What's New?

Mar 07 2023

Condeco API 1.64.0

  • Users can now use the APIs to fetch the status of personal space bookings.
  • The hierarchy mapping API now returns closure dates for the location and resource entities.
  • Feb 21 2023

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Microsoft Teams meetings and the Condeco mobile app

    Create calendar-linked Microsoft Teams bookings from either the Outlook add-in on the desktop or the Condeco mobile app and keep your calendar event up-to-date with a Teams link for virtual attendees.

    Simplified login

    The Outlook add-in now automatically enters your Condeco URL when signing in.

    Feb 14 2023

    Condeco API 1.63.0


  • Room booking API can now remove all attendees from a booking.
  • Room booking API accurately calculates the cost of a booking.
  • Feb 14 2023

    Historical Bookings API 1.9.0

  • Historical Bookings API now returns all rooms associated with a linked room booking
  • Minimum TLS version updated to 1.2
  • Updated Azure function and NuGet packages
  • Updated the .Net framework to 6.1.0
  • Feb 14 2023

    SCIM API 1.21.0

    The Get user SCIM APIs now support accented characters in the first and last name fields.

    Jan 24 2023

    SCIM API 1.20.0


  • Condeco OKTA SCIM application now available in the Okta Integration Network (OIN) catalog.
  • Enhanced security for SCIM endpoints.
  • Azure function and NuGet packages updated from deprecated version to latest recommended version.
  • Jan 24 2023

    Condeco API 1.62.0

    Condeco APIs now support QR code check-in for all workspace types.

    Jan 23 2023

    Condeco updates


    Condeco continues to work towards WCAG AA 2.1 compliancy across the web application.

    The latest improvements are to the following sections:

  • Personal space booking form
  • Header & left navigation
  • Personal space home Calendar
  • Book a personal space Calendar
  • Dec 23 2022

    Microsoft 365 integration

    Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

    Our Teams app now supports users with a primary email address that differs from their User Principal name (UPN) in Microsoft Exchange.

    Dec 14 2022

    User Provisioning for Proxyclick

    Data security improvements

    Condeco user provisioning for Proxyclick now offers improved data security and GDPR compliance.