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Create a more agile workplace with our cloud-based workspace scheduling solution. Enable staff to easily find and book a workspace that meets all their specific needs.

The solution for managing
flexible workspace

Condeco gives you the tools and data to implement and manage desk sharing and activity-based working schemes; helping you create a better workplace experience for an agile workforce. The user-friendly application makes it easy for staff to find and reserve a workspace that meets their needs, find people in the building and manage desk bookings.

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Enable agile

Give your employees more choice in the workplace by enabling them to reserve a workspace that meets their needs—on their mobile, on the web, on kiosks or digital desk screens.

Agile working

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Increase workspace

With fewer fixed workstations you can make better use of space: drive space efficiency savings or improve the overall experience by offering more shared space.

Workspace efficiency

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Improve workplace

Increase satisfaction by giving employees more freedom and choice in their workplace, enabling access to a wider variety of spaces that better match different activities.

Workplace satisfaction

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Go mobile

Enable everyone to quickly find and book workspace on the go. Our mobile booking app makes it easy to find space, locate colleagues and manage bookings.

Mobile booking app

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Enhance your
workspace experience

Our state-of-the-art digital desk screens are a great addition to your workspace, clearly showing which spaces are free and which ones are in use. Our kiosk creates a welcoming experience in your lobby space.

Desk signage

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Enable data-driven

Make better planning decisions with comprehensive reports; enabling you to monitor the usage of your workspace and use the data to drive continuous improvement.

Data analytics

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Enable agile working

Find and book workspace on the web, on your mobile, in Outlook or via digital screens and kiosks. Search for specific workspace features and get a visual overview of available spaces on a floorplan.

Reservation tools

Straightforward search & reservation where you work

Find and book workspace on the web, on your mobile, in Outlook or via digital screens and kiosks. Search for specific workspace features and get a visual overview of available spaces on a floorplan.

Reservation Tools

Workspace types

Fixed, flexi or bookable: your choice

Condeco offers support for fixed, flexible and bookable workspaces.

  • Fixed workspaces can be permanently assigned to a person but can be released for others to use during periods of absence, such as holidays.
  • Flexible workspaces are assigned, but if that person does not check in on the day, the desk is released for others to use.
  • Bookable workspaces can be reserved by anyone who has been given access to the area.

Booking access

Keep control of access

Set up different neighborhoods, and easily control access to different zones, only allowing users to view and book areas that they have access to.

Booking Access

Business rules

Define reservation rules

Set up groups of workspaces with different reservation rules. For example, you can set up a touch-down area that can only be booked on the same day, and workstations that can be reserved days or weeks in advance.

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Increase workspace efficiency

With Condeco, you can increase workspace efficiency by identifying unused space and free this space up for others to use.

Right-size space

Reduce your real estate footprint

Typically, employees are absent for 10% of the year, due to holidays, illness, training and other reasons. More and more people can work remotely if they want to. This means that a fixed workstation is no longer a need for many workers. Instead, giving people a choice of spaces supporting different activities for when they are in the office is a viable alternative. With Condeco, you can optimize your workspace making sure that you don’t waste space on empty desks.


Increase utilization

Automatically remove unused bookings

By asking users to check in upon arrival, you can easily cancel unused reservations when no-one turns up. Users can check in on their phones, on the web, on the kiosk, and on our digital desk screens. If they don’t check in, the system automatically releases the space for others to book.


Manage absence

Free up space during periods of leave

Admins and users alike can easily manage periods of leave, making spaces available for others during absences.


Manage allocation

Set how much time people can book

You can set the maximum time that people can reserve in a week, and if they can reserve a type of space in addition to their existing bookings.

This gives you control of how much time people can book, whilst making sure that users can access other spaces on top of their desk booking, for example a phone booth, or a collaboration space.


See how Oktra enabled agile working
with Condeco Desk Booking

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“Using Condeco desk booking has allowed us to create workplace neighbourhoods; teams who work on the same discipline or department have priority booking. Using this technology allows us to truly embrace activity-based working.”

Nic Pryke, Design Director, Oktra

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Improve workplace satisfaction

With Condeco, you can give people a more choice where and when they like to work, improving productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Enable a better workspace fit

Many knowledge workers have increasingly complex roles, involving a mix of focused work on their own versus collaborative group work.

Condeco can help your people find and reserve a workspace that meets their actual needs, whether it’s for concentration, collaboration or contemplation.

You can clearly define the searchable features of a space and how far in advance it can be reserved, helping you create a range of bookable space, such as touchdown areas, offices, collaboration spaces, and many more.

You can create groups of spaces for ease of use – for example, establish an area with specific characteristics, and then manage user access, giving the right people access to the correct space.

Desk Booking Mobile AppDesk Booking Mobile AppDesk Booking Mobile AppDesk Booking Mobile App
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Go mobile

No more walking around the building in search of a space. Instantly make a reservation on your mobile, with visual floor plans showing you the location of your booking.

Search & Book

You can search for a workspace by location and feature, for today, or days ahead. Results are shown in a floorplan.

See all your booking in a list and easily find where your workspace is located on a floor plan.

Check into your desk on your phone and check out when you are leaving.

Easily find a colleague in the building and book a workspace nearby.

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Enable data-driven design

Condeco encompasses a customizable reporting solution that enables you to closely monitor the use of your workspace, helping you make better design decisions.

Utilization reports

Understand how space is being used, for how long, and by whom. See comprehensive data about the volume of bookings down to a specific desk, and improve your understanding of user behaviors, preferences, and overall utilization.

Often the biggest frustration of desk booking is people not turning up for the space they have booked. With Condeco you can track no-shows, identify repeat offenders, and record how many desks have been freed up for someone else to use.

Enhance your workspace experience

Bring more visibility into your workspace with Condeco Desk Screens and Kiosks.

Desk Booking Screen

Desk screens

Condeco Desk Screens provide a better way to book and manage your desks, breakout areas and offices. Our compact device comes packed with smart features, doesn’t break the bank, and can be mounted in multiple simple ways around your workplace. Users can check in or reserve the space by simply tapping in with their RFID access cards.

Desk Screens



The Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk is a user-friendly touch screen that look great in reception areas. It provides quick check-in facilities, colleague finding and search, with everything clearly displayed via interactive floorplans, so anyone can easily find their way around.

Desk Kiosk

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One single, scalable and secure solution

Standardize onto one scalable workplace management solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, creating the same seamless experience for every user in your organization, no matter where they are.

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Condeco Desk Booking is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that enables you to book desks, manage bookings and find colleagues.

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