Barclays identified the need to better manage their Head Office. Research showed that 20% of their desk space was unused at any given time, and that between 20% to 30% of booked meeting rooms resulted in no-shows. This was a significant problem, with constant pressure to provide additional facilities at premium rates.

Barclays decided to introduce desk sharing and better management of meeting rooms, ensuring the facilities were only allocated when staff could use them. They recognised that an integrated desk and room booking system would aid them in achieving this objective. After conducting a full review of the leading software companies in this market, Barclays chose Condeco meeting room booking and desk booking software.

“The Condeco room and desk booking solution has enabled new ways of working and better use of space… we now have a more dynamic and flexible work environment.”

— Workplace Consultant, Facilities Management, Barclays

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Condeco’s feature-rich system provided the perfect solution to Barclays’ requirements. Being browser-based meant it could be rolled out to all Barclays’ main office sites in one go.

Condeco desk booking software contains graphical floor plans for bookings, which allowed staff to search by physical location, desk attributes, or users. It provided the capability for groups of rooms to be managed by a dedicated resource booking team. Additionally, it offered meeting room touch screens, which highlighted when facilities were available due to ‘no-shows’.

Condeco equipped each floor’s lobby area with an interactive kiosk, integrated with the software, enabling staff to book desks on arrival. The visitor management tool facilitated the processing of visitors by automatically logging their arrival at reception, and preparing passes.

Finally, the application provided a range of useful MIS reports, including space utilisation and cost management.

The Products Used

Meeting Room Booking IconMeeting room booking

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Desk Booking IconMeeting room digital screens

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Increase in office space usage


Employees working worldwide


Countries with Barclays office locations

Room Booking IconImproved access to remote desk booking for employees

Room Management IconAll staff can book their own desks and meeting rooms with a simple, user-friendly solution

Reporting IconProvided insight into workspace usage, along with improving meeting room occupancy and reduce no-shows


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Barclays Case Study

Barclays embraces a connected office to optimise their space and improve workplace efficiency.

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