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Get more from your workspaces through office space monitoring and utilization analysis.

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Office space utilization.

Employees are at their most productive when they have access to the right workspaces they need to get their jobs done, but making this happen can be challenging. Our technology can help connect employees to advance workspace bookings, seamlessly, clearly and effectively, to then monitor how office space is used to drive agile workspace design decisions.

Benefits of measuring office utilization

Once it’s established how to calculate office space utilization, businesses can:


Make better decisions about their real-estate costs.


Enable more flexible working arrangements for their workforce.


Support increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Understand space usage

Understand Office Space Use

The ways workstations and meeting rooms are used is changing. No longer can they be assigned to specific people or used on an ad-hoc basis: flexible working means they need to be available to the whole workforce and easily bookable in advance.

The insights that can be derived from Condeco technology can help organizations get a clear picture of the demands on its workspaces. This information can then be used to define the right workspace booking rules and allocations for the business and workforce alike.

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Inspire user satisfaction

Workspace satisfaction rating

Employers must take steps to support employee productivity, whether operating remotely from home, or from a shared workstation or meeting room in the office. As happier workers are more productive workers, giving them working environments that suit them is essential.

Condeco technology collects and analyses data and feedback, pinpointing which workspaces are popular, why they’re popular and how effective they are. Equipped with this information, businesses can constantly reshape their office space to fit evolving user needs and support the productivity that drives satisfaction.

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Improve workplace design

Workplace design decisions need to be made regularly, as business needs and flexible working arrangements constantly evolve. To get these decisions right, it’s critical that businesses truly know the facts about office space utilization.

Condeco workspace booking solutions work in conjunction with measurement and analytics tools, integrated with PowerBI. These deliver accurate representations of who works where, when and in which space, guiding better design decisions that lead to workplaces employees love to work from.

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Did you know?

As of 2019, 38% of businesses worldwide were still not collecting any data around the space utilization of their buildings.

Source: JLL Americas

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How can we help you?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions surrounding flexible working systems.

More questions?

Office space utilization is the rate at which a particular working area is used. This can be measured across a whole building or floor, or for an individual workstation or meeting room. The number of hours the defined area is used for is compared to the maximum possible occupancy to give a utilization rate as a percentage.

When workspaces are permanent (i.e. each one assigned to an individual), utilization is easier to measure. But the more ‘fractional’ use that comes with more flexible working makes this calculation much more complex. Here, technology can play a part in keeping accurate track of each workspace, area and employee, delivering precise utilization rates and reporting, and enabling easy comparisons to be made of how usage changes over time.