What's New?

Jun 11 2021

Condeco updates

Global email update

Changes can be applied to email templates for all groups in a country or globally.


Visitors can now be added for up to 30 days to save admin for repeat visitors.

Adjacent workspaces

Workspaces are now sorted alpha-numerically making it easier to find and mark workspaces as adjacent to each other.

Jun 02 2021

New! Condeco mobile app

About the new mobile app

The new Condeco mobile app incorporates the functionality of the existing desk and meeting room booking apps whilst also embracing our new workspace types feature, enabling users to book exactly the space they need when they need it, all from one Condeco mobile app.

Available for Condeco Cloud (April 2021 release or later)

Available for Android and iOS

Key features

  • Book any type of workspace.
  • All bookings displayed in a single view.
  • Search for spaces offering specific attributes.
  • Find a colleague and show their location on a floor plan.
  • Self-certify via the app.
  • Manual or proximity-based check-in.
  • Language support

  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • May 20 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility improvements

    We are continually improving Condeco for accessibility and the following pages are now added to our WCAG AA 2.1 compliant list:

  • Your meeting space bookings
  • Requests
  • Username validation
  • Change password
  • Login screen
  • ‘Workspace type’ tag for email templates

    Following the launch of Condeco’s Workspace types feature, the ‘workspace type’ tag has been added to our default email templates and can be added to customized email templates.

    Report on Workspace types

    Condeco’s advanced reports for meeting and personal spaces now include workspace types.

    May 18 2021

    Introducing Smart Calendar

    What is Smart Calendar?

    Make bookings directly from Outlook and enjoy the additional smart features Condeco provides. Smart Calendar enables a consistent and simple user experience and integrates with video equipment such as Teams and Zoom rooms, for a one-click join experience.

    Smart Calendar offers a future-proof, next-gen solution, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365.

    Condeco Outlook Add-in

    Users search for available meeting spaces using the Condeco Outlook Add-in directly from their calendar and add the space to their appointment. Smart Calendar books the space in Condeco and keeps it updated with the Outlook calendar appointment.

    Smart Calendar and the Outlook Add-in provide a feature-rich experience.

    Key features

  • Filter search results by required features.
  • Integrates with Teams and Zoom, etc.
  • Self-healing bookings when meetings are moved.
  • Suggests alternate times if a suitable meeting space is not available.
  • Intelligent alternate room suggestions for recurring meetings, with Smart Recurrences.
  • Support for delegates
  • Link from email confirmations to the Condeco booking form to book services
  • Apr 28 2021

    Introducing Workspace types

    New feature for Condeco – Workspace types

    You can now configure different Workspace types for your meeting spaces and personal spaces giving greater flexibility when choosing and booking the right space in the workplace to work.

    Workspace types for meeting spaces can be meeting rooms, huddle spaces, or any space where people meet to collaborate. Workspace types for personal spaces can be desks, pods, parking spaces, lockers, or any space used by an individual.


    All Workspace types can have their own set of attributes so your users can refine searches to find a quiet desk with dual monitors and a high table, or a collaboration space with MS Teams equipment, or parking space with an electric charger, for example.

    Feb 05 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

    WCAG AA 2.1 accessibility standards have been applied to the following pages

  • Find a Room
  • Quick Room search
  • Contact tracing

    Admins can now run contact tracing reports for the last 14 days.

    Basic Resource Report

    The Basic Resource Report now includes a deployment column to identify if a room belongs to a self-managed, managed, or blind managed, group.

    Feb 03 2021

    Meeting Room Mobile app

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 25 2021

    Desk Booking Mobile App

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 07 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

    The following Condeco pages on the web application are now compatible with WCAG AA accessibility standards:

  • Find a Desk
  • Desk Booking form
  • Your Bookings for Desks
  • Floor Plan
  • Find a Colleague
  • Flexible availability of service items

    Service items can be quickly marked as active or inactive across a group of rooms. An availability date period can be applied to active items so they can only be requested for the time that they are available.

    Dec 03 2020

    Privacy option for desk bookings

    Choose whether to share working status and desk location

    An option has been added allowing users to choose if their status and whereabouts are visible to colleagues when using the desk booking Find a Colleague feature.