“…through the COVID-19 pandemic, the balance of power has shifted irrevocably toward employees, with their expectations driving change and not ignored as before” ~ Gartner, Inc.

Many of the changes to our working lives prompted by the pandemic are here to stay, and it’s how we adjust to these changes in a post-COVID world of work is the topic we look at here in this eBook download

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Redefining workplaces with technology

Creating a workplace that is COVID-secure means much more than spacing out workstations and setting out one-way systems. It requires several pressing questions to be answered:

What does the office exist for? What will people attend the office to do? Who will attend the office and when? How will the home and office schedules of an entire workforce be accommodated through reduced capacity? How will employees be able to see who is doing what, where, when and with whom?

Only by addressing these issues, in the context of an individual business and workforce, can a truly safe and productive environment be developed.

Your guide to a brighter, safer future

To help employers work out the best way forward, this guide discusses all the vital considerations around creating COVID-secure workplaces, including:

  • The key employee motivations and concerns around returning
  • The four-step process that creates a safe place to work today and tomorrow
  • The technology that can integrate and simplify every element of the process, from transparent communication through workspace scheduling to contact tracing

The future of work through the pandemic and beyond remains unclear, but the businesses who can embrace flexibility and safety in their response will be best-placed to succeed, putting their employees’ needs and concerns first, and encouraging more productivity and collaboration in the process.

Download your free copy of our ebook today and start mapping out the road ahead.

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