What's New?

Apr 20 2020

v3 Desk Screens – fixed and flexi desk booking

Support for fixed and flexi desks

Fixed and flexi desk booking complements standard bookable desks on the v3 desk screens, giving greater flexibility and control over desk availability.

Dec 11 2019

Android 8 release

Android 8 update for v2 room booking screens

Android 8 is a faster technology offering improved security, stability, and reliability.

App Centre for application analytics

We have moved to Microsoft App Centre for application analytics which introduces new whitelist requirements.

Nov 12 2019

New Desk Booking Screens

v3 Desk Booking Screens have arrived!

The new v3 desk booking screens have a 2.8″ LCD touch display, RFID card reader and a multi-color LED status ring.

The highly visible yet unobtrusive LED light bar helps people easily see which areas are booked and which ones are free, even from a distance.

The new Android 8 devices allow for easy deployment through the new Condeco Cloud connector.

Sep 01 2019

Admin portal and Export feature

Improved menu

The reorganized menu in the Admin portal makes it easier to change settings based on screen type.

New Export feature

Rooms, desks and/or users specific to a Calendar service can be downloaded in CSV format.

Jun 14 2019

Admin portal

Internal Reference field in Admin portal

New mandatory field ‘Internal Reference’ added to the account creation page and license page.

Aug 08 2018

Connect Update

Screen Health

We are introducing screen health reporting within the Connect admin portal. We are currently working on a firmware update which will allow screens to push data to the page and have plans for further enhancements in the future. The initial report will show a screen heartbeat and calendar connectivity status from any screen that had the firmware update. Screens without the update will show “not reported”.

Feb 13 2018

Connect Update

Support for Google Calendar

With Google G-Suite integration, you can now have Google Calendar as a calendar service.

Hide meeting organiser

You can now hide the meeting organiser name from the screen.

Delete users

Ability for admins to delete users.

Dec 18 2017

Connect Update

Support for Condeco Enterprise

We’ve added a new calendar service! You can now use Condeco Enterprise as the source of your booking data.

Nov 28 2017

Sense 2.0

Market leading technology

Sense 2.0 has been completely re-architected using Microsoft Azure, the latest technology for managing Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Accurate and realistic data

Sense 2.0 solves a fundamental issue in workplace occupancy studies by providing data that more realistically reflects real-world desk use through the application of a propriatory algorithm.

Simplified reports

Sense 2.0 comes with easy to use built-in reports that provide access to the most important data views.

Easy data export

If the built-in reports do not answer all of your questions, you can simply export the data directly from the portal and carry out your own analysis.

Nov 01 2017

Connect Update

Bulk user upload

You can now upload an Excel spreadsheet containing user information including PINs and RFID card values.

Lower power mode

Screens turn off their display and light after 20 seconds of inactivity outside of their business hours. Simply touch display to wake it back up.

Service Account calendar access

You can now use a Service Account to access a room
calendar from the screen. The Service Account must have delegate permissions on the