MedTech Customer Case Study

With the help of Condeco, MedTech has been able to effectively manage their return to the office whilst ensuring the safety of its employees.

MedTech Europe is the European trade association for the medical technology industry including diagnosis, medical devices, and digital health. They employ more than 730,000 people across 32,000 medical technology companies in Europe, with offices spanning across Germany, Switzerland, and France to name a few.


After the global outbreak of COVID-19, MedTech was prompted to act fast to find a suitable workspace management solution for their office in Brussels, Belgium. After the government announced new guidelines around returning to work, a solution was required that could be implemented quickly so that their employees could return to the office safely, whilst ensuring social distancing was adhered to. It was of utmost importance that the employees felt safe coming back to work and the right measures were in place.

“We implemented Condeco to address health & safety concerns linked to COVID-19. The overall process, from the first point of contact to the 2-week implementation of the solution, was extremely professional. We are very satisfied with the product and highly recommend Condeco for your safe return to the office.”

– Nicolas Van Mele, Director Finance, HR & Operations, MedTech Europe


MedTech began its search for a workspace management solution so they could return to work safely. After evaluating five technology providers, Condeco came out on top and proved to be the perfect solution for MedTech. The simple-to-use workspace management solution meant they would be able to control capacity by managing the number of employees in the office at any given time, whilst adhering to government guidelines on social distancing.

Condeco’s workspace management solution meant employees would have the flexibility to choose which days they would come into the office to work. The solution contains graphical floor plans on the web interface with the ability to search for colleagues so MedTech employees would easily be able to see which days their teammates would be in the office working, and which they would be working remotely.

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With the help of Condeco, MedTech has been able to react quickly and overcome the enormous challenged they faced transitioning back into the office.

Since the quick and efficient implementation of Condeco employees have felt safe returning to the office knowing effective measures are in place to ensure social distancing between employees, effective sanitization of desks, and contact tracing in the potential risk of infection.

  • MedTech’s employees felt safe returning to the office.
  • Ensure social distancing between employees.
  • Effective sanitization of desks after use, and office contact tracing.