In the workplace, digital signage refers to interactive displays that are used in the office space to display workplace information and directional signage.

Meeting room screens are mounted outside the meeting room to display information such as meeting titles, meeting booker and the length of the meeting. Screens can also indicate which spaces are booked or available via LED lights, to help make finding workspace easier.

Likewise, in relation to desk digital signage, interactive digital screens can also be installed onto desk spaces to show who’s booked which space, and what space is available for others to use.

Wayfinding digital signage screens can also be installed to help guide staff and visitors to the right space, along with interactive kiosks to help them self-serve their workspace booking needs.

Can you control digital signage remotely?

All our digital signage devices can be managed in the cloud from a centralized dashboard. You can activate your screens and monitor them wherever you are.

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