What's New?

Jan 20 2022

Meeting Room screen 8.3.8

Improved custom NTP server configuration

A custom NTP server can now be configured during initial setup of the screen.

A custom NTP server can be configured on a screen in a restricted network.

Improved OTA update process

OAuth screen re-authentication is no longer needed after OTA update, for screens with the MS Teams feature.

Enhanced contactless check-in

Contactless check-in is now supported for MS Teams-enabled screens.

Jan 19 2022

Screen Manager update

Bulk user upload improvements

  • Upload 20,000 users in bulk to the Condeco Screen Manager.
  • File sizes up to 16MB are now supported.
  • Multiple parallel bulk uploads are now supported.
  • Apostrophes in users’ names are now supported.

  • Performance enhancements

  • Migrated account manager to microservice.
  • Optimized bulk user upload, user creation APIs, and migrated to Azure function app.
  • The feature flag manager microservice moved from service fabric and is now integrated with web APIs.
  • Improved user search performance

  • The search service now runs on server-side, significantly increasing performance when displaying search results.
  • More than 50,000 user records can be searched.
  • Pages are paginated to reduce the load time of the initial page.
  • Dec 06 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.47

    APK rollback

    The APK rollback now checks for the previous version before installing, and clearly shows the progress of the download and install.

    Dec 06 2021

    v2 Meeting Room screen 8.3.7

    Automatically start MS Teams meeting

    Automatically start a Microsoft Teams meeting in the room when checking in on the Condeco meeting room screen.

    Microsoft Exchange calendar service only

    Disable on-screen user registration

    It is now possible to hide the ‘Register’ button on the Condeco meeting room screens to prevent users from registering on-screen.

    EMS calendar service only

    Oct 19 2021

    Screen Manager update

    RFID card support extended

    The Android meeting room and desk booking screens now also support 96-bit RFID cards.

    Screen Health

    Better performance of the Screen Health page when a large number of screens is evident.

    Sep 29 2021

    Screen Manager update

    New admin roles

    Set Admin roles to control management of the Condeco screens in your locations.

    Three admin roles are available:

  • Global Admin: Full control of all themes and settings for all Countries and Locations.
  • Country admin: Full control of all themes and settings for specific Countries and the Locations belonging to the Countries.
  • Location admin: Full control of all themes and settings for a specific location(s).
  • Sep 17 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.45

    Roll back to previous APK version

    If an unexpected issue occurs with a v3 desk booking screen, you can roll back to a previous APK or start a factory reset directly from the device.

    Jul 27 2021

    v2 Meeting Room Screen 8.3.5

    Contactless check-in update

    Contactless check-in from a meeting room screen can now be disabled.

    Jul 14 2021

    v3 Desk Booking Screen 8.1.44

    More flexible booking options

    The v3 Desk Booking screens can now be booked in half-day or whole-day time slots. Admins are in control of which desks can be booked for AM/PM slots and which are only available to book for a whole day.

    Jul 08 2021

    Screen Manager update

    Multiple v2 Meeting Room screens managed by one Condeco meeting space

    You can now add multiple v2 Meeting Room screens to a single Condeco meeting space, allowing Condeco screens to be placed at each entrance of a meeting space.

    Half-day or whole-day booking options

    AM and PM timeslots can be enabled for desk bookings, or bookings can be set to whole day bookings only.