Workplace Productivity

Help your employees get more from their work with technology that puts them in control of their workdays.

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Increase employee productivity

Embrace technology and flexibility to empower your workforce, wherever and whenever they work and however they collaborate.

  • Deliver access to space: ensuring employees can always get the right spaces to work in
  • Connect distributed teams: bring employees together virtually and physically through integration
  • Enable choice and control: put the workforce in charge of the where and when of their workdays

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Facilitate flexible working

Get more from employees and office space by connecting the right workspaces to the right people at the right times.

  • Redefine workspaces: enabling productivity in a variety of working environments
  • Flex space needs: giving users the choice of workspaces to suit their requirements
  • Support employee well-being: supporting users to create a working life they’re happy with

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What is workplace productivity?

Workplace productivity refers mainly to how much work is accomplished by employees in the office environment over time.

How does the workplace affect productivity?

Many factors need to be considered in how our working environments affect the output of our employees. Consider:

  • The office layout, is the design of the space supporting the types of work being carried out
  • Choice of workspaces, is there variety and choice in the workplace to enable employees options of where to work
  • Workplace environmental factors such as access to light, good ventilation and green plants (biophilic) support office space satisfaction and improve productivity

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Thiri Aung Thein, Country IT Manager, Dentsu Ageis Network

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