Employee Productivity

Embrace technology and flexibility to empower your workforce, wherever and whenever they work and however they collaborate.

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More choice means more productivity.

Employees want – and increasingly expect – to be able to work where they can be most productive. This could be at home, in the office, or as is the case for many people, a flexible combination of the two. Enabling this workforce productivity is a win-win for employees and businesses alike.

Why is employee productivity important?

The benefits of employee productivity can spread throughout a business, but in particular, it can help by:


Maximizing the value for money companies get from their employees.


Creating happy employees who are satisfied with their jobs.


Improving a business’s reputation among both existing and prospective talent.

Deliver access to space

Deliver access to workspace

For employees to truly operate at their most productive, they need to work in the right environments at the right times for their needs. And at a time where work has become more flexible, this can be difficult to achieve for entire workforces.

Our technology solves this problem by connecting people to spaces and colleagues. Desk booking and space scheduling means employees can plan ahead, and coordinate with colleagues to come together at times that suit everyone.

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Connect distributed teams

Connect distributed teams

With teams of people now working at home or in the office at different times, keeping them all connected and coordinated can be a challenge, one that can hamper productivity if not solved effectively.

That’s why our meeting room solutions are fully integrated with video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams. Physical attendees in meeting rooms can easily come together with their virtual colleagues so that they can communicate and innovate without complication.

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Enable choice and control

Employees are happier, more motivated and more productive when they’re given the freedom to work in ways that suit them. This freedom might not always be found at home or in the office, and Condeco can help support a flexible combination of the two.

Our workplace scheduling tools help employees find the workspace they need, at the time they need it and at a time when they know their colleagues will also be in attendance. This control helps them feel empowered to shape their working lives as they want to.

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Did you know?

Due to the sustained concentration required for video meetings, fatigue generally begins to set in after 30-40 minutes. If employees face full days of video meetings, they become stressed after around two hours.

Source: Microsoft 365 Work Trend Index

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How can we help you?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

More questions?

Different workers have different motivations, so there is no single catch-all answer. But employees are generally more productive when they are happy and secure in their jobs, feel in control and feel trusted by their employer. Using technology that gives them control over where and when they work can help in all of these areas.

Employee productivity can be measured according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are defined according to the job role of each employee. Their scores can then be measured against the number of hours or days work to give a quantifiable productivity figure that can be reassessed over time.