What's New?

Nov 08 2022

Device Hub 3.16

Support for SCIM

The Condeco Device Hub now supports automatic user & group provisioning using SCIM.

The SCIM API for Device Hub uses the SCIM 2.0 protocol and is certified for Azure Active Directory.

Nov 02 2022

v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.49

Hidden networks

Hidden Wi-Fi networks are now supported.

In a network with multiple access points and the same hidden SSID, devices can now roam to different access points without losing connectivity.

Improved user interface

Navigating through the on-screen menus is easier with the back button now included on all screens.

All messages are now color-coded indicating success (green) or error (red).

Device health

The SSID, RSSI, and IP address values for desk booking screens are now shown on the Health page of the Device Hub.

Aug 24 2022

Screen Manager is now the Device Hub!

Device Hub

Our Screen Manager portal has been renamed to Device Hub to properly reflect the variety of smart devices that it can manage, not just screens.

Other improvements

  • We’ve updated the architecture of the Device Hub to make it more scalable.
  • We’ve optimized the Device Hub core APIs to improve performance.
  • We’ve added support for AD SSO to provide secure and seamless access to the Device Hub.
  • The Device Hub is now served via Azure CDN which delivers better availability, lower latency, greater scale, and improved security.
  • Aug 10 2022

    Meeting room screen – 8.3.10

    Hide the time bar

    You can now hide the time bar on a meeting room screen and display only the details of the current booking.

    Aug 01 2022

    Screen Manager 3.13

    SSO support

    The Screen Manager now supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO (Single Sign-on).

    Jun 28 2022

    v3 Desk Booking screen 8.1.47

    Enhanced activation process

    You can now set a custom NTP server during the initial activation process of a desk booking screen.

    Desk Screen Manager app

    The Desk Screen Manager app now supports PEAP.

    Jun 20 2022

    Screen Manager 3.11

    Device Health page

    The Device Health page now displays information for up to 5000 devices.


    Performance optimized for the following:

  • Update Theme API
  • Screen Health API
  • Update calendar service
  • Set Setting as default
  • Update screen settings
  • Screen Manager pagination load time
  • Set Calendar as default
  • Security

    Improved security for:

  • Account Takeover (ATO) protection
  • Username enumeration via login function defense
  • Malicious input executed in Excel export protection
  • Apr 26 2022

    Screen Manager 3.10

    Require authentication only when deleting bookings

    The delete booking function can be set to require a user to authenticate with a PIN or RFID card, even when the booking creation did not require authentication.

    Mar 25 2022

    Condeco Kiosk


    When searching for a workspace using the Condeco Kiosk, personal spaces providing the attributes selected in the user’s profile are indicated by a star on the floor plan.

    Language improvements

    The following languages have been improved:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Mar 01 2022

    Screen Manager update

    Bulk user upload and export

  • Bulk upload and download now supports a 16MB (max) file and up to 400,000 users.
  • Multiple downloads can be run simultaneously by different user accounts.
  • Improved completed/failed email notifications.
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