Since the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, the world of work has been in a constant state of flux. Organizations have been forced to go on a journey of digital adaptation and transformation, making a series of tactical moves to keep their businesses running amid a series of successive lockdowns and disruptions. Now, more than one year on from the start of the pandemic, organizations of every scale and in every sector are starting to think more strategically about the future of work – they are pivoting away from navigating through a crisis to planning their medium to longer-term workplace strategies. They are forging new pathways out of the pandemic.

Joining the conversation

To support these strategic developments and to share ideas with the global workplace market, Condeco has teamed up with WORKTECH Academy on a rolling research program, Condeco Conversations, this is the first eBook in the series, focusing on learning and innovation.

In this research paper, as vaccine rollouts advance and companies plan a return to the office, we focus on two essential activities that employees say they missed most during the pandemic when they were forced to work remotely – the ability to learn and innovate. Organizations around the WORKTECH network have said that learning, especially over-the-shoulder mentoring and informal training, and creative innovation and ideation were among the biggest casualties of COVID-19, as it was especially difficult to replicate those more intuitive and unpredictable face-to-face processes remotely. Of the dozen CRE leaders who participated to this research, there was an overall consensus that learning and innovation will be the chief reasons why people will want to return to the office.

Core eBook content

The focus within this research paper covers two major topics: Learning and innovation:

  • Why both factors are important
  • Breaking down what exactly has happened during the pandemic
  • Listing some of the challenges we are current facing in the workplace
  • And some out comes from those making headway.

Finally, we take a look at technology:

  • Planned serendipity
  • Space management
  • Smart Data
  • The importance of scheduling

All of which is key to how organizations rebuild, move forward and strategies the new normal in our working environments.

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