Physical requirements:

The Condeco screen can be mounted to solid or partition walls using the mounting plate supplied, with suitable fixings.

We advise that our customers refer to the Screen Mounting Guide for full installation instructions. Condeco project managers will also work closely with each customer to determine the best mounting option from those available.

Software configuration:

The software configuration of our screens will typically be completed by our Condeco engineers during the commissioning of the devices. This entails assigning a screen to an allocated room, and configuring it to allow connection to the installed Condeco product.

What is a desk screen?

Condeco Desk Screens are hardware devices which can be attached to desk or workspace spaces, to display who has booked the workstation. Vibrant LED status lights and color displays make it easy to find available desks, and users can book the space instantly via the touch screen.

The screen works in tandem with Condeco Desk Booking Software, allowing you to manage a flexible workspace, support activity based working, and create a dynamic and collaborative environment, while maintaining a simple user experience.

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