Cricket Australia Customer Case Study

A national sports governing body partnered with Condeco and Amicus to adopt flexible work and facilitate a growing workforce at its headquarters.

Originally formed in 1905 as the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket, Cricket Australia (CA) governs both professional and amateur cricket across the country. It’s responsible for operating all the Australian national teams (men’s, women’s, and youth) across all formats of the game, as well as organizing home international matches, away tours, and major domestic competitions such as the Big Bash League. Its headquarters are in the city of Melbourne, just a few meters from the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.


At its head office in Melbourne, CA was struggling to accommodate its workforce of around 260 employees even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Exacerbating this problem, during the pandemic, the decisions were made not to move to a new building, and to shut down another office location and bring the 35 employees affected into the main building.

To solve this problem, CA decided to move towards a more flexible working model, whereby employees would work from home some of the time, and would book a desk for the times when they were needed in the office. CA sought a solution that would not only enable this, but would also handle COVID-related concerns such as limiting office capacity, contact tracing and movement around the building.

“The process of onboarding, deployment and reviews was smooth and quick despite the pressure being put on the timelines. A huge part of this is because of the journey we’ve had with both Amicus and Condeco and feeling like we were being supported the whole day.”

– Emma Cashen, Office Services & Technology Adoption, Cricket Australia

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To solve these challenges, CA turned to Condeco, in partnership with Amicus, an Australian workspace design and fitout expert. Condeco’s team in Australia worked with CA to onboard the workspace booking solution as quickly as possible, and exceeded expectations in getting the system fully up and running in just over four weeks. Now the entire workforce is able to book workspaces as and when required, and when suitable spaces are available.

Initially, CA made every workspace bookable by any person at any time, before they moved towards a more structured approach where certain floors were pre-allocated to certain teams. This evolved into use of Condeco’s ‘neighborhood’ functionality, where different groups get preferential access to different areas.

From a COVID perspective, the Condeco solution allowed CA to make quick and easy changes to workspace availability as required. Changing capacity limits could be responded to by opening up certain numbers of desks and closing off areas or even entire floors when needed. They were also able to enforce social distancing by only opening up every second desk as a default setting, and build in communication around mask wearing and other regulations via email when employees made bookings.

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Global offices using Condeco

CA quickly found the Condeco solution was transformative in how its office operated. An employee survey found that the vast majority enjoyed the flexible system and the control it gave them compared to unstructured hot-desking, and want it to remain in place permanently. Even senior executives have embraced the system, using shared workstations and sitting among colleagues when the floor containing their usual offices was closed off.

The partnership with Amicus Technology has enabled a smooth project delivery, building a strong relationship with CA while fully meeting and understanding their requirements. The joint support from Amicus and Condeco for CA resulted in a seamless and successful adoption of the technology by CA employees.

Central to the success of the solution was the information that employees had to hand when booking a workspace. They could check where particular co-workers were booked in, so that they could book their own space nearby for easy collaboration. Additionally, they could see the attributes of a workspace before making a booking, especially regarding which of three types of computer that the desk was set up for.

In order to better understand how flexible workspaces were being used, CA also utilized Condeco’s analytics functions to generate reports on how many people used the office day-by-day. Through this investigation into user trends, they discovered that Thursdays were the most popular day of the week for workspace bookings.

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Cricket Australia Case Study

Learn how Cricket Australia embraced a flexible working model to facilitate a growing workforce with the help of Condeco.