Flexibility in the workplace is when companies give their employees the freedom to let them complete their work in a manner that best suits their needs. It means empowering your workforce with the trust and autonomy to manage and control their own time.

There are many ways you can improve flexibility in the workplace. Businesses can offer their employees the ability to work remotely or offer flexitime. This means giving workers the freedom to choose when and where they work.

You can create an agile work environment by providing a choice of workspaces for different activities or workstyles. For example, Condeco can provide you the tools to implement and manage a desk sharing and activity-based schemes, so your employees have the choice to find a workspace that meets their needs. And working with our meeting room booking solution you can offer employees a choice of collaboration spaces when they come into the office to work and meet with colleagues or clients – giving your workforce true flexibility in how they need to use the work environment to suit their workday needs.

Workplace flexibility ideas and trends in 2020

There is a growing trend towards organizations starting to adopt and embrace workplace technology that fosters a flexible workplace in 2020. COVID-19 has proven that new ways of working are here to stay, and implementing a workspace scheduling solution will support employees who will be looking to work more flexibly.

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