Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many office workers have been able to work from home, and have proven that they are just as productive remotely as they are in the office.

This all leads to the question of your team’s health, their wellbeing, their safety and of course, the trust factor in more flexible working.

So how do you enable more flexible working practices and reimagine your office space to align with emerging demands that best suit how people work?

The fifth webinar in our return to the office series will be looking at the rise of flexible working, and how it is here to stay, so how best do you prepare for it now.

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In this webinar, we will discuss the following key topics:

  • The evolution of ‘mobility’, and the shift in employee attitudes within the current speed of change we’ve faced this year.
  • Realigning needs in the face of changing behaviors, mindsets and expectation.
  • Securing employee adoption as we keep a focus on health and safety, and being aware of the culture of trust.
  • Different work styles and enablement; and how we connect people to right space that enables productivity and collaboration.
  • Managing change as we look at the flexible workspace of the future in the now.

Amongst the insights you will gain from the webinar, discussion points will contain information on:

  1. A focus on work-day needs.
  2. Connecting people to the right space.
  3. Technology to support the flexible working experience.

This webinar will give you the tools to enable a workforce expecting more flexibility in the way they work, and offices set to become more of a central place to meet and collaborate in.

Presented by:

Shane Dowler, Condeco

Shane Dowler

Senior Enterprise Sales Manager

Shane has 20 years’ experience in Software sales, including 8 years in the space management industry. He uses his experience to help organizations reduce their real estate footprint, provide employees with improved access to resources and reduce hundreds of millions of dollars a year in spending. In his role at Condeco, he helps prospective clients with defining project scopes, provides demonstrations and meets with leadership to finalize a solution.

Sandra Panara, Relogix

Sandra Panara

Director of Workspace Insights

Sandra is known for her deep understanding of Corporate Real Estate and Technology. With over 25 years hands-on experience in North America and the UK with RBC, Purolator, The Coca Cola Company, Sandra applies various approaches to extract deep learning from the most unsuspecting places in order to drive strategy. Her expertise ranges broadly from: CRE Portfolio analysis & Insights – Workforce Planning – Strategy Development – Space & Occupancy Planning.

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On-Demand: Flexible working is here to stay

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Notes Watch this webinar for insights into how you can enable better collaboration and productivity in a post COVID-19 landscape that will see flexible working remain the norm.

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