After 18 months of remote work and successive lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis, the future looks flexible – a mix of working in the office, from home and in a variety of ‘third’ spaces is on the near horizon. But what does this mean for the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders who are looking to forge new pathways out of the pandemic by understanding the new purpose of the office, and by tailoring space and experiences to the changing needs of employees? What challenges do they face, and how can digital solutions and technology help to address them?

Joining the conversation

As companies shape up for a new era of work, we’ve teamed up with WORKTECH Academy on a rolling research program, Condeco Conversations, to share ideas and support new developments. The research involves engaging with CRE leaders from global organizations and other experts in the field through a series of workshops, webinars, interviews and reviews of academic research and publicly available literature. The purpose of the research is to understand the new landscape of work, explore its cultural, technological and spatial characteristics, and identify opportunities.

Core eBook content

In our first Condeco Conversations eBook, Supporting Learning and Innovation, we focused on the need to rebuild formal training, mentoring, brainstorming and ideation activities in the office – this is what we term higher-value interpersonal work and it inevitably suffered during the pandemic. In this second report in the series, we look at more informal face-to-face activities such as unplanned collaboration, serendipitous social encounters and the value of workplace experience – this is what we term higher-value social experience.

This paper explores:

  • Why workplace experience and continuous collaboration are so important to business
  • Highlighting shifts that have occurred since the pandemic on the journey to flexible working
  • The rethinking companies are undertaking as to how they curate their office space to create a seamless experience
  • Addressing the social needs of all employees, and bridge the gap between physical and remote employees
  • And how technology will play a vital role in any corporate strategy

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