What's New?

Jan 12 2021

Meeting room screen themes

Automatic resizing for background images

Automatic resizing is now applied to custom images displayed on meeting room screens.

Nov 05 2020

V3 Desk Booking Screens 8.1.40

Health Check

Admins can run a series of tests from the Health Check page to check network connectivity and NTP server details of a desk screen.

Oct 12 2020

V3 Desk Booking Screens 8.1.39

PEAP support

V3 desk booking screens now support PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol) secured Wi-Fi networks.

PEAP is supported by desk booking screens on v8.1.39 or later.

Sep 21 2020

v2 Meeting Room Screens new release

Custom NTP Server

Meeting room screens can now be configured to use a custom NTP server.

Toggle between Wi-Fi and LAN

Meeting room screens can now easily switch between Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.

Silent Wi-Fi reconnect

If the connection is lost, meeting room screens will silently attempt to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network with no user input.

Sep 17 2020

v3 Desk Booking Screens new release 8.1.38

Custom NTP Server

Desk booking screens can now be configured to use a custom NTP server.

Manually check for updates

Desk screens periodically check for updates automatically, and now you can manually check at any time by long-pressing the software version displayed on the screen.

Improved time zone search

Now it is much easier to find a time zone. Just enter the first three characters of the city name and select.

Aug 27 2020

Screen Manager updates

Language support for email alerts

The Screen Health email alerts can now be sent in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

Authentication settings update

Condeco Cloud Connector authentication settings are now un-linked allowing administrators more flexibility during setup.

Jul 13 2020

v2 Meeting Room Screen new release

New ‘Closed’ indicator

The v2 Meeting Room Screens* will clearly indicate when closed and display a red light. No activity is allowed on closed screens.

*Only for Condeco calendar services with the Return to Office features enabled.

Contactless check-in

The v2 Meeting Room Screens are now contactless so there is no need to touch them when checking in or out of meetings. Just swipe your RFID card.

New Wi-Fi driver

Improved network connection stability with our new Wi-Fi network driver.

Jun 29 2020

v3 Desk Booking Screen new release 8.1.36

New indicators on v3 Desk Booking Screens

The v3 desk booking screens* now display a message and blue light ring when a desk is awaiting cleaning and a message and red light ring when a desk is closed.

*Return to Office features must be enabled in Condeco.

New Wi-Fi driver

New Wi-Fi driver improves the stability of network connections for Cisco or similar networks when MAC filtering and frequent authentication requests are in use.

Devices will now automatically reboot after two unsuccessful attempts to reconnect to the Wi-Fi after a connectivity issue.

May 12 2020

v2 Meeting Room Screens proxy support

v2 Meeting Room Screens now supports simple un-authenticated HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers.

Apr 20 2020

v3 Desk Screens – fixed and flexi desk booking

Support for fixed and flexi desks

Fixed and flexi desk booking complements standard bookable desks on the v3 desk screens, giving greater flexibility and control over desk availability.