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By joining the Condeco Customer Reference Program, you’ll demonstrate thought leadership, establish your reputation as a progressive business, and showcase how your company leverages Condeco for workspace scheduling solutions.

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Our tools help millions of people meet and collaborate every day. This program offers a platform for you to tell your story and showcase how your company has achieved better future outcomes with flexible work. If you’d like to participate and share your story, this page will show you how.

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  • Network with peers globally
  • Receive gifts and merchandise
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Communicate success
  • Showcase your workplace
  • Enhance your industry status
  • Demonstrate thought leadership

Case study process

Customer interview

1. Customer interview

The first step is a short 30-minute interview between Condeco and the customer, as a video call or over email. We’ll ask a series of questions which we will provide to you beforehand.

Content production

2. Content production

Once we have all the information we need, it’s passed over to our team to write up the content into a case study format. This stage can take up to a few weeks to produce.

Customer approval

3. Customer approval

After we’ve finalized the draft of the case study, we will share it with you for your feedback. Once you are happy with it, we’ll ask you to confirm and approve the use of the case study.


4. Publish

Once you have approved the case study, it will be published on our website and promoted externally. We’ll work with you to promote it to a wider audience across a range of channels. Project complete!

Can I see some examples?

Condeco and Vodafone Case Study


Watch the video

Condeco and Sodexo Case Study


Watch the video

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"Condeco was the perfect fit: an established product that had the market traction, and we could get it in quickly. That was the bottom line."

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"Employees wanted to start returning to the office, but we didn’t have any measures in place to manage this..."

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"It was important to us that the software was compatible with Outlook and that it was compatible and especially user-friendly."

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Yes, we offer a range of opportunities to suit your requirements. With each opportunity, we will secure your participation agreement.

While each interview will have questions tailored to the specific journey of that customer, in general, we will cover: your situation before you implemented Condeco, the main challenges/problems you faced, what Condeco helped you achieve, and any plans for the future.

The process length varies depending on several factors, but the average time it takes to create a case study is between 4-6 weeks.

Once we have completed the first draft of the case study, we will share it with you to see if you want any changes or edits made. Only once you are entirely happy with it will we publish it on our website.

All published materials require customer approval beforehand and will only be published when we have received confirmation the customer is happy with the final piece.

Case studies are published to our Condeco Case Study Library on our website. Articles, blogs, and other published materials will sit on our website, with the option to promote them across our social channels.

How the asset gets promoted depends on the content and format. Some examples of where the asset could feature includes: on our website, our email communications, and our social media channels

Condeco will take care of the majority of the process, but we do ask the customer to provide the following: a high-resolution company logo, internal company imagery (option to organize a photographer), a quote we can use in the case study, and final case study approval

If you’re interested in participating in our customer reference program, please fill in the form below, and we can get the process started!

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