As organizations around the world plan the return to the office they need to address a number of workplace-related challenges to meet new guidelines and policies, to maintain employee safety and delivering business continuity.

Key changes businesses need to make to get back to the office, include:

  • Support physical distancing measures in the office

    Reconfigure workspace to reduce desk density and meeting room capacity in order to meet the new physical distancing requirements in the office.

  • Lower office occupancy

    Reduce the number of people working in the office to a safe level following a significant reduction in available desks due to physical distancing.

  • Deliver a safe and sanitized office environment

    Ensure that strict and managed desk cleaning is enforced when desks are scheduled to be used by a different employee and after meetings.

  • Enable office contact tracing

    Record desks used and meetings attended so that employees can be informed if they have potentially been exposed to a person who developed Covid-19.

  • Instantly close unsafe spaces

    Provide the ability to quickly close unsafe spaces and notify employees of closure so they can make alternative arrangements.

  • Keep employees informed

    Maintain constant contact with employees to notify them of changes to available space and updates on contact tracing.

For more information on how you can deliver these changes and more, read about our desk management solution.

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