What's New?

Jan 18 2022

Condeco SCIM 1.9.0

Okta provisioning

Our SCIM integration is now available for Okta, allowing Okta to serve as a single identity manager for adding and removing users, and for provisioning user groups.

Jan 14 2022

Condeco software updates

Support for Okta SSO

Condeco now supports Okta Single Sign-on (SSO) enabling users to log in to Condeco with their Okta accounts and admins to manage Condeco users from Okta.

Accessible pages

Condeco continues to make pages WCAG AA 2.1 compliant and the latest to be updated is the Today page.

Jan 13 2022

Condeco mobile app

Filter meeting spaces by floor

When searching for a space to meet, you can now view available meeting spaces by floor.

Nov 22 2021

Smart Calendar updates

Change room configurations

Room layouts and the setup and clean down periods of Outlook-initiated bookings, can now be updated from the Condeco web app.

Change a room for an Outlook-initiated booking

You can now change a room booked via MS Outlook, from the Condeco web app.

Delete Outlook-initiated bookings

You can now delete an Outlook-initiated booking using the Condeco web app.

Nov 11 2021

Condeco software updates

Improved reports

User reports now include a user’s default country, location, group, and floor.

The resource status report now includes the reason for closure entered by the administrator when the resource is closed.

Accessibility improvements

The left navigation menu and Personal Space home page are now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

Oct 14 2021

Condeco software updates

Link to your Privacy Policy

A link to an organization’s privacy policy can now be added to the Condeco web app.

New workspace status report

A new workspace status report is available as standard. The report shows which workspaces are open or closed, and the length of any closure period.

Accessibility improvements

The left navigation menu and Personal Space home page are now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

Oct 05 2021

Improved integration for Outlook-initiated bookings

Room changes

Smart Calendar automatically updates the Outlook appointment when a room change is made via the Condeco web app.

Managed meeting spaces

If a request for a space booking is rejected, the room details are automatically removed from the Outlook appointment.

Bumped meeting spaces

If a booking is bumped when not checked in, the room details are removed from the Outlook appointment.

Sep 29 2021

Mobile app

Pre-configure the Condeco mobile app with your Condeco URL

The first time your employees use the Condeco mobile app, they are prompted to enter your Condeco URL. This field can now be completed automatically using a Microsoft Intune configuration policy.

Sep 28 2021

Condeco software update

Multiple identity providers

Condeco now supports multiple IdPs.

Users enter their full email address and are then directed to the login page for their domain.

Sep 02 2021

Condeco software updates

Audit improvements

The history for each user now records the name of the admin who:

  • Runs a contact tracing report for the user.
  • Sets a user to work remotely.
  • Find the logs in the User History from User Management.

    Accessibility improvements

    The User Lookup screen is now accessible according to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.