With Condeco desk booking software we provide an easy-to-use mobile app to support social distancing measures in offices. Giving employees a simple way of booking a desk and coming to the office to work safely and create a COVID-secure workplace.

What does the mobile app offer to help with pandemic-related workplace scheduling?

  1. Easy-to-use mobile interface

    By allowing all employees to book available desks on the mobile app and check the status of their booking they can easily manage their time in and out of the office.

    Desks can be found using a simple search or directly from a floorplan that shows available desks and private offices that are free and can be booked by the employee.

    Employees can either book an available space in the office, mark themselves as “working from home” or as “not working” on a given day. The number of days that desks or private offices can be booked is set according to the weekly or monthly allowance an employee is given. A booking can be made for the same desk for multiple days, up to an employees’ allowance.

  2. Space booking measures

    By enforcing space booking measures businesses can limit the number of people in the office at any one time to comply with safe distancing regulations but give employees choice and flexibility to book a space when they do need to come into the office.

  3. Employee communications during the pandemic measures through the mobile app.

    Contact tracing updates will also be provided to the employee’s profiled web and mobile app, so that they are notified should they have been identified as potentially having come in contact with someone who has reported symptoms.

  4. Searching for colleagues

    Employees can also easily search for colleagues and find if they are working in the office, at home or not working, enabling better collaboration. If they are in the office, they can find colleagues desk on a floorplan.

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