BAE Systems Customer Case Study

See how Condeco helped BAE Systems Applied Intelligence streamline their room booking process, and relieve their front of house from time-consuming management.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is a British multinational cyber security company headquartered just outside London, with operations worldwide.


BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s meeting rooms were managed solely by their front of house team. With approximately 2,000 employees globally and 100 meeting rooms, the management of these rooms was considerably overwhelming and time consuming.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is continuously expanding worldwide, therefore needed a global solution that could be scaled to meet their needs, and improve the usage of meeting rooms across all their workspaces.

“Condeco solution has been life changing for the receptionists and front of house teams, as they are no longer inundated with room booking emails and requests.”

— BAE Systems Applied Intelligence 

Meeting Room Screen


The business compared a variety of booking systems to see if they fulfilled BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s requirements. Condeco possessed all the functionality required, as well as providing a solution that seamlessly integrated with their current email and calendar system.

Condeco installed room booking software and meeting room screens across BAE Systems Applied Intelligence globally; a total of one hundred meeting room screens were used. All prime customer facing global locations had Condeco meeting room touch screens installed outside the individual rooms, to allow visibility of bookings via red, amber and green LED lighting. The initial implementation in London was quick and simple, alongside a building refurbishment project.

The solution was life-changing for reception staff and the front of house team; they are no longer inundated with room booking emails and requests. Front of house also have special permissions to move meetings should they need to, and can effortlessly upload new rooms and resources to the system as and when required.

The Products Used

Meeting Room Booking IconMeeting room booking

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Room Screen IconMeeting room digital screens

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Desk Booking IconDesk booking

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Employees globally who have improved meeting booking experience


Global meeting rooms installed with meeting room booking software


Desks managed with Condeco Desk Booking

Room Booking IconImproved staff experience by allowing employees to find and book their own meetings independently from the front of house

Room Management IconEnhanced meeting room management across the globe, with visible screens showing if a meeting is in progress, ending confusion and interruptions

Increased Utilization IconIncreased meeting room utilization rates


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BAE Systems Case Study

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