We have three ways to use our meeting room touch screens:

  • Meeting room screen for Condeco Meeting Room Booking
  • Meeting room screen for Microsoft Exchange Calendars
  • Meeting room screen for Google Calendars

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How to keep meeting rooms free if not booked?

Meeting Room ScreenOur meeting room screens sit outside your meeting rooms and indicate whether a room is free or booked. If the meeting room has not been booked the LED light on the screen will be green, keeping it free for other users to book. But if the meeting room has been booked and the host fails to turn up and check into the meeting, the auto-bump feature will free up the meeting room for another user to book.

How to prevent double-booking meeting rooms?

Using a meeting room booking system allows simpler management and visibility of who booked what space. Combined with Condeco meeting room screens to clearly show the occupancy status of the meeting room and when it will next be available to staff. The red, amber and green lights indicate whether the meeting room is booked, occupied or free to prevent double-booking of meeting rooms. If a meeting room is booked, you will not be able to book the room for that time slot.

How to book a meeting room?

We have four simple ways you can book a meeting room through Condeco:

  1. On the web through our meeting room booking software
  2. At the meeting room screen
  3. In your Outlook calendar
  4. On our room booking mobile app

How are room screens installed?

Meeting Room Screens can be mounted to solid or partition walls using the mounting plate supplied in the box, and suitable fixings. We can also supply mountings for fixing screens onto glass walls.

How is it best to book meeting rooms within small businesses?

The best way to book and manage your meeting rooms is with a meeting room scheduling solution. We offer two options depending on your business requirements.

If you want a more advanced solution our meeting room booking software enables you to manage your rooms, services, and visitors all in one tool and works seamlessly with our meeting room screens. If you want a more basic solution to book and manage your meeting rooms, our meeting room screens can connect to Microsoft Exchange or Google G Suite room calendars.

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