The spread of the Coronvirus (Covid-19) across the globe, lead to the World Health Organization (WHO) releasing guidelines on social distancing; guidelines that governments started to implement alongside other regional-focused restrictions for isolating, quarantining and business closers.

The overall message the general public were asked to adhere to: Keep 6-feet, or 2 meters apart from each other at all times. This, in order to reduce the spread of person-to-person infection.

Many countries are now starting to see the statistics as to how these social distancing measures have aided in the decrease of new cases; and as governments look to start relaxing lockdown restrictions, in efforts to also ease economic pressures, companies are now investigating what protocols and measures they will need to implement in order to adhere to social distancing as doors begin to open for business again.

Workplace experts are still expecting a continued number of employees working from home, as the move towards the introduction back to the office takes place gradually; with careful consideration as to:

  • Safe and socially distant desks available
  • The technology to help support the return to work

Desk booking applications are among those technology solutions being investigated by businesses to enable the return to the office; and as we gear up for long term forms of social distancing and more guidelines released, it is imperative that the safe return to work planning takes place sooner rather than later.

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