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Improve collaboration for distributed teams, wherever and however they work together.

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Make working together better than ever.

The ways in which employees work are changing, but however, whenever and wherever they work, they still need to communicate and collaborate effectively. We can help you collaboration between employees, whether physical, virtual or a combination of the two.

Benefits of collaboration in the workplace

Enabling better collaboration between employees does more than improve teamwork. It can also:


Support the building of stronger ties between co-workers.


Strengthen mental well-being and job satisfaction.


Improve bottom lines thanks to a happy, productive workforce.

Improve culture and connections

Improve office culture

Remote working may give employees more flexibility, but it can make it more difficult for them to build relationships with their co-workers. For that reason, physical office environments still have a vital role to play in bringing teams together, both professionally and socially.

Condeco’s workspace management systems allow groups of employees to book a space for meeting up, whenever they need it and whatever they need it for. This helps enable a collaborative environment, improves employee well-being and fosters a stronger corporate culture.

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Enable better teamwork

Better office team work with the right space booked

Employers and employees alike often need to move fast to respond to new projects and opportunities. This means that the time and space for collaboration between employees often needs to be found at very short notice, without being held back by office constraints or slow processes.

That’s why our solutions are fully integrated across desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Whether working remotely or on the move, employees can always bring people together in the right way.

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Support workplace collaboration

How effective collaboration takes place varies considerably, especially in a changing business landscape. It could be physical meetings in booked office spaces virtual meetings on video conferencing platforms, or a combination of both. But whatever the method, supporting all of them is vital.

Our technology is designed to seamlessly support all of these options, including integration with Zoom and Teams, and with video conferencing equipment while making meeting room reservations. And if more casual collaboration is required, in-office collaboration is supported through booking collaboration areas and neighborhood space booking.

Did you know?

Difficulties with collaboration and communication are cited as the biggest struggle faced by remote workers worldwide, ahead of loneliness and not being able to unplug.

Source: The Sunday Times

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

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The best way to develop workspace collaboration is to give employees everything they need to work with their employees, and make it as easy as possible to access them. This includes reserving meeting rooms and desks at times when they know all relevant co-workers are available and in the office, and being able to check workspace or co-worker availability at any time. Condeco technology delivers all of this functionality with complete transparency for every employee.