You can use contact tracing technology in your workplace to create a comprehensive audit trail to enable contact tracing should an employee become ill.

How can Condeco help with workplace contact tracing?

Contact tracing log

By using Condeco desk management software, all employees must book the workspace they require to use in advance when planning a visit to the office to ensure there is a record of usage in the contact tracing database.

For each desk booking, the workspace identification number, employee identification number, and booking date are stored in the Condeco contact tracing database. Each desk is allocated to a zone and the database holds information about immediately adjacent desks for reporting purposes. For meeting bookings in Condeco, the details of all meetings that take place, along with the attendees, the meeting host, date, start time, and end time, are also stored on the database.

Workplace contact tracing report

If an employee reports symptoms of Covid-19, their details will be entered into the contact tracing search and a report will be produced that highlights any other employee who has used a desk within a two-meter or 6-feet radius or attended a meeting with the reported employee in the previous 7 to 14 days.

The report can be passed to HR or other selected internal teams so that they are aware of the situation and can take the appropriate action. In addition, Condeco can automatically send a message to the effected employees via the Condeco web application and mobile app to notify them of the potential contact.

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