Desk Edge Mounting ScreenCondeco desk booking screens are hardware devices which can be attached to desk or workspaces, to display who has booked the workstation. Vibrant LED status lights and color displays make it easy to find available desks, and users can book the space instantly via the touch screen.

The screen works in tandem with Condeco desk booking software, allowing you to manage a flexible workspace, support activity-based working, and create a dynamic and collaborative environment, while maintaining a simple user experience.

How to manage flexible working within the workplace

The best way to manage flexible working such as desk sharing schemes within the workplace is with an easy to use workspace reservation solution. With the Condeco desk booking solution you can easily implement and manage flexible desk-sharing arrangements. We give you all the tools to create an agile workplace that promotes flexible working within your workplace. By also introducing desk screens you can enhance your flexible workspace with intuitive touch-in, touch-out reservation functionality and booking information clearly displayed at the desk.

How to implement hot-desking or shared desks

Implementing shared-desk arrangements can be a simple procedure, once employees get their heads around it. Before you find the right solution for managing your flexible desks you must carry out an internal audit of your organization, identifying your business needs, the kinds of spaces you currently have, and the needs of your employees.

Once your needs are understood, it’s time to find the right desk booking solution for your business to help you manage the shared desk process. Each system may vary between organizations, but an effective desk management solution will be simple, easy-to-use and durable.

Desk screens can bring visibility of available space and straightforward reservation functionality into your flexible workspace. The compact touch screen which displays booking information complete with LED status lights can easily be mounted to desks, offices and breakout spaces.

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