitting
  • The user’s most reserved spaces
  • The user’s default group/floor/attributes
  • Today page improvements

    The Today page on the web now includes a new menu in the meeting space booking pane. In addition, you can view a summary of a booking by clicking the title from the list of today’s bookings.

    New icons provide consistency across the Today page.

    Group management for Location Admins

    Location Admins now have full control of the Groups that manage resources in the Location(s) assigned to them.

    Report improvements

    The Condeco Resource Report now includes the option to add ‘Attribute name(s)’ as a selectable field in the Reporting module.

    Jun 16 2024

    Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration

    New! Multi-room Bookings

    Now you can book multiple meeting spaces from a single Microsoft Outlook calendar event, so whether you’re organizing a large event or just want to book a space for your colleagues in another office, Condeco makes it easy to manage all the spaces from just one booking.

    Jun 11 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    New! Quick book

    The new ‘quick book’ option allows workspaces to be automatically allocated. This is useful when booking spaces such as parking spaces and lockers.

    Create work orders in Eptura Asset from Condeco

    You can now report issues with meeting spaces and personal spaces directly from Condeco and automatically create a work order in Eptura Asset.

    May 25 2024

    Condeco mobile app

    Your Team members working statuses

    The ‘Your Team’ page now displays each team member’s assigned avatar color, initials, and status for the current day. Working status and location are not shown for Team members who have hidden their visibility.

    Push notifications for ACS

    The Condeco mobile app now supports push notifications. The first notification feature can automatically check users into their booked personal spaces when entering a building if the Access Control System (ACS) integration is enabled.

    May 25 2024

    Condeco API 1.85.0

    Push notifications for ACS

    When ACS integration is enabled in Eptura Visitor, users can automatically check in to their workspace when they scan their RFID card at the entry point in their workplace.

    May 24 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    Booking slot logic

    The booking logic for personal spaces has been enhanced to allow only 1 space of each workspace type to be booked for the same person at the same time.

    Improved floor plan

    Personal spaces occupied by colleagues who are not members of your team, are now indicated in gray, making it easier to spot your team and available spaces to book nearby.

    May 22 2024

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Analytics access for Country and Location admins

    Country and Location administrators can now be granted access to the Analytics module, which provides full access to the Condeco Analytics Advanced dashboards and all global data.

    May 07 2024

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Improved filter for Working Styles dashboards

    The ‘Day’ selection dropdown has been replaced with the new weekday selection buttons on the Working Styles dashboards, allowing you to quickly switch between the standard working weeks – Mon-Fri / Sun-Thu.

    Quick hover-over tips and a new help button

    We’ve added hover-over information icons to show details about the visualizations and metrics on the canvases.

    In addition, each dashboard now includes a help button that leads directly to the specific Knowledge Center help page for the canvas.

    Apr 30 2024

    Condeco Cloud


    The hover-over cards displayed on the floor plan for personal spaces have been restyled to match our Eptura branding.

    Apr 30 2024

    Condeco API 1.84.0

    Improved APIs

  • Trigger ENS User Presence Notifications
  • Trigger ENS Meeting booking Notifications
  • Room booking API no longer overwrites Host/Requestor details
  • Personal space endpoints now return Desk type
  • Apr 20 2024

    Device Hub 3.28

    Bulk user upload improvements

    Bulk user upload files can now be sorted by Submitted date and Completed date.

    Apr 14 2024

    Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration

    Graph API Permissions

    We’ve taken advantage of Microsoft’s new Graph API ‘User.ReadBasic.All’ permission to reduce the scope of our access to customer data.

    Apr 13 2024

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    New! Working Styles Dashboards

    We’ve introduced three new dashboards to provide visual insights into the distribution of presence in the workplace, meeting space usage, and average booking trends.

    Employees are categorized as Home, Club, or Hub workers, based on the average number of days per week they attended the workplace over the defined date range.

    Apr 09 2024

    Condeco API 1.83.0

    GET commands for Meeting spaces

    GET commands can now return Outlook calendar details for each booking.

    CheckInToLocation – Enhancements

  • The API can now set users’ location and check them into Personal space bookings, even when an admin has set the user to ‘Not working’ or ‘Working remotely’.
  • A webhook notification is now sent when a user is successfully checked into a Personal space.
  • ‘Push’ notification is now supported when a user is successfully checked into a Personal space.
  • Suppport for advanced recurrence patterns

    The API now supports ‘Advanced recurrence patterns’ on the booking endpoints

    Apr 05 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    Employees’ initials on floor plan

    The personal spaces floor plan now displays the initials of the person who has booked a space, making it easy to quickly identify where colleagues are sitting.

    Mar 19 2024

    Condeco API 1.82.0

    GET command for advanced recurrence patterns

    We’ve enhanced the GET API for Meeting spaces, enabling users to access detailed information about advanced recurrence patterns.

    New endpoint to check-in to a location

    We’ve introduced a new endpoint that sets a user’s location and checks them into their workspace booking when they arrive at a workplace.

    Mar 15 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    Delivery point titles

    You can now customize the title of your delivery point bookings, making it easier to differentiate between various delivery point requests for your customers.

    Feb 27 2024

    Condeco API 1.81.0

    Office presence

    The Condeco API can now mark office presence using either userId or userEmail.

    Feb 26 2024

    Device Hub 3.27


  • All drop-down lists are ordered alphabetically
  • The combined first name/last name is now matched when searching for users.
  • New custom date range option for the Device Dashboard
  • New mailbox address column on the Device Health Dashboard
  • Feb 23 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    New! Your team

    ‘Your team’ functionality from the mobile app is now available from the Condeco on the web. Featuring:

  • Find your team and view their locations
  • Update your schedule
  • Respond to Team day invitations
  • QR code enhancement

    You can now allow users to check-in from Condeco on the web when QR codes are enabled.

    Feb 15 2024

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Improved filters

    The dashboard filters have been improved and reorganized.

    Feb 06 2024

    Condeco API 1.79.0

    Meeting booking APIs

    Meeting booking APIs can now add/update/get custom fields for multi-room bookings

    Feb 02 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    Floor plan button

    We’ve added the Floor Plan button to the Quick Search on the Today page, the search results, and to existing bookings.

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    The Analytics module is now available for Video Admins.

    Jan 16 2024

    Condeco API 1.78.0

    Meeting booking APIs

  • Meeting booking APIs can now add/update/get custom fields for single-room bookings
  • Meeting space booking APIs restrict special characters in booking title
  • Dec 19 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Custom fields

    Custom fields on the booking form can now be made mandatory to complete.

    Dec 19 2023

    Condeco mobile app – Android

    Personal space search

    When searching for personal spaces, all the attributes available for each space are displayed within the search results.

    Meeting space search

    Search results for meeting spaces are now ordered by the default capacity of the space.

    Search improvements

    You can now select a different floor to search directly from the search results screen. Simply tap the floor to select another.

    Team member icons

    The icons for colleagues added to your team are now displayed in color.

    Dec 19 2023

    Condeco mobile app – iOS

    Search improvements

    You can now select a different floor to search directly from the search results screen. Simply tap the floor to select another.

    Meeting space search

    Search results for meeting spaces are now ordered by the default capacity of the space.

    Team member icons

    The icons for colleagues added to your team are now displayed in color.

    Dec 02 2023

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    New! No Show report

    The new No-show report canvas provides a high-level overview to understand the impact when users do not occupy their booked spaces. The visualizations indicate how far in advance bookings for meeting and personal spaces were booked compared to the number of bookings that were bumped or canceled due to a no-show.

    Dec 02 2023

    Device Hub 3.26

    Device type column

    A column displaying the device type has been added to the device list table.

    Dec 02 2023

    Condeco SCIM API 1.23.0

    Pagination logic as recommended by the RFC standards for SCIM APIs (RFC 7644) has been implemented.

    Nov 28 2023

    Condeco API 1.76.0

    Improvements to:

  • Multi-room booking API
  • GET API for recurrences
  • Make bookings API
  • Nov 27 2023

    Condeco Cloud


    Various enhancements to improve the accessibility of Condeco web functions and pages.

    Nov 11 2023

    Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

    Improved responses when chatting with the Condeco bot.

    Nov 08 2023

    Condeco mobile app – Android

    Team day enhancement

    We’ve added a friendly message to alert an organizer when they reserve fewer workspaces than the number of invitees to a team day.

    Improved booking confirmation

    We’ve applied a clear and consistent booking confirmation screen for both personal and meeting space bookings.

    Nov 08 2023

    Condeco mobile app – iOS

    Team day enhancement

    We’ve added a friendly message to alert an organizer when they reserve fewer workspaces than the number of invitees to a team day.

    Improved internet disconnection warning

    We’ve improved the notification that appears when the Condeco mobile app is open and you disconnect from the internet.

    Nov 07 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    In-office schedule – history

    The ‘In Office Schedule’ page of a user’s profile now shows the user’s in-office status for the previous 3 months.

    Check in a colleague

    The person who books a personal space for someone else can now check the user in.

    Nov 07 2023

    Condeco API 1.75.0

    Meeting space booking endpoints for both single and multi-room bookings now cross-check the combination of first name, last name, email address, and company name, to ensure duplicate attendees are not saved to a booking.

    Oct 26 2023

    New! Condeco Presence

    Introducing Condeco Presence

    Integrate Condeco Presence with your occupancy sensors to automate reservation behavior in your workplace and provide accurate information about space availability and occupancy.

    The following sensors are supported:

  • PointGrap
  • Relogix
  • VergeSense
  • Oct 23 2023

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    KPI tiles and charts

    Views now dynamically reflect the active filtered parameters on the charts and KPI tiles on the following dashboards:

  • Bookings Report
  • Personal Space Report
  • Oct 17 2023

    Condeco mobile app – Android

    Meeting Space Search Results

    We’ve made booking meeting spaces even more user-friendly. The “Book” button now stands out, and room details can be accessed by simply clicking on the room name.

    Oct 17 2023

    Condeco mobile app – iOS

    Personal space search results

    When searching for personal spaces, all the attributes available for each space are displayed within the search results.

    Booking confirmation

    Improved booking confirmations for meeting spaces and personal spaces.

    Meeting Space bookings

    We’ve made booking meeting spaces even more user-friendly. The Book button is now more prominent and details of meeting spaces can be accessed by clicking the name of the space.

    Oct 17 2023

    Condeco API 1.74.0

    Support for Condeco services

    Condeco API can now update meeting space bookings with Condeco services.

    Multi-room booking endpoint enhancement

    If a multi-room booking is amended and the primary room resource is updated to a different room resource, the multi-room booking endpoint now returns the information for the new primary room resource.

    Oct 17 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    ICS Reminders

    A .ics reminder event can now be added to a user’s calendar along with the event ICS file.

    The amount of time before a booking that the reminder is sent can be selected to suit the requirement.

    Reminders are available for both meeting space and personal space bookings.

    The reminder event status is marked as ‘free’.

    Oct 04 2023

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    New filtering options

    All views can now be filtered by Group and Workspace type and a ‘Clear All Filters’ button is now available on all views.

    KPI tiles and charts

    Views now dynamically reflect the active filtered parameters on the charts and KPI tiles on the following dashboards:

  • Utilization Overview
  • Utilization Trends
  • Resource Report
  • Oct 02 2023

    Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 integration

    New! Intelligent Attendees

    The new ‘Intelligent Attendees’ feature checks invited attendees in-office schedules and estimates the number of on-site attendees based on the number who have shared they will be in the office on the day of the event.

    The number of on-site attendees can be adjusted if required.

    Sep 28 2023

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.3.0

    Microsoft Security Certificates

    Microsoft has updated the security certificates used by Azure IoT Hub and the Device Provisioning Service.

    To maintain connectivity, the firmware on all Condeco v3 Desk Booking Screens must be updated to version 8.3.0 by December 15, 2023.

    Sep 26 2023

    Condeco API 1.73.0

    Multi-room support for single-day and recurring bookings

    The Condeco APIs now support multi-room bookings for both standard and video conference rooms and for single and recurring bookings.

    In-preview APIs move to production

    APIs previously in preview are now officially in production.

    Sep 26 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Multiple country support for Country Admins

    Condeco Country Admins can now manage multiple countries.

    Sep 26 2023

    Condeco API 1.71.0

    Multi-room support for single-day and recurring bookings

    Users can now add multiple meeting spaces to a booking, allowing attendees from various locations to convene in their respective rooms. The Condeco APIs support multi-room bookings for both standard and video conference rooms, and for single and recurring bookings.

    Sep 05 2023

    Condeco Outlook add-in

    Improved UI

    The Condeco Outlook add-in has an improved search page:

  • Edit the no. of attendees directly from the search page.
  • Selected attributes are listed at the top.
  • The Filter button is now the Edit button.
  • Available for the Microsoft 365 integration and the Exchange Sync service.

    Sep 05 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Add vehicle registration to email templates

    Vehicle registration information can now be included in email templates for both personal space and meeting space bookings.

    Aug 31 2023

    New! Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

    Centrally manage location and resource data from Eptura Workplace and synchronize directly to Condeco.

    The integration supports the following automations:

  • Initial sync of Eptura Workplace buildings to Condeco locations.
  • Initial sync of Eptura Workplace spaces to Condeco resources.
  • Scheduled sync between Condeco and Eptura Workplace maintaining new, updated, and deleted data for locations and resources.
  • Synchronization failure management to maintain continuity of data.
  • Aug 15 2023

    Condeco mobile app

    Feature updates

  • Invitations to team days can now be accepted or declined from Condeco on the web.
  • Preferred attributes saved as default in a user’s web profile are now automatically selected when searching for personal spaces using the mobile app.
  • Security and accessibility updates

  • Support for system voice over on Android devices to improve accessibility.
  • Support for larger text size on iOS devices to improve accessibility.
  • App use is now prohibited on ‘jail broken’ or ‘rooted’ devices.
  • Aug 15 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Support for team days

    Invitations to team days created from the Condeco mobile app can now be accepted or declined from Condeco on the web.

    Aug 15 2023

    Condeco API 1.70.0

    .Net framework upgraded to 8.0 to enhance security.

    Jul 31 2023

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Search all workspace types

    You can now search for available meeting spaces regardless of workspace type. Just select ‘All’ in the workspace type filter.

    Jul 31 2023

    Exchange Sync/Sync PAAS

    Search all workspace types

    You can now search for available meeting spaces regardless of workspace type. Just select ‘All’ in the workspace type filter.

    Jul 25 2023

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Meeting Space Bookings

    Meeting space booking report launched, incorporating KPI metrics and chart visuals to display the following:

  • Employees’ booking behaviors
  • Utilization-related metrics
  • Types of bookings
  • Jul 25 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Today page update

    The Today page now displays as a dashboard on the Condeco web app homepage.

    Offering the same functionality as before, it is now even easier to see at-a-glance all your bookings for the day.

    New visual theme

    We’ve updated the website fonts and color scheme to give Condeco on the web a fresh new look and feel.

    Don’t worry though, all the features and functions are the same, except from the Today page move to the homepage and now you access your profile and settings by clicking your initials on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

    Jul 04 2023

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Personal Space Bookings

    A new view showing a summary of workspace engagement with personal spaces:

  • Utilization rates for personal spaces
  • Metadata analysis
  • Jul 04 2023

    Condeco API 1.69.0

  • Global admins can now delete a location using a new API endpoint.
  • Administrators can now book personal spaces on behalf of users even when the users do not have booking access to the spaces.
  • An external ID is no longer required when updating personal or meeting spaces.
  • Jul 04 2023

    New! Condeco Analytics Advanced

    Condeco Analytics Advanced launched

    Condeco Analytics Advanced allows the exploration of workspace engagement and usage data from a tactical and strategic perspective. Through specially curated views, you have enhanced visibility of the effectiveness of your workplaces in terms of resource usage, employee engagement, and long-term demand trends.

    Jun 17 2023

    Device Hub 3.24

    Improved Device Health page

  • Quickly find devices encountering errors when connecting to the calendar endpoint, with our new ‘Calendar Endpoint Error’ tile available on the Device Health page.
  • Any device experiencing an issue following a connectivity test for the calendar endpoint, is now clearly highlighted orange in the Calendar Services column.
  • Jun 09 2023

    Condeco API 1.68.0

    The API can now retrieve user access level information.

    May 29 2023

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Improved searches

    Now the search will look for available spaces on your preferred floor and across all groups you have access to.

    In addition, the smart alternatives and self-healing logic that automatically finds spaces when selected spaces are unavailable, now prioritizes alternatives on the same floor and in the same group of the original booking, extending to searching all groups if an alternative space is still not found.

    May 29 2023

    Exchange Sync

    Improved search

    Now the search will look for available spaces on your preferred floor and across all groups you have access to.

    May 27 2023

    Device Hub 3.23

    Improved performance

    The performance of the Device Health dashboard is improved with the introduction of new API endpoints.

    May 23 2023

    Condeco API 1.67.0

  • The API endpoints can now retrieve all external id for all hierarchy mapping entities.
  • The API endpoints can now search all hierarchy mapping entities by name and external id.
  • Condeco API enhanced for security; ‘Azure Cache for Redis’ updated to version 6.0 with ‘Minimum TLS version’ as 1.2 via SSL only.
  • May 15 2023

    Condeco mobile app

    Improved search results

    Email addresses are now displayed in the search results when finding a colleague.

    Eptura branding

    The Android and iOS Condeco mobile apps now display our new Eptura branding.

    May 13 2023

    Device Hub 3.22

    Performance improvements

    We have optimized the API to provide a faster response for modules such as locations, themes, and users.

    May 07 2023

    Meeting room screens 8.3.14

    User registration

    User registration now supports a single-character first name.

    Performance improvements

  • Number of authentication state calls to the meeting room screen is reduced.
  • Meeting room screen timeout limit extended.
  • Apr 15 2023

    Device Hub 3.21

    Branding update

    The Condeco basic calendar logo and the Condeco cloud calendar icon now display our new Eptura branding.

    Apr 06 2023

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.51

    Branding update

    The Condeco v3 Desk Booking Screens now display our new Eptura branding.

    Apr 04 2023

    Condeco API 1.65.0

    Recurring meetings

    Introducing a new API for retrieving all instances of recurring meetings.

    The new ‘recurrences’ API retrieves all instances of a recurrence meeting series by accepting either the meeting ID or the booking ID linked to any of the instances.

    Condeco developer portal

  • The legacy developer portal has migrated to the new Azure developer portal.
  • The developer portal now displays our Eptura branding.
  • Apr 04 2023

    Condeco Cloud

    Email edit disabled for SCIM users

    Editing of email addresses from user management or user profile is now disabled for users imported via SCIM.


    Condeco continues to work towards WCAG AA 2.1 compliancy across the web application.

    The latest improvements are to the following sections:

  • Book a meeting space > Calendar
  • Your meeting space bookings > Calendar
  • Mar 14 2023

    Meeting room screens 8.3.12

    User registration now supports a single-character last name.

    Mar 07 2023

    Condeco API 1.64.0

  • Users can now use the APIs to fetch the status of personal space bookings.
  • The hierarchy mapping API now returns closure dates for the location and resource entities.
  • Mar 06 2023

    Device Hub 3.20

    First names with just one character are now supported by the Device Hub.

    Feb 21 2023

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Microsoft Teams meetings and the Condeco mobile app

    Create calendar-linked Microsoft Teams bookings from either the Outlook add-in on the desktop or the Condeco mobile app and keep your calendar event up-to-date with a Teams link for virtual attendees.

    Simplified login

    The Outlook add-in now automatically enters your Condeco URL when signing in.

    Feb 14 2023

    Condeco API 1.63.0


  • Room booking API can now remove all attendees from a booking.
  • Room booking API accurately calculates the cost of a booking.
  • Feb 14 2023

    Historical Bookings API 1.9.0

  • Historical Bookings API now returns all rooms associated with a linked room booking
  • Minimum TLS version updated to 1.2
  • Updated Azure function and NuGet packages
  • Updated the .Net framework to 6.1.0
  • Feb 14 2023

    SCIM API 1.21.0

    The Get user SCIM APIs now support accented characters in the first and last name fields.

    Jan 27 2023

    Device Hub 3.19

    Multi-factor authentication

    The Device Hub supports the following MFA options:

  • Authenticator app
  • Phone call only
  • SMS only
  • Email only
  • SMS or phone call only
  • Automatic generation of user PINs

    Randomly generated PINs can now be fetched for users in the downloaded log file, following a bulk user upload to the Device Hub.

    Jan 24 2023

    SCIM API 1.20.0


  • Condeco OKTA SCIM application now available in the Okta Integration Network (OIN) catalog.
  • Enhanced security for SCIM endpoints.
  • Azure function and NuGet packages updated from deprecated version to latest recommended version.
  • Jan 24 2023

    Condeco API 1.62.0

    Condeco APIs now support QR code check-in for all workspace types.

    Jan 24 2023

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.50

    PIN required for factory reset and rollback

    The admin PIN must now be entered on a device to authorize a factory reset or version rollback.

    Device ID and factory reset

    The device ID on a v3 Desk booking screen now remains the same following a factory reset.

    Better visibility of connected network

    The list of networks now shows which network is currently connected.

    Jan 23 2023

    Condeco Cloud


    Condeco continues to work towards WCAG AA 2.1 compliancy across the web application.

    The latest improvements are to the following sections:

  • Personal space booking form
  • Header & left navigation
  • Personal space home Calendar
  • Book a personal space Calendar
  • Dec 23 2022

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

    Our Teams app now supports users with a primary email address that differs from their User Principal name (UPN) in Microsoft Exchange.

    Dec 14 2022

    User Provisioning for Proxyclick

    Data security improvements

    Condeco user provisioning for Proxyclick now offers improved data security and GDPR compliance.

    Dec 13 2022

    Condeco API 1.60.0

    Proxyclick bundles now include all external booking APIs for meeting spaces and personal spaces.

    Dec 13 2022

    SCIM API 1.18.0

  • HTTP response headers now added to SCIM API responses to improve API security.
  • The SCIM user endpoints now return phone numbers and email types.
  • Dec 09 2022

    Condeco Cloud

    New! Vehicle registrations

    Vehicle registration numbers can now be added to user profiles and are automatically associated with bookings, allowing administrators to manage parking requirements.

    Multiple registrations can be saved for each user.

    Top menu changes

  • ‘User manual’ is now ‘Help’
  • ‘Profile’ is now the name of the signed-in user
  • Accessibility

    Condeco continues to work towards WCAG AA 2.1 compliancy across the web application.

    The latest improvements are to the following sections:

  • Left navigation
  • Top menu bar
  • Nov 22 2022

    New! User provisioning for Proxyclick

    Condeco user provisioning for Proxyclick automates the synchronization of users and locations from Condeco to Proxyclick helping to achieve a seamless experience when implementing the Proxyclick visitor management system with Condeco.

    Nov 22 2022

    SCIM API 1.17.0

    Hybrid Azure AD

    The Condeco SCIM API now supports hybrid Azure AD environments with SSO, enabling on-premises and cloud user accounts to be managed simultaneously.

    SCIM user schema

    Default groups and floors are now supported by the SCIM user schema.

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Nov 22 2022

    Condeco API 1.59.0

    New and improved APIs

  • Find colleagues and view their in-office presence with our new ‘user presence’ API.
  • Customized pass types and visitor types can now be selected by the API.
  • Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Nov 08 2022

    Device Hub 3.16

    New! Support for SCIM

    The Condeco Device Hub now supports automatic user & group provisioning using SCIM.

    The SCIM API for Device Hub uses the SCIM 2.0 protocol and is certified for Azure Active Directory.

    Nov 02 2022

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.49

    Hidden networks

    Hidden Wi-Fi networks are now supported.

    In a network with multiple access points and the same hidden SSID, devices can now roam to different access points without losing connectivity.

    Improved user interface

    Navigating through the on-screen menus is easier with the back button now included on all screens.

    All messages are now color-coded indicating success (green) or error (red).

    Device health

    The SSID, RSSI, and IP address values for desk booking screens are now shown on the Health page of the Device Hub.

    Oct 31 2022

    Condeco API 1.58.0

    Improved APIs

  • GET visitor: now returns location details for ad-hoc visitors who do not have a booking.
  • GET personal space: now returns the attributes associated with a workspace.
  • New API

    A new ‘metadata’ API fetches visitor information such as the purpose of the visit and the type of pass allocated.

    Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Oct 24 2022

    New! Condeco mobile app v2.0

    What’s new?

    Today’s release is a big leap forwards with a refreshed UI, improved stability, and a new set of features to enable and encourage collaboration in the workplace, whilst seamlessly integrating with your Microsoft Outlook calendar*.

    *Requires the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration (formally Condeco Smart Calendar).

    In-office schedule for the mobile app

    You can now choose and share your in-office schedule without booking a workspace from the Condeco mobile app as well as Condeco on the web and our Microsoft Teams app.

    Easy collaboration planning

    Add colleagues to your team to see at-a-glance when the majority plan to be in the workplace. Check the team-o-meter on the calendar to pick the best days to collaborate.

    Find a colleague

    Our Find a Colleague feature is now available for all users, from the Condeco mobile app as well as Condeco on the web.

    Users who do not wish to share their whereabouts can hide their visibility from the user profile.

    Oct 11 2022

    New! Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

    What’s new?

    Built in partnership with Microsoft, our new app for Microsoft Teams is a valuable addition to our Microsoft 365 integration.

    Choose and share your in-office schedule with your colleagues, reserve a workspace for your office days, and book spaces to meet with your team, directly from Microsoft Teams.

    Key features

  • Find and book a meeting space and invite selected members of your Microsoft Teams conversation.
  • Make your meeting a Microsoft Teams meeting and automatically create a Teams calendar event.
  • Pre-configure in-room equipment so virtual colleagues can join easily.
  • Choose your in-office schedule and share it with your colleagues.
  • Find and book a personal workspace for your in-office days.
  • See a weekly overview of where everyone in your team is working.
  • Oct 10 2022

    Condeco API 1.57.0

    New APIs

  • Choose and share your in-office status with colleagues.
  • Search for a user’s in-office status or find your team.
  • Fetch location access information for a user, including default locations, timezone, workspace types, and groups.
  • Fetch default locations for meeting spaces and personal spaces.
  • Enhanced search for personal spaces with best matches (according to default attributes) listed first.
  • Fetch global settings for personal spaces, desk booking licenses, desk booking access, and default booking period.
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Oct 10 2022

    Microsoft 365 integration (formally Smart Calendar)

    Calendar-linked bookings

    With the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration, you can create appointments from either Microsoft Outlook or the Condeco mobile app and keep your calendar in sync.

  • Bookings created using the mobile app create a new event in the Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • These bookings can be edited from both the Condeco mobile app and the Outlook add-in.
  • Any bookings created using the Outlook add-in can also be edited in the Condeco mobile app.**
  • ** The Condeco mobile app continues to support the editing of single instances of recurrences, not the whole series.

    Oct 10 2022

    Condeco Cloud

    Choose and share your in-office schedule

    You can now choose and share your in-office schedule without booking a workspace.

    Choose and set your status from Condeco on the web, the Condeco mobile app, and the Condeco app for Microsoft Teams.

    Users who do not wish to share their whereabouts can hide their visibility from the user profile.

    Find a colleague

    Our Find a Colleague feature is now available for all Condeco users. Previously it was only available for customers using our personal space booking solution.

    Users who do not wish to share their whereabouts can hide their visibility from the user profile.

    New reports available

    Two new reports are available to help understand the working habits of your employees:

  • Office schedule of all users: Lists all users present in a location over a defined period.
  • Office schedule of a specific user: Lists the in-office presence for a particular user over a defined period.
  • Aug 28 2022

    SCIM API 1.14.0

    External id is now included in SCIM User and Group schema end points

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Aug 24 2022

    Screen Manager is now the Device Hub!

    Device Hub

    Our Screen Manager portal has been renamed to Device Hub to properly reflect the variety of smart devices that it can manage, not just screens.

    Other improvements

  • We’ve updated the architecture of the Device Hub to make it more scalable.
  • We’ve optimized the Device Hub core APIs to improve performance.
  • We’ve added support for AD SSO to provide secure and seamless access to the Device Hub.
  • The Device Hub is now served via Azure CDN which delivers better availability, lower latency, greater scale, and improved security.
  • Aug 10 2022

    Meeting room screen – 8.3.10

    Hide the time bar

    You can now hide the time bar on a meeting room screen and display only the details of the current booking.

    Aug 01 2022

    Screen Manager 3.13

    SSO support

    The Screen Manager now supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO (Single Sign-on).

    Jun 28 2022

    v3 Desk Booking screen 8.1.47

    Enhanced activation process

    You can now set a custom NTP server during the initial activation process of a desk booking screen.

    Desk Screen Manager app

    The Desk Screen Manager app now supports PEAP.

    Jun 21 2022

    SCIM API 1.13.0

    Improved user import

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Jun 21 2022

    Admin API 1.52.0

    Release highlights

    You can now use our Admin APIs to:

  • Delete meeting spaces
  • Open or close a workspace
  • Open or close a location or floor
  • Manage team assignments
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Jun 20 2022

    Screen Manager 3.11

    Device Health page

    The Device Health page now displays information for up to 5000 devices.


    Performance optimized for the following:

  • Update Theme API
  • Screen Health API
  • Update calendar service
  • Set Setting as default
  • Update screen settings
  • Screen Manager pagination load time
  • Set Calendar as default
  • Security

    Improved security for:

  • Account Takeover (ATO) protection
  • Username enumeration via login function defense
  • Malicious input executed in Excel export protection
  • Jun 04 2022

    Admin API 1.51.0

    Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    May 12 2022

    Admin API 1.50.0

    Booking for someone else

    The following APIs now support personal space bookings for someone else:

  • Create Desk Booking API
  • Update Desk Booking API
  • Get Desk Bookings API
  • Delete Desk Booking API
  • Advance bookings

    The number of weeks in advance a user can book a personal space can now be set individually for each group.

    Internal and external visitors

    You can now book a personal space for an internal or external visitor.

    Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Apr 26 2022

    Screen Manager 3.10

    Require authentication only when deleting bookings

    The delete booking function can be set to require a user to authenticate with a PIN or RFID card, even when the booking creation did not require authentication.

    Apr 21 2022

    Admin API 1.49.0

    New! User presence API

    Fetch user availability and team assignment information with the new user presence API.


    Improvements have been made to the following:

  • Room booking API
  • Room availability APIs
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Apr 05 2022

    Condeco Outlook Add-in

    New! Add or edit visitor details from the add-in

    The meeting organizer can now add or edit a visitor’s name and company details directly from the add-in, ensuring the correct information is passed to the visitor management system.

    Mar 30 2022

    SCIM API 1.12.0

    Improvements to Groups and filtering.

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Mar 30 2022

    Admin API 1.48.0

    We have made improvements to the following:

  • Floor API
  • Visitor notifications
  • Create booking API
  • Support for Workspace Types
  • Desk and Room booking APIs
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Mar 25 2022

    Condeco Kiosk


    When searching for a workspace using the Condeco Kiosk, personal spaces providing the attributes selected in the user’s profile are indicated by a star on the floor plan.

    Language improvements

    The following languages have been improved:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Mar 25 2022

    Condeco software updates

    New default privacy settings for new users

    A new global setting allows administrators to choose if new user accounts default to showing or hiding workplace presence and location from colleagues when created either manually or through self-registration.

    Users can change the setting in their profile.

    Accessible pages

    Condeco continues to make pages WCAG AA 2.1 compliant and the latest additions are:

  • Find Bookings (Meeting spaces)
  • Translate page (Meta admin)
  • Mar 01 2022

    Admin API 1.47.0

    We have made improvements to the following:

  • Desk booking API
  • Get floor plan
  • Support for Workspace Types and Attributes
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Mar 01 2022

    Screen Manager update

    Bulk user upload and export

  • Bulk upload and download now supports a 16MB (max) file and up to 400,000 users.
  • Multiple downloads can be run simultaneously by different user accounts.
  • Improved completed/failed email notifications.
  • Feb 28 2022

    Condeco mobile app

    New! Passwordless authentication

    Users can now authenticate via a magic link sent via email when starting the Condeco mobile app.

    The magic link provides an alternative to entering a password when launching the Condeco mobile app for the first time, or after logging out.

    If email is not available on the device, a QR code can be scanned instead.

    Feb 25 2022

    Condeco software updates

    Booking rules

    Improved booking rules for multiple workspace bookings on the same day.

    Contact tracing

    Improved detection of remote meeting attendees when running contact tracing reports.

    Accessible pages

    Condeco continues to make pages WCAG AA 2.1 compliant and the latest addition is:

  • User Management
  • Feb 11 2022

    SCIM API 1.10.0

    Customers can view the full details of this update in the release notes

    Feb 11 2022

    Admin API 1.46.0

    We have made improvements to the following:

  • Update Desk Booking API
  • Create Room Booking API
  • Free slot availability API
  • Support for Workspace Types
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Feb 04 2022

    Condeco software updates


    Additional fields have been added for meeting space and personal space reports:

  • Meeting space reports now include: usernames of meeting host, requestor, and booking creator; Created date/time.
  • Personal space reports now include: Booking ID; booking creator’s username, first/last names, and email address.
  • Accessible pages

    Condeco continues to make pages WCAG AA 2.1 compliant and the latest additions are:

  • About Page
  • License Page
  • Error has occurred Page
  • Feb 03 2022

    Condeco mobile app

    New! Full support for Microsoft Intune

    Condeco announces full support for Microsoft Intune for Android and iOS devices.

    Create Intune policies to strengthen data security and control how the Condeco mobile app is used.

    Feb 01 2022

    New! Integrations Marketplace

    The new Condeco Integrations Marketplace is your one-stop shop to find pre-built integrations, partner integrations, and Condeco apps.


    Jan 24 2022

    Condeco Outlook Add-in

    Improved Mac support

    The Condeco Outlook Add-in for Smart Calendar now supports Outlook for Mac (New UI).

    Status visibility for managed spaces

    The Condeco Outlook Add-in for Smart Calendar now shows the status of requests for managed spaces.

    Users can see directly from the Outlook Add-in, whether a request to book a meeting space is approved or is still pending

    Jan 20 2022

    Meeting Room screen 8.3.8

    Improved custom NTP server configuration

    A custom NTP server can now be configured during initial setup of the screen.

    A custom NTP server can be configured on a screen in a restricted network.

    Improved OTA update process

    OAuth screen re-authentication is no longer needed after OTA update, for screens with the MS Teams feature.

    Enhanced contactless check-in

    Contactless check-in is now supported for MS Teams-enabled screens.

    Jan 19 2022

    Screen Manager update

    Bulk user upload improvements

  • Upload 20,000 users in bulk to the Condeco Screen Manager. Soon to increase to 400k.
  • File sizes up to 16MB are now supported.
  • Multiple parallel bulk uploads are now supported.
  • Apostrophes in users’ names are now supported.

  • Performance enhancements

  • Migrated account manager to microservice.
  • Optimized bulk user upload, user creation APIs, and migrated to Azure function app.
  • The feature flag manager microservice moved from service fabric and is now integrated with web APIs.
  • Improved user search performance

  • The search service now runs on server-side, significantly increasing performance when displaying search results.
  • More than 50,000 user records can be searched.
  • Pages are paginated to reduce the load time of the initial page.
  • Jan 18 2022

    Condeco SCIM 1.9.0

    New! Okta provisioning

    Our SCIM integration is now available for Okta, allowing Okta to serve as a single identity manager for adding and removing users, and for provisioning user groups.

    Jan 17 2022

    Admin API 1.45.0

    We have made improvements to the following:

  • Room Availability API
  • GET Multiroom Bookings API
  • GetBookings endpoint
  • Update desk resources
  • Update room resources
  • Users_GetAllUsers endpoint
  • Release notes

    Customers can view full details in the release notes

    Jan 14 2022

    Condeco software updates

    New! Support for Okta SSO

    Condeco now supports Okta Single Sign-on (SSO) enabling users to log in to Condeco with their Okta accounts and admins to manage Condeco users from Okta.

    Accessible pages

    Condeco continues to make pages WCAG AA 2.1 compliant and the latest to be updated is the Today page.

    Jan 13 2022

    Condeco mobile app

    Filter meeting spaces by floor

    When searching for a space to meet, you can now view available meeting spaces by floor.

    Dec 06 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.47

    APK rollback

    The APK rollback now checks for the previous version before installing, and clearly shows the progress of the download and install.

    Dec 06 2021

    v2 Meeting Room screen 8.3.7

    Automatically start MS Teams meeting

    Automatically start a Microsoft Teams meeting in the room when checking in on the Condeco meeting room screen.

    Microsoft Exchange calendar service only

    Disable on-screen user registration

    It is now possible to hide the ‘Register’ button on the Condeco meeting room screens to prevent users from registering on-screen.

    EMS calendar service only

    Nov 22 2021

    Smart Calendar updates

    Change room configurations

    Room layouts and the setup and clean down periods of Outlook-initiated bookings, can now be updated from the Condeco web app.

    Change a room for an Outlook-initiated booking

    You can now change a room booked via MS Outlook, from the Condeco web app.

    Delete Outlook-initiated bookings

    You can now delete an Outlook-initiated booking using the Condeco web app.

    Nov 11 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Improved reports

    User reports now include a user’s default country, location, group, and floor.

    The resource status report now includes the reason for closure entered by the administrator when the resource is closed.

    Accessibility improvements

    The left navigation menu and Personal Space home page are now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

    Oct 19 2021

    Screen Manager update

    RFID card support extended

    The Android meeting room and desk booking screens now also support 96-bit RFID cards.

    Screen Health

    Better performance of the Screen Health page when a large number of screens is evident.

    Oct 14 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Link to your Privacy Policy

    A link to an organization’s privacy policy can now be added to the Condeco web app.

    New workspace status report

    A new workspace status report is available as standard. The report shows which workspaces are open or closed, and the length of any closure period.

    Accessibility improvements

    The left navigation menu and Personal Space home page are now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

    Oct 05 2021

    Improved integration for Outlook-initiated bookings

    Room changes

    Smart Calendar automatically updates the Outlook appointment when a room change is made via the Condeco web app.

    Managed meeting spaces

    If a request for a space booking is rejected, the room details are automatically removed from the Outlook appointment.

    Bumped meeting spaces

    If a booking is bumped when not checked in, the room details are removed from the Outlook appointment.

    Sep 29 2021

    Screen Manager update

    New admin roles

    Set Admin roles to control management of the Condeco screens in your locations.

    Three admin roles are available:

  • Global Admin: Full control of all themes and settings for all Countries and Locations.
  • Country admin: Full control of all themes and settings for specific Countries and the Locations belonging to the Countries.
  • Location admin: Full control of all themes and settings for a specific location(s).
  • Sep 29 2021

    Condeco mobile app

    Pre-configure the Condeco mobile app with your Condeco URL

    The first time your employees use the Condeco mobile app, they are prompted to enter your Condeco URL. This field can now be completed automatically using a Microsoft Intune configuration policy.

    Sep 28 2021

    Condeco software update

    Multiple identity providers

    Condeco now supports multiple IdPs.

    Users enter their full email address and are then directed to the login page for their domain.

    Sep 17 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.45

    Roll back to previous APK version

    If an unexpected issue occurs with a v3 desk booking screen, you can roll back to a previous APK or start a factory reset directly from the device.

    Sep 02 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Audit improvements

    The history for each user now records the name of the admin who:

  • Runs a contact tracing report for the user.
  • Sets a user to work remotely.
  • Find the logs in the User History from User Management.

    Accessibility improvements

    The User Lookup screen is now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

    Aug 30 2021

    Smart Calendar update

    Multiple Exchange tenants

    Condeco’s Smart Calendar now supports multiple Exchange tenants.

    Jul 30 2021

    New! SCIM Integration

    Condeco SCIM API

    Condeco introduces the SCIM API, enabling customers to automatically provision and de-provision users with our SCIM integration.

    Our SCIM integration supports SCIM version 2.0 and is certified for Azure Active Directory.

    Supported provisioning features:

  • Create users
  • Delete users
  • Update user attributes
  • Add a group
  • Remove a group
  • Update Groups attributes
  • Add/remove users to or from a group
  • Jul 27 2021

    v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.5

    Contactless check-in update

    Contactless check-in from a meeting room screen can now be disabled.

    Jul 22 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Bulk actions

    Making changes to workspaces in bulk is now even easier. Selecting ‘all’ when viewing a filtered list, displays the total number of resources the change will be applied to and this now includes all filtered results across all pages, not just the page currently displayed.

    Check-in improvements

    Administrators can now check-in on behalf of users, even when QR codes scanning is enabled for a workspace.

    Jul 14 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.44

    More flexible booking options

    The v3 Desk Booking screens can now be booked in half-day or whole-day time slots. Admins are in control of which desks can be booked for AM/PM slots and which are only available to book for a whole day.

    Jul 08 2021

    Screen Manager update

    Multiple v2 Meeting Room screens managed by one Condeco meeting space

    You can now add multiple v2 Meeting Room screens to a single Condeco meeting space, allowing Condeco screens to be placed at each entrance of a meeting space.

    Half-day or whole-day booking options

    AM and PM timeslots can be enabled for desk bookings, or bookings can be set to whole day bookings only.

    Jul 05 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Introducing QR codes

    Condeco has introduced QR codes for check-in. QR codes can be enabled for any bookable space allowing users to scan the code displayed at the workspace using the new Condeco mobile app. With QR codes enabled, administrators have more visibility over which spaces are actually in use.

    You can quickly apply QR codes to existing and new resources in selected locations, floors, workspaces, or groups, or globally for your entire organization.

    Get ready now! The QR code scanning function on the new Condeco mobile app is available later this month!

    Accessibility improvements

    The following pages are now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards:

  • Advanced recurrence
  • Self-registration
  • Jun 24 2021

    Condeco Outlook Add-in update

    Workspace types

    We’ve added support for Workspace Types in the latest version of the Condeco Outlook Add-in for Smart Calendar and Exchange Sync.

    Users can now find exactly the space they need using the add-in by selecting the workspace type in the search. The search can be further filtered by the attributes each workspace type provides.

    Available for Condeco April 2021 release or later.

    Workspace types

    Workspace types

    Jun 11 2021

    Condeco software updates

    Global email update

    Changes can be applied to email templates for all groups in a country or globally.


    Visitors can now be added for up to 30 days to save admin for repeat visitors.

    Adjacent workspaces

    Workspaces are now sorted alpha-numerically making it easier to find and mark workspaces as adjacent to each other.

    Jun 02 2021

    New! Condeco mobile app

    About the new mobile app

    The new Condeco mobile app incorporates the functionality of the existing desk and meeting room booking apps whilst also embracing our new workspace types feature, enabling users to book exactly the space they need when they need it, all from one Condeco mobile app.

    Available for Condeco Cloud (April 2021 release or later)

    Available for Android and iOS

    Key features

  • Book any type of workspace.
  • All bookings displayed in a single view.
  • Search for spaces offering specific attributes.
  • Find a colleague and show their location on a floor plan.
  • Self-certify via the app.
  • Manual or proximity-based check-in.
  • Language support

  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • May 20 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility improvements

    We are continually improving Condeco for accessibility and the following pages are now added to our WCAG AA 2.1 compliant list:

  • Your meeting space bookings
  • Requests
  • Username validation
  • Change password
  • Login screen
  • ‘Workspace type’ tag for email templates

    Following the launch of Condeco’s Workspace types feature, the ‘workspace type’ tag has been added to our default email templates and can be added to customized email templates.

    Report on Workspace types

    Condeco’s advanced reports for meeting and personal spaces now include workspace types.

    May 18 2021

    New! Introducing Smart Calendar

    What is Smart Calendar?

    Make bookings directly from Outlook and enjoy the additional smart features Condeco provides. Smart Calendar enables a consistent and simple user experience and integrates with video equipment such as Teams and Zoom rooms, for a one-click join experience.

    Smart Calendar offers a future-proof, next-gen solution, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365.

    Condeco Outlook Add-in

    Users search for available meeting spaces using the Condeco Outlook Add-in directly from their calendar and add the space to their appointment. Smart Calendar books the space in Condeco and keeps it updated with the Outlook calendar appointment.

    Smart Calendar and the Outlook Add-in provide a feature-rich experience.

    Key features

  • Filter search results by required features.
  • Integrates with Teams and Zoom, etc.
  • Self-healing bookings when meetings are moved.
  • Suggests alternate times if a suitable meeting space is not available.
  • Intelligent alternate room suggestions for recurring meetings, with Smart Recurrences.
  • Support for delegates
  • Link from email confirmations to the Condeco booking form to book services
  • Apr 28 2021

    New! Introducing Workspace types

    New feature for Condeco – Workspace types

    You can now configure different Workspace types for your meeting spaces and personal spaces giving greater flexibility when choosing and booking the right space in the workplace to work.

    Workspace types for meeting spaces can be meeting rooms, huddle spaces, or any space where people meet to collaborate. Workspace types for personal spaces can be desks, pods, parking spaces, lockers, or any space used by an individual.


    All Workspace types can have their own set of attributes so your users can refine searches to find a quiet desk with dual monitors and a high table, or a collaboration space with MS Teams equipment, or parking space with an electric charger, for example.

    Apr 12 2021

    Screen Manager Portal update

    Health check notifications

    You can now configure the time of day the daily device status notification is sent.

    Daily health check notifications include a list of devices Condeco hasn’t received a heartbeat from for 60 minutes or more and devices running out-of-date firmware/software versions.

    Apr 07 2021

    v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.4

    Health Check

    A series of tests can be run from the Health Check page to check network connectivity and the NTP server details for a device.

    OAuth authentication

    OAuth authentication for Condeco v2 meeting room screens using the Microsoft 365 calendar service is now available and recommended for Microsoft Exchange online customers.

    Mar 22 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.43

    Wi-Fi signal strength indicator on screen

    The Wi-Fi signal strength is now indicated by the color of the icon on the screen.

    GREEN/Good: -60dBm or higher.

    AMBER/Weak: Between -61dBm and -65dBm.

    RED/Poor: -66dBm or lower.

    RSSI signal strength indicated in Network Details

    The Network Details screen now displays the RSSI signal strength in color so you can see at a glance the quality of the signal strength.

    GREEN is Good

    AMBER is Weak

    RED is Poor

    Stability improvements

    IoT connectivity improvements provide greater stability in challenging network conditions.


    An auto-recovery feature has been introduced to further improve device stability.

    Mar 16 2021

    Screen Manager Portal update

    Device Health Dashboard

    An enhanced device health dashboard provides detailed information about all your Condeco devices. Monitor device connectivity and get alerts when problems are detected.

    Mar 05 2021

    v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.2

    More control for meeting hosts and requestors

    Meeting hosts and requestors can now start and end meetings on the meeting room screen.

    Improved stability

    IOT enhancements

    Internet-Of-Things (IOT) enhancements for improved connection and heartbeat communication.

    Updated Wi-Fi drivers

    Improved Wi-Fi drivers for better connectivity in challenging network conditions.

    More stability

    The overall stability of the application when in challenging network conditions, has been improved.

    Checking for updates

    Admins can check for and install updates directly from the meeting room screen.

    Feb 05 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

    WCAG AA 2.1 accessibility standards have been applied to the following pages

  • Find a Room
  • Quick Room search
  • Contact tracing

    Admins can now run contact tracing reports for the last 14 days.

    Basic Resource Report

    The Basic Resource Report now includes a deployment column to identify if a room belongs to a self-managed, managed, or blind managed, group.

    Feb 03 2021

    Meeting Room Mobile app

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 25 2021

    Desk Booking Mobile App

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 12 2021

    Meeting room screen themes

    Automatic resizing for background images

    Automatic resizing is now applied to custom images displayed on meeting room screens.

    Jan 07 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

    The following Condeco pages on the web application are now compatible with WCAG AA accessibility standards:

  • Find a Desk
  • Desk Booking form
  • Your Bookings for Desks
  • Floor Plan
  • Find a Colleague
  • Flexible availability of service items

    Service items can be quickly marked as active or inactive across a group of rooms. An availability date period can be applied to active items so they can only be requested for the time that they are available.

    Dec 03 2020

    Privacy option for desk bookings

    Choose whether to share working status and desk location

    An option has been added allowing users to choose if their status and whereabouts are visible to colleagues when using the desk booking Find a Colleague feature.

    Nov 05 2020

    Condeco calendar improvements

    Configure first day of week for different countries

    We listen to our customers’ suggestions on UserVoice and now each country calendar in Condeco can set either Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week.

    Nov 05 2020

    V3 Desk Booking Screens 8.1.40

    Health Check

    Admins can run a series of tests from the Health Check page to check network connectivity and NTP server details of a desk screen.

    Oct 20 2020

    Condeco Outlook Add-in 6.6.11

    Improved recurrence pattern compatibility support with Exchange sync

    Now, if Exchange sync is enabled, recurrence patterns that are not supported by both MS Exchange and Condeco are prevented when creating or editing a booking using the Outlook COM+ Add-in.

    This ensures successful synchronization of bookings across Condeco and MS Exchange.

    Note: Requires 16 October 2020 Enterprise update or later.

    Oct 16 2020

    Condeco feature improvements

    Deep linking to the Booking form for Exchange Rooms

    Now you can easily add services to a booking that was not initially created through the web interface.

    When a booking is created in an Exchange-sync room via MS Outlook, an email is sent advising the services available in the room along with an option to “Add Services to my booking” which opens the booking form in Condeco.

    Additional reporting fields

    We’ve added additional fields to the desk booking reports: Username, Email, and Booking date.

    Support for long usernames

    Usernames of up to 100 characters are now supported.

    Oct 12 2020

    V3 Desk Booking Screens 8.1.39

    PEAP support

    V3 desk booking screens now support PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol) secured Wi-Fi networks.

    PEAP is supported by desk booking screens on v8.1.39 or later.

    Sep 25 2020

    Condeco feature improvements

    Improved reporting

    The ‘Users in the Office Today’ report now includes all location details to show which desks are in use and who is sitting where.

    Hide room booking

    Room booking is now hidden for users who do not book meeting rooms. Users can easily unhide room booking by setting a default room booking group in their profile.

    Desk attributes

    It is now easier to identify desks matching specific needs such as dual monitors or docking station, etc., via the floor plan. Users can also configure default desk attributes in their profile so they are pre-selected when searching for a desk.

    Sep 25 2020

    Desk Booking Mobile app improvements (Android)

    Booking desks for others

    In locations that require self-certification, users can now book desks for colleagues, provided the booking is not for the current day.

    Enhanced SSO support

    We now support SSO login on mobile devices when the Chrome browser is disabled on the device.

    Sep 21 2020

    v2 Meeting Room Screens new release

    Custom NTP Server

    Meeting room screens can now be configured to use a custom NTP server.

    Silent Wi-Fi reconnect

    If the connection is lost, meeting room screens will silently attempt to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network with no user input.

    Sep 17 2020

    v3 Desk Booking Screens new release 8.1.38

    Custom NTP Server

    Desk booking screens can now be configured to use a custom NTP server.

    Manually check for updates

    Desk screens periodically check for updates automatically, and now you can manually check at any time by long-pressing the software version displayed on the screen.

    Improved time zone search

    Now it is much easier to find a time zone. Just enter the first three characters of the city name and select.

    Sep 04 2020

    Self-certification improvements

    Mandatory self-certification before check-in

    If self-certification is enabled, check-in and same-day desk bookings are only now possible once the user has agreed to the conditions.

    Self-certify from the web

    Users can now self-certify from the web application as well as the mobile app.

    Self-certification reports

    Run a report to show users who have a desk booking for today and their self-certification status, and export the report to Excel.

    Aug 27 2020

    Screen Manager updates

    Language support for email alerts

    The Screen Health email alerts can now be sent in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

    Authentication settings update

    Condeco Cloud Connector authentication settings are now un-linked allowing administrators more flexibility during setup.

    Aug 14 2020

    Desk booking mobile app improvements

    Making a booking for someone else

    When making a booking for someone else, their booking allowance and working days are now displayed on the calendar.

    Improved Today page

    The booked desk is now more clearly displayed on the Today page floor plan as other desks are hidden, making it easier for a user to see their booking.

    Check-in status

    The Today page will indicate when the user has checked in – useful for users who use proximity-based check-in.

    Aug 13 2020

    Smart Recurrences for Exchange Rooms

    Alternative room suggestions for Exchange Rooms when booking recurrences

    When a recurrence is created in Condeco for an Exchange-sync room, Condeco will suggest alternative rooms if the selected room is not available for all the dates.

    Aug 13 2020

    Condeco feature improvements

    Hide working status

    Users who do not book desks can now hide their working status from the Today page and Find a colleague search.

    Find a desk

    As with the floor plan, when finding desks the results list also now indicates when a desk meets all the selected attributes, such as a docking station or phone.

    New reporting fields

    Check-in and Release time fields are now available in advanced reporting. Create custom reports or add fields to our standard reports.

    Aug 05 2020

    New tab on the desk booking mobile app

    Bookings for Others

    Desk booking app users can view bookings made for others on the new Bookings for Others tab.

    Jul 15 2020

    Flexible cleaning workflows and resource admin improvements

    Automatic cleaning workflow

    An additional workflow has been introduced allowing cleaning tasks to automatically set to ‘completed’ at the end of the cleaning period. Useful for organizations who are cleaning all desks at the end of the day rather than just desks that have been used.

    Tasks can still be managed on the Vendor Dashboard.

    New resource search tool

    Finding a room or desk in Resource Admin is easy with the new search tool. Just enter all or part of a resource name to quickly filter the list of resources.

    Desk types displayed in Resource Admin

    Two new columns have been added to the desk resource list to show desk types – bookable, fixed or flexi – and who the desks are assigned to.

    Jul 13 2020

    v2 Meeting Room Screen new release

    New ‘Closed’ indicator

    The v2 Meeting Room Screens* will clearly indicate when closed and display a red light. No activity is allowed on closed screens.

    *Only for Condeco calendar services with the Return to Office features enabled.

    Contactless check-in

    The v2 Meeting Room Screens are now contactless so there is no need to touch them when checking in or out of meetings. Just swipe your RFID card.

    New Wi-Fi driver

    Improved network connection stability with our new Wi-Fi network driver.

    Jul 01 2020

    New and improved features on the Desk booking mobile app

    Today page

    From the new Today page employees can quickly see whether they are in the office or working remotely. They can check the time they should arrive at the building and view their desk booking on a floor plan.

    Desk bookings can be canceled if no longer required and users can set themselves to working remotely.

    Book a desk

    Users can find and book available desks from the floor plan in just a few taps.

    New icons show when they already have a desk booking, and when they are not allowed to book a desk. The remaining allowance is displayed at the top.

    Find a colleague

    When a user needs to collaborate with a colleague they can find their workspace and book a desk nearby.


    A self-certification message can be customized for each location and shown to users on the desk booking mobile app each day they have a desk booking.

    Users who self-certify are giving a green banner that can be presented to the front of house teams. Users who cannot agree with the statements are mandated to work remotely.

    Jun 29 2020

    v3 Desk Booking Screen new release 8.1.36

    New indicators on v3 Desk Booking Screens

    The v3 desk booking screens* now display a message and blue light ring when a desk is awaiting cleaning and a message and red light ring when a desk is closed.

    *Return to Office features must be enabled in Condeco.

    New Wi-Fi driver

    New Wi-Fi driver improves the stability of network connections for Cisco or similar networks when MAC filtering and frequent authentication requests are in use.

    Devices will now automatically reboot after two unsuccessful attempts to reconnect to the Wi-Fi after a connectivity issue.

    Jun 29 2020

    Prevent users from booking desks for others

    An administrator can now set globally whether all users, or just admins, can book for other users, and whether booking for external users (or visitors) is allowed.

    Jun 29 2020

    Improved floor plan icons on the web and kiosk

    Updated floor plan icons make it easier to see what’s available. We’ve removed the half-day availability icons to make it easier for the user to see what is available for the slots they have selected in their search.

    Jun 29 2020

    Desk booking improvements

    Updated UI and improvements to accessibility

    The desk booking Home page, Your bookings, Find a desk, Booking grid, Booking form, desk floor plans and Find a colleague pages are all updated with a new user interface them more accessible and easier to use.

    Booking a desk

    We’ve simplified the desk booking journey for web users. When a user searches for a desk all available desks are displayed on the floor plan. This journey mirrors the experience of the mobile desk booking app creates familiarity across all of our interfaces.

    Desk status on the floor plan and booking grid

    Users and administrators can easily see which desks are closed or awaiting cleaning, on the floor plan and the desk booking grid.

    Jun 29 2020

    Working status and booking allowances

    Booking allowances

    Set monthly or weekly booking allowances to give employees the freedom to decide which days they would like to be in the office, whilst your organization can ensure the office isn’t exceeding safe levels of occupancy.

    Team assignments

    Team Assignment allows you to quickly divide groups of users into two teams and separate booking schedules across odd and even week numbers. This helps organizations protect critical functions by ensuring not all members of a department are in physical contact with each other.

    User availability

    A user can set working status in advance from their profile on the web or from the mobile app. A user can switch between “working remotely” and “not working”, or mark themselves as “in the office” by booking a desk.

    Mandatory remote-working days

    An administrator can assign a user to “work remotely” on specific dates. When mandated remote-working has been applied, a user is not able to book a desk for that day.

    Find a colleague

    Users can search for a colleague and check their working status, enabling them to book desks near each other when they need to collaborate in the office.

    Jun 29 2020

    Vendors and the cleaning workflow

    To help organizations ensure that an employee’s working environment is kept clean and safe, we’ve added a desk cleaning workflow to our Vendor module. Vendors can identify the desks that require cleaning through a change of use, or from a release, helping to reduce the load on cleaning teams.

    Desk cleaning workflow

    When a desk is booked, cleaning is scheduled for the last day of the booking. In the event of a desk booking being released, deleted or bumped, the desk is scheduled for immediate cleaning so it can be made available for another booking.

    Desks cannot be booked whilst there is an outstanding cleaning task and if a cleaning task is not completed by a set time, the next booking is canceled and the user informed by email.

    Vendor workflow and dashboard

    The vendor workflow makes sure that a task for deep cleaning is automatically assigned to the designated vendor contact when a desk occupant is going to change.

    The vendor monitor a color-coded dashboard to view and manage tasks.

    Jun 29 2020

    Resource and location administration

    To help maintain a safe distance in the office, some desks may need to be closed and some meeting rooms may need to have their capacity reduced or closed for a period. We’ve added new features to make these tasks easy to manage.

    Closing rooms and desks

    Rooms and desks can be closed individually or when closing a zone, floor or entire location. All bookings during the closure period are canceled and users informed by email.

    Closed rooms and desks cannot be booked by any user or administrator and will show as ‘closed’ on floor plans and bookings grids.


    Zones are a collection of desks and rooms which occupy a defined space on a floor. They can span across Groups and are useful for administrators to quickly close or open a spaces.

    Reduce room capacity

    Reduce the capacity of your meeting rooms either individually or multiple rooms in a single action. An administrator can apply a rule reducing capacity by half (or to 1 if it is 4 or lower) or apply a custom reduction value. When reducing the capacity of rooms, the administrator can choose whether to delete all existing bookings which are now over-capacity for the room. Administrators are able to easily revert back to the previous default setup and capacity of the room, as well as all other secondary seating options that were available before the reduction was applied.

    Jun 29 2020

    Proximity-based check-in and self certification

    Automatic location-based check-in

    Add longtitude and latitude values for a location and a user is automatically checked in to their desk once they are within 100 metres of the building. Location services must be enabled on a compatible Android or iPhone.


    A self-certification message can be customized for each location and shown to users on the desk booking mobile app each day they have a desk booking. Users who self-certify are giving a green banner that can be presented to the front of house teams. Users who cannot agree with the statements are mandated to work remotely.

    Reporting is available for current and historical self-certification status.

    Jun 29 2020

    Contact tracing

    Contact tracing report

    Run a contract tracing report to find rooms, desks, colleagues and visitors a user may have had contact with over the last 14 days. Alert internal contacts on their Today page, and assign mandatory remote-working days.

    The report includes:

    Desks – the desks booked for the employee.
    Adjacent colleagues – employees who sat in the same zone or at an adjacent desk.
    Rooms – rooms the employee booked, hosted, requested or attended meetings in
    Attendees – other attendees of meetings attended by the employee (excluding attendees who were working remotely).
    Other visitors – external visitors to the employee.
    Screens – Condeco screens where the employee used their PIN or RFID card.

    Jun 29 2020

    Return to Office features launched

    Our Return to Office solution enables organizations to control capacity and occupancy of offices, manage work locations for employees, ensure desks are always cleaned prior to new occupancy and provides contact tracing of employees.

    Control workplace capacity

    Condeco allows easy closure of desks and clearly shows on floor plans which spaces are closed at the point of booking.

    Control occupancy

    Limit the number of employees coming into the office on the same days by setting booking allowances, configuring teams and mandate remote working if needed.

    Give users choice and flexibility

    Give employees a choice where to work whilst maintaining control over your office’s occupancy. Employees can book desks via the web or the mobile app and see where colleagues are working on specific days, enabling easy collaboration when required.

    Effective workspace cleaning

    The cleaning workflow ensures that every desk is properly cleaned ready for new occupants and saves on deep cleaning by giving the option to only schedule full cleaning at the end of a continuous booking period by the same occupant.

    Contact tracing

    Because Condeco has workspace booking for every employee, it can easily track who was working near someone in the building by offering a contact tracing report enabling you to automatically mandate remote working for employees who worked near someone that reported sick.

    May 12 2020

    v2 Meeting Room Screens proxy support

    v2 Meeting Room Screens now supports simple un-authenticated HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers.

    Apr 30 2020

    Room Mapping

    Improved room mapping filter

    Administrators can now easily filter Exchange rooms by Organizational unit, Description, Last synced state and Mapped Condeco Room. Condeco Cloud only.

    Apr 20 2020

    v3 Desk Screens – fixed and flexi desk booking

    Support for fixed and flexi desks

    Fixed and flexi desk booking complements standard bookable desks on the v3 desk screens, giving greater flexibility and control over desk availability.

    Apr 02 2020

    Mobile app update

    Booking rooms on the mobile app

    You can now book meetings to start straightaway using the Condeco mobile app.

    Meeting rooms are easier to find now you can search across all floors in a single search.

    Mar 15 2020

    Improved delegates feature

    Room Booking Delegates

    A user can nominate up to 20 delegates who can access and make changes to meeting room bookings on behalf of the creator. We’ve now extended this feature so that it works on the web as well as in Outlook using the add-in.

    Mar 05 2020

    Country and Video Admin improvements

    Country Admins

    Country Admins can now be given explicit permissions to the following:

    Video Admins

    Video Admins can now be given explicit permissions to the following:

    Video Admins no longer have access to User Management.

    Mar 05 2020

    Feature improvements and Reporting

    Advanced Grid

    Users can now view large numbers of rooms whilst keeping the location’s time visible.

    Lock users’ default desk groups

    Prevent users from taking advantage of longer advance periods applied to different groups by locking their default desk group.

    Additional reporting fields

    Reporting has been enhanced by the addition of new fields:

  • Booked By
  • Booked by Phone
  • Booked By Email
  • Setup Style
  • Default Setup Style
  • Report and compare the selected style for a room with the default style of the room.

    Feb 21 2020

    My Profile

    Faster and easier to navigate

    The Profile page is faster to load and each section is separated into tabs making it easier to navigate and make changes.

    Jan 24 2020

    Find Bookings

    Improved Find Bookings experience for Admins

    Administrators can now view the grid and delete a room or delivery point booking directly from Find Bookings.

    Jan 07 2020

    New user management & today page

    New user management feature

    The entire user management experience has been enhanced and simplified, and lots of useful functions have been added to more easily manage users, groups and permissions.

    Today page

    The today page has a new and improved user interface, and a quick desk booking feature.

    It is now tablet and mobile-friendly too.

    Dec 15 2019


    Improved sorting and filtering of results

    Search results in the meeting room booking mobile app are now consistent with the web application.

    Dec 11 2019

    Android 8 release

    Android 8 update for v2 room booking screens

    Android 8 is a faster technology offering improved security, stability, and reliability.

    App Centre for application analytics

    We have moved to Microsoft App Centre for application analytics which introduces new whitelist requirements.

    Nov 14 2019

    Group duplication & new report fields

    New group duplication feature

    Admins can now duplicate groups, copying all business rules, settings, and email templates to a new group with a single click.

    Improvements to Reports

    New fields on the user report include access levels; account type; account active; department; user domain; last login date and time.

    The meeting room booking report now includes custom fields (some restrictions apply).

    Nov 12 2019

    New Desk Booking Screens

    v3 Desk Booking Screens have arrived!

    The new v3 desk booking screens have a 2.8″ LCD touch display, RFID card reader and a multi-color LED status ring.

    The highly visible yet unobtrusive LED light bar helps people easily see which areas are booked and which ones are free, even from a distance.

    The new Android 8 devices allow for easy deployment through the new Condeco Cloud connector.

    Sep 01 2019

    Admin portal and Export feature

    Improved menu

    The reorganized menu in the Admin portal makes it easier to change settings based on screen type.

    New Export feature

    Rooms, desks and/or users specific to a Calendar service can be downloaded in CSV format.

    Sep 01 2019

    Outlook meeting pop-up

    Improved Outlook room grid

    We listened to our customers ideas on UserVoice and now the Outlook room grid shows meeting details in a pop-up.

    Jun 14 2019

    Admin portal

    Internal Reference field in Admin portal

    New mandatory field ‘Internal Reference’ added to the account creation page and license page.

    Apr 11 2019

    Quick Book

    New Quick Book feature for Condeco Cloud

    Make quick and easy bookings on the bookings grid with the new quick book feature. Just drag to select the time and duration of the meeting, enter a title and press Enter. Change the meeting type, the number of attendees, host and requestor details from the quick book pop-up or open the booking form to enter more details.

    Feb 28 2019

    New booking grid

    Improved booking grid

    We listened to our customers’ ideas on UserVoice and have included the top ten suggestions (and more) in our new booking grid, including enhanced views and new functionality in a cleaner interface.

    Dec 15 2018

    Outlook 2019

    We now support Outlook 2019

    Our Outlook add-in 6.6 is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019.

    Oct 12 2018

    New features

    New UserVoice feature

    New ideas can now be posted to our feedback forum and make comments on other posts directly from the app.

    New drag and drop for moving in-progress bookings

    Use drag and drop to move meetings on the booking grid which have already started, to accommodate last-minute room changes.

    New meeting reminder options

    Set a reminder for 5 minutes before a meeting starts as well as the usual 1 to 48-hour options.

    Sep 01 2018

    New features

    New swap bookings feature

    Swap two bookings directly from the bookings grid.

    New Company column on booking summary

    Improvement to Attendees list with company names clearly shown on the booking summary.

    Aug 08 2018

    Connect Update

    Screen Health

    We are introducing screen health reporting within the Connect admin portal. We are currently working on a firmware update which will allow screens to push data to the page and have plans for further enhancements in the future. The initial report will show a screen heartbeat and calendar connectivity status from any screen that had the firmware update. Screens without the update will show “not reported”.

    Aug 08 2018

    Enhanced UI and features

    Improved booking grid color coding

    All booking types, including past bookings, are color-coded on the booking grid.

    Adjust room costs for each booking

    Edit the cost of a meeting room on the booking summary page to allow adjustments for individual bookings.

    Language improvements

    Improvements have been made to our French, German and Italian language packs.

    Jul 02 2018

    New drag function on booking grid

    Drag to extend meetings directly on the booking grid

    A new ‘drag’ function has been added to the booking grid to easily extend (or shorten) meetings.

    May 25 2018

    New and enhanced integrations

    Skype for Business Integration

    Condeco Enterprise and the Outlook add-in now integrate with Skype for Business. Automatically schedule a Skype for Business meeting when booking more than one SfB rooms. Easily add rooms to an existing SfB meeting. Easily add a SfB meeting to your room booking.

    Outlook Add-in compatibility

    Enterprise 3.4.9 now requires Outlook Add-in 6.3 or above. For Skype for Business Integration, Outlook Add-in 6.5 or above is required.

    May 22 2018

    Rooms App Update (Android)

    Same features as the previous iOS update now available for Android:
    Request managed rooms. Add favourite rooms. View and book in room calendars and view more detailed room information.

    May 15 2018

    Rooms App Update (iOS)

    Managed room bookings

    You can now search and request rooms in managed groups. Bookings will show as ‘requested’ until an administrator approves them. Note: Blind managed rooms are not supported.

    Favourite and recent rooms

    You can now mark a room as a ‘favourite’ or see a list of recently booked rooms. This enables you to quickly see the availability of your favourite rooms and make a booking.

    Room calendars

    Rooms calendars make it easy see room availability across an entire day.

    Room information

    You can now see more detailed information on a meeting room including its attributes, where it’s located on a floor plan and room picture.

    Apr 20 2018

    Enhanced features & reports

    Vendor timezones

    Vendors can now switch between local time, the timezone of the specific booking – or “my” time, set by a new timezone field in the vendor’s user profile.

    Same-day only desk booking

    Desk booking can now be set up to allow same-day bookings only. Administrators can configure this at Group-level. This can be applied to either default and non-default group restrictions.

    Region selection in legacy reports

    Legacy reports can now be filtered by region. Note that ‘include regions’ must be set to ‘true’ in Global Setup.

    Feb 16 2018

    End of support announcement

    From v3.4.6, synchronization of bookings between MS Exchange room calendars and Condeco Enterprise is only supported on Office 365, using the Office 365 API.

    Stream notification will no longer be supported. This enables a more seamless, faster and reliable synchronisation.

    Feb 13 2018

    Connect Update

    Support for Google Calendar

    With Google G-Suite integration, you can now have Google Calendar as a calendar service.

    Hide meeting organiser

    You can now hide the meeting organiser name from the screen.

    Delete users

    Ability for admins to delete users.

    Jan 17 2018

    Rooms App Update (Android)

    Same features as the preceding iOS update now for Android:
    A new user interface for a better experience. See which meetings are currently in progress in the meeting list. Start, end and extend. Improved editing, search and timezone display.

    Dec 18 2017

    Connect Update

    Support for Condeco Enterprise

    We’ve added a new calendar service! You can now use Condeco Enterprise as the source of your booking data.

    Dec 04 2017

    Security and integrations

    Security improvements for forms-based accounts

    For users with forms accounts, we have made serval improvements that help prevent traversal attacks of known users in the database.

    Improvements to Exchange Sync

    Various improvements to Exchange synchronization including the option to configure Sync in the Enterprise Configuration Utility, improved logging, improved password encryption and support of all-day bookings.

    Nov 28 2017

    Sense 2.0

    Market leading technology

    Sense 2.0 has been completely re-architected using Microsoft Azure, the latest technology for managing Internet of Things (IoT) products.

    Accurate and realistic data

    Sense 2.0 solves a fundamental issue in workplace occupancy studies by providing data that more realistically reflects real-world desk use through the application of a propriatory algorithm.

    Simplified reports

    Sense 2.0 comes with easy to use built-in reports that provide access to the most important data views.

    Easy data export

    If the built-in reports do not answer all of your questions, you can simply export the data directly from the portal and carry out your own analysis.

    Nov 14 2017

    Rooms App Update (iOS)

    New UI

    Cleaner user interface for a better experience. Start, end, extend or cancel bookings directly from the quick view list.

    On-going meetings

    Easily see which meetings are currently in progress in the meeting list.

    Improved editing

    Edit the number of attendees, and update the room and times more easily.

    Improved search

    You can now search by room feature. You can also search across specific floors for a wider range of rooms.

    Nov 06 2017

    New features and functionality

    Today Page

    All users and admins who log into Enterprise will be shown the Today page. This page allows you to do the most common tasks. You can view your meeting room bookings and desk bookings for today. You can start, end or extend your room bookings.

    You can also check into or release your desk bookings.

    Desk Settings at Group Level

    Most of the desk settings are now at Group level. This now enables you to have different business rules for each Group in the application, making it easier to create different types of workspaces that follow different booking rules.

    Updates to Bookings with Service Items

    Only updates that affect the service item, or delivery of the service item, will now cause a status change.

    Support for Postmark

    In 3.4, we’ve added support for Postmark allowing for advanced email features such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

    Improved Cache

    Cache now works completely on a time-to-live (TTL) format. This enables each web node to work in isolation, removing their dependencies on each other and increasing performance.

    Nov 01 2017

    Connect Update

    Bulk user upload

    You can now upload an Excel spreadsheet containing user information including PINs and RFID card values.

    Lower power mode

    Screens turn off their display and light after 20 seconds of inactivity outside of their business hours. Simply touch display to wake it back up.

    Service Account calendar access

    You can now use a Service Account to access a room
    calendar from the screen. The Service Account must have delegate permissions on the

    Oct 02 2017

    Connect Update

    Support for multiple calendars

    You now have the option to configure more than one Exchange calendar service to connect to.  Each screen can be configured to point to a specific service, ideal for organisations that have use than one Exchange setup.

    Support for multiple screen settings profiles

    You can now set up more than one screen profile, to support different settings on different screens. For example, you could run a set of screens as display only devices, another set that enables users to book on the screen.

    Delete booking on screen

    You can now delete a booking from the screen, in case your plans have changed.

    Support for hidden Wifi networks

    You can now manually enter the details for a hidden Wifi network on the screen.

    Sep 12 2017

    Connect Update

    Static IP Support

    Static IP addresses now supported in network settings on the device.
    A static IP can be set up when activating the device, or later by accessing device settings.

    Aug 21 2017

    Connect Update

    URL Mode

    Temporarily display a URL on the screens, for example for an event, or to display another booking solution. Simply set the URL with the room details in the admin portal.

    Additional language support

    The sign up and log in pages in the mobile apps and the portal are now available in French, German, Spanish and Italian in addition to English.

    Jul 24 2017

    Connect Update

    Screen themes

    Customise your screen’s UI with custom backgrounds and logo. Choose from a number of predefined themes, or create your own. You can create as many themes as you like, enabling you to theme every room, floor or building. You can also easily change the default themes to push out a new look and feel to all your screens in seconds.

    Theme Selector

    Dual RFID Card Support

    Support for RFID cards with dual frequency. Select which frequency you want to support on your screens in the settings profile for the screens.

    Easy deactivation

    Want to redeploy a screen? You can now easily deactivate a screen and reset it to factory mode. You can also perform a factory reset on the screen itself using your admin password.

    Feb 08 2017

    New and improved integrations

    HR Feeds

    Condeco Enterprise 3.3 introduces an improved automatic synchronization with HR feeds of user information and their group permissions. Automatically create, update, delete users, their attributes and group permissions, based on Active Directory information or other HR feeds. A new API enables clients to automatically update Outlook Delegates.

    Crestron Integration

    Enterprise 3.3 is now compatible with Crestron Fusion®. Roll out Condeco meeting room booking functionality using your existing Crestron room screens to view, start, end meetings and add appointments.

    Cisco Phone Integration

    With Enterprise 3.3 you can roll out a desk booking functionality with your existing Cisco® phone infrastructure. Use your Cisco phone to book, check in and release desk in a few simple steps.

    Visitor improvements

    Walk-in visitors can now be added to a meeting by searching for their company name if their colleagues are already part of the meeting. Visitor arrival times can also be displayed directly on the booking grid.

    Jul 11 2016

    Improved functionality and new features

    Desk inter-group booking

    Desk users are now able to have different restrictions applied to their default group and all other non-default groups. For example, you could book two weeks in advance in your default group, but only one day in advance in other groups you have access to.

    Desk booking with break periods

    A new setting “Maximum Weeks Selectable” has been introduced so that you can book a desk even if you will be away for a period of time. For example, admin configures settings to book four weeks in advance but only on a maximum of two weeks: If you are going on holiday for two weeks, you can still book on the week when you will come back.

    Admins can set users’ default location

    Administrators can now set Default Locations from the User Administration page, so that users are not presented with the profile page upon first time login.

    Meeting email reminders

    Individual meeting reminders can now be enabled on a global level. This allows you to choose if and when you want to be sent an email reminder for your meeting.

    Jan 20 2016

    Improved security and compatibility

    New languages

    Enterprise 3.1 is now compatible with Japanese and Chinese simplified. You can select to display the application in these languages from the languages list in your profile settings.

    Support for Safari and Edge browsers

    Enterprise 3.1 is now fully compatible with Safari and Edge web browsers.

    Enhanced security and stability

    Enhancements to make Enterprise more secure, stable and maintainable, as well as improving performance.

    Edit series with instances in the past in Outlook

    With Enterprise 3.1 and Outlook Add-in 6.2, you can now edit a series that contains occurrences in the past. Future instances will be updated but the room bookings of past instances will remain as they are for reporting purposes.

    Sep 30 2015

    New features and functionality

    New Booking Form

    The room booking form has been improved to create an easy-to-use overview of the booking and improve the handling of multi-room bookings.

    Delegate access

    With Delegate Access in Enterprise 3.0, Outlook Add-in users can now set up to six Outlook Booking Delegates who can edit their bookings via the Outlook add-in. Delegate access can be set up by the user on their profile page or by an admin in the Users section.

    Requires Condeco Outlook Add-in 6.1 and user permissions

    Drag & Book

    Allows a user to easily create bookings of durations longer than the default booking period.

    Alternative rooms

    When updating the date, time, or recurrence pattern of any booking, a new availability check is performed and alternative rooms are allocated when available.