What's New?

Sep 28 2023

v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.3.0

Microsoft Security Certificates

Microsoft has updated the security certificates used by Azure IoT Hub and the Device Provisioning Service.

To maintain connectivity, the firmware on all Condeco v3 Desk Booking Screens must be updated to version 8.3.0 by December 15, 2023.

Jun 17 2023

Device Hub 3.24

Improved Device Health page

  • Quickly find devices encountering errors when connecting to the calendar endpoint, with our new ‘Calendar Endpoint Error’ tile available on the Device Health page.
  • Any device experiencing an issue following a connectivity test for the calendar endpoint, is now clearly highlighted orange in the Calendar Services column.
  • May 27 2023

    Device Hub 3.23

    Improved performance

    The performance of the Device Health dashboard is improved with the introduction of new API endpoints.

    May 13 2023

    Device Hub 3.22

    Performance improvements

    We have optimized the API to provide a faster response for modules such as locations, themes, and users.

    May 07 2023

    Meeting room screens 8.3.14

    User registration

    User registration now supports a single-character first name.

    Performance improvements

  • Number of authentication state calls to the meeting room screen is reduced.
  • Meeting room screen timeout limit extended.
  • Apr 15 2023

    Device Hub 3.21

    Branding update

    The Condeco basic calendar logo and the Condeco cloud calendar icon now display our new Eptura branding.

    Apr 06 2023

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.51

    Branding update

    The Condeco v3 Desk Booking Screens now display our new Eptura branding.

    Mar 14 2023

    Meeting room screens 8.3.12

    User registration now supports a single-character last name.

    Mar 06 2023

    Device Hub 3.20

    First names with just one character are now supported by the Device Hub.

    Jan 27 2023

    Device Hub 3.19

    Multi-factor authentication

    The Device Hub supports the following MFA options:

  • Authenticator app
  • Phone call only
  • SMS only
  • Email only
  • SMS or phone call only
  • Automatic generation of user PINs

    Randomly generated PINs can now be fetched for users in the downloaded log file, following a bulk user upload to the Device Hub.