What's New?

Sep 17 2021

v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.2.16

Roll back to previous APK version

If an unexpected issue occurs with a v3 desk booking screen, you can roll back to a previous APK or start a factory reset directly from the device.

Jul 27 2021

v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.5

Contactless check-in update

Contactless check-in from a meeting room screen can now be disabled.

Jul 14 2021

v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.44

More flexible booking options

The v3 Desk Booking screens can now be booked in half-day or whole-day time slots. Admins are in control of which desks can be booked for AM/PM slots and which are only available to book for a whole day.

Jul 08 2021

Screen Manager update

Multiple v2 Meeting Room screens managed by one Condeco meeting space

You can now add multiple v2 Meeting Room screens to a single Condeco meeting space, allowing Condeco screens to be placed at each entrance of a meeting space.

Half-day or whole-day booking options

AM and PM timeslots can be enabled for desk bookings, or bookings can be set to whole day bookings only.

Apr 12 2021

Screen Manager Portal update

Health check notifications

You can now configure the time of day the daily device status notification is sent.

Daily health check notifications include a list of devices Condeco hasn’t received a heartbeat from for 60 minutes or more and devices running out-of-date firmware/software versions.

Apr 07 2021

v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.4

Health Check

A series of tests can be run from the Health Check page to check network connectivity and the NTP server details for a device.

OAuth authentication

OAuth authentication for Condeco v2 meeting room screens using the Microsoft 365 calendar service is now available and recommended for Microsoft Exchange online customers.

Mar 22 2021

v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.43

Wi-Fi signal strength indicator on screen

The Wi-Fi signal strength is now indicated by the color of the icon on the screen.

GREEN/Good: -60dBm or higher.

AMBER/Weak: Between -61dBm and -65dBm.

RED/Poor: -66dBm or lower.

RSSI signal strength indicated in Network Details

The Network Details screen now displays the RSSI signal strength in color so you can see at a glance the quality of the signal strength.

GREEN is Good

AMBER is Weak

RED is Poor

Stability improvements

IoT connectivity improvements provide greater stability in challenging network conditions.


An auto-recovery feature has been introduced to further improve device stability.

Mar 16 2021

Screen Manager Portal update

Device Health Dashboard

An enhanced device health dashboard provides detailed information about all your Condeco devices. Monitor device connectivity and get alerts when problems are detected.

Mar 05 2021

v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.2

More control for meeting hosts and requestors

Meeting hosts and requestors can now start and end meetings on the meeting room screen.

Improved stability

IOT enhancements

Internet-Of-Things (IOT) enhancements for improved connection and heartbeat communication.

Updated Wi-Fi drivers

Improved Wi-Fi drivers for better connectivity in challenging network conditions.

More stability

The overall stability of the application when in challenging network conditions, has been improved.

Checking for updates

Admins can check for and install updates directly from the meeting room screen.

Jan 12 2021

Meeting room screen themes

Automatic resizing for background images

Automatic resizing is now applied to custom images displayed on meeting room screens.