ING Deutschland Customer Case Study

How the largest direct bank in Germany allowed its employees to independently book and manage 300 meeting spaces in multiple locations, with the help of Condeco software.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, ING Deutschland is a direct bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dutch ING Group, which operates internationally. As of 2020, ING Deutschland is the largest direct bank in Germany in terms of the size of its customer base.


ING Deutschland has around 300 meeting spaces, spread across several different sites. To manage the booking of these meeting spaces, it deployed an individually customized room booking system, but this system caused a number of difficulties. Users wasted valuable time logging into the system, found it complicated to use, and also found errors within the system.

To remedy these issues, ING Deutschland sought an alternative workspace booking solution, one that could be integrated with the existing infrastructure without interrupting workflows, and which would support a smooth, discreet transition.

“After some comparisions, we decided on Condeco’s workspace booking software. It was important to us that the software was compatible with Outlook and that it was compatible and especially user-friendly. The financial aspect certainly also played a role. Compared to all the others, Condeco appealed to us the most. We are extremely satisfied with Condeco, as the solution optimizes and digitalizes our work in the office.”

– Stefan Hanst, CoE Facility Management, ING Deutschland

Workspace booking app


In order to manage all 300 meeting spaces as efficiently as possible, ING Deutschland implemented Condeco’s workspace booking software. All meeting spaces, regardless of location, are controlled and managed through a single, integrated Condeco solution. The ING Deutschland workforce quickly discovered a number of benefits that made their daily working lives much easier, including:

  • The ability to book all meeting spaces from one system, regardless of location
  • Integrating catering or other equipment needs into bookings
  • An easy-to-use system that saves time and creates little stress for users
  • A reduction in queries and agreements needed between employees, as all staff members can access the system.

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meeting spaces managed with Condeco


employees using Condeco

Implementing Condeco’s workspace booking solution has delivered significant benefits to ING Deutschland. Work processes have been shortened and optimized, transparency has been better supported, and innovative impulses and errors have been minimized. This means employees can work faster and more accurately, giving them more time to get more done, and operate more independently by booking the rooms they need themselves.


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