COVID-secure workplace badgeGet back to the office in-line with government guidelines and safety compliance.​

What are the steps to make our COVID secure workplace:

  1. Consultation​ ​–
    Involve people in ​the steps undertaken to offer a safe and secure workplace. Ask for feedback ​and how they feel.​
  2. Remote working​ ​–
    Option to continue to work from home, third spaces, and the office – choosing the right environment for the workday activity. ​
  3. Social distancing​ ​–
    Limit the number of employees coming into the office by reducing desk capacity and maintain social distancing.​
  4. Hygiene ​–
    Maintain cleanliness and sanitize workspaces after use and ensure sufficient sanitization stations are provided ​for personal use.​

Empower employees to return to the office with confidence and deliver a great flexible working experience.​

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