Keeping your employees safe in your re-opened office and complying with the relevant government regulations and guidelines is a task that needs careful consideration. Condeco’s workspace management software provides a simple-to-use solution that answers the new challenges presented by the coronavirus and help you adapt your workplace to support the new normal. Learn more here.

How do I easily remove spaces to enable distancing when we return to work?

Easily adjust your existing workspace to a less dense layout that enables effective physical distancing by reducing the number of usable desks and the capacity of meeting rooms in a few simple steps.

How do I enable effective workspace sanitization?

Our comprehensive vendor workflow manages deep cleaning. The automatic workflow is triggered by changes to bookings and monitors that a cleaning task has been completed before a desk or meeting room can be used.

How do I effectively manage the number of employees who return to the office?

We manage the reduction in available space by limiting the number of days an employee is able to book a desk in the office and promoting continued periods of working from home. In addition to the reduced days, the system can create effective firewalls across teams by creating groups of employees that work alternate weeks or on different floors, ensuring business continuity.

How do I trace contacts in case of sickness?

Our solution records the details of every desk booking and meeting in a contact tracing database that enables rapid tracing of employee contacts should someone become ill. A detailed report for Human Resources (HR) teams and can notify the colleagues in question of the potential contact with someone who has been tested positive for the coronavirus.

Condeco offers a workspace management software solution that enables you to bring back employees in a safe and controlled process.

Why do I need to social distance in the office?

To get people back to the office safely we will need to make sure all employees not only feel safe to return to the office, that the workplace provides a sanitized environment to perform their duties, and reassures their wellbeing at the same time.

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