Oktra Customer Case Study

Oktra embraced a connected office with Condeco, optimizing their space and improving workplace efficiency.

Oktra is London’s leading office design and build company with over 21 years’ experience. Their outstanding delivery record has seen them transform over 16 million square foot of workplaces across London. With an impressive body of work and clientele, Oktra has grown 205% in revenue over the past six years.


Oktra had a vision to revolutionize the way they managed their real estate. After rapid growth saw a 30% increase in employees, Oktra began evaluating solutions that would enable them to more effectively manage their workspace, agile workforce and complex design requirements.

“Talking through the workplace challenges with Oktra helped us come up with not only the best solution, but the best way to implement the system.”

– Sunita Pachova, Condeco Workplace Consultant

“Using Condeco desk booking has allowed us to create workplace neighbourhoods; teams who work on the same discipline or department have priority booking. Using this technology allows us to truly embrace activity-based working.”

– Nic Pryke, Design Director, Oktra 



The first phase of their dynamic workspace transformation began with the upgrade of their desk screens, allowing Oktra to better manage their employee to desk ratio. To ensure a simplified employee experience, Condeco introduced the usage of RFID cards, enabling employees to use a one card – one touch process to access both the office and their workspace.

Condeco’s simple, sleek and modern room booking solution complemented Oktra’s workplace environment, and has dramatically enabled the business to improve the usage and management of their meeting rooms.

“The screens are a clean and crisp tablet of glass, and the information on them is very user friendly. You can walk up to the screen and see immediately what is scheduled.”

– Nic Pryke, Design Director, Oktra

The Products Used

Room & Desk Screen IconCondeco Connect

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Desk Screen IconDesk booking solution

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Growth from 90 to 125 employees, effectively managed with Condeco desk booking


Solutions implemented, using both Condeco Connect room booking and desk booking for a fluid office experience

0 week

Total implementation programme,
from end to end

Room Management IconUsing both Condeco Connect room booking and desk booking solution, Oktra created a fluid and workable space, incorporating workspace neighbourhoods and touch down points for their workforce

Room Management IconOktra use their own workspace environment as a real-time showroom, and regularly engage with clients who want to explore effective workplace management solutions

Streamlined IconManaging their space more efficiently, changing the way they work and their working culture has been made possible by implementing Condeco desk booking and Condeco Connect


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Oktra Case Study

Oktra embraces a connected office to optimise their space and improve workplace efficiency.