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Get employees back to the office with our solutions and advice on how to successfully plan and implement a ‘COVID secure place to work’.

Safe reopening of your office

We can help you get back to the office in line with government guidelines and give your employees the confidence to return with the aid of our smart workplace scheduling technology. Giving them choice and control over where they work, when they come into the office, and what spaces are safe and clean to work in – bringing complete transparency and trust to your working practices.

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This guide will provide you with tools and insights into reopening offices safely and to meet changing guidelines and employee expectations.

Back to the office strategy

Planning for your return to the office requires some careful consideration, as we look to enable employee flexibility, remote working considerations, and the technology that aids in getting your employees back to the office.

Discover these tools to get your workforce back to the office today:


Returning to the office after COVID-19 Guide

Navigating our way back to the office post-COVID-19 will see businesses having to rethink, reshape and revaluate their workspaces. This guide is your asset to help your return to the workplace and is free to download here.

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Returning to the office tech Solution

Solutions to help your employees and your business get back to the office and support a flexible workplace. Condeco can help you safely return to the office, create a COVID-secure workplace, and manage the new normal.

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eBook guide: The post-COVID workplace.

Many of the changes to our working lives prompted by the pandemic are here to stay, and it’s how we adjust to these changes in a post-COVID world of work.

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Enable flexible working

COVID-19 accelerated change towards flexible working. With employee flexibility you are able to choose office versus remote working. Condeco help you enable flexible working and deliver a COVID-secure work environment with our specialist software tools.

Discover our software to implement flexible working in your workplace:


Flexible working is here to stay

Watch this webinar for insights into how you can enable better collaboration and productivity in a post-COVID-19 landscape that will see flexible working remain the norm.

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Workplace cleanliness

The cleanliness of our workplaces is something that is always extremely important. In the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, both hygiene and wider health issues have been brought into much sharper focus.

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Condeco Desk Management

Enable a safe, effective return to the office and transform your workplace to the new normal with our desk management software.

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Putting your employees health and well-being first

The COVID-19 restrictions have had a fundamental impact on the way we work, the way we live and, to an extent, our physical health…

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Case study

Condeco and Ayesa

With Condeco, Ayesa has been able to move toward a smart working culture and optimize their office space.

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Case study

Condeco and MedTech

With the help of Condeco, MedTech has been able to effectively manage their return to the office whilst ensuring the safety of its employees.

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Productivity through technology

We need to avoid admin burdens of successfully managing our workspaces, as we keep our focus on productivity by using the right digital tools and workspace scheduling technology.  Ensuring a choice of safe workplaces is available for employees when they decide the office is the best place for them to work.

Learn more about promoting productivity through a choice of working environments:


Rethinking and reshaping office design

Having heard so much about it over the last few months, we are all starting to slowly see what the ‘new normal’ looks like. Shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and many other recreational facilities have now reopened in certain regions, and we’ve all had to adjust to new procedures around social distancing measures, face coverings and other considerations.

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Empowering employee productivity with the choice of where to work

Over the last decade, the primary reason to go to the office was removed and we nearly didn’t notice. When I started my career, you went to an office because if you did not, you simply could not do your job. Our job was in-person, and any technology used was large, expensive, desk-based, and immovable.

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Office design for the post-COVID-19 workplace.

Office design for the future needs careful consideration and planning. In this 45-minute webinar with our trusted partner Oktra, an award-winning office design company, we will look into function requirements and space design for the future of our workplace.

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Our expert team are happy to help you get your business back to the new normal. Whether you’re ready to implement cloud-based technology to manage your environment, or just want informal advice about your options, contact us today and discuss how we can help you transform the way you work.

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Learn more about our back to the office solution here and discover how flexible working software can help you acheive this.

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Guide: The Post-COVID workplace

Free to download our guide on how to empower employees to return to the office with confidence.