Meeting Room Digital Signage

Our beautifully designed, intuitive digital signage distinguishes our package as the most advanced workspace management system on the market.

Key benefits for you

Status Icon

Show the

Red, amber and green LED status lights let you easily scan for free rooms and desks. With 180° visibility, you can see instantly if spaces are occupied, booked or available.

Touch Icon

Instant booking with
your access card

Meeting room and desk screens allow you to check-in, book an available space or release it using, using any RFID-enabled access card.

Reporting Icon

Accurate reports
on space usage

We gather essential real-time data about how meeting rooms and desks are booked and used to help you perfect and adapt your evolving, dynamic workspace.

Design Icon

Free up space

No shows are no longer a problem. Our screen and desk auto-bump feature releases the room within a set time frame, freeing the space for someone else to use.

Meeting Room Booking Software & Room Screens

Monitor, measure and make the best use of every meeting room you have, from any location, on any device. Condeco’s meeting room management tools are the easiest way to make your meetings a success.

  • Effortlessly manage reservations and services in one tool
  • Manage your meetings from your existing Outlook calendar
  • Offer mobile functionality for on-the-go booking management
  • Delight your visitors with a smoother welcome process
  • Seamlessly integrate video meetings for better communication
  • Get clear insight into workspace usage and utilization

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Meeting Room Booking Laptop

Integrate with digital room signage

Condeco Meeting Room Screens and Wayfinder are an elegant addition to your workspace, providing visibility of meetings and helping everyone find and book available rooms with ease.

Meeting Room Screen

Enhance with Room Screens

Stylish touch screens for your meeting rooms clearly display a room’s status, and provide a great booking interface right at the door. Visible LED status lights can be seen from a distance, helping you quickly find a room. Ask meeting hosts to check in at the screen and cancel the booking if no one turns up, helping you to keep space availability at a maximum.

  • Optimize your meeting space and quickly cancel no-shows
  • End conflict and confusion over bookings with clear room displays
  • See availability from afar with LED status lights
  • Walk up and book instantly, with easy check-in and check-out
  • Sleek design for the modern workplace
  • Report on room usage for more informed decisions


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Enhance with Wayfinding

Display a list of easy-to-read meeting information, and simple to follow directions for all meeting attendees on any large-scale screen. Ideal for reception areas, the Wayfinder can be set up to match your brand.

  • Help quickly guide visitors and staff to meetings
  • Enhanced visitor support and overall experience
  • Easy to manage with flexible set-up


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Desk Booking Software & Desk Screens

With Condeco’s Desk Booking Solution, you can maximize your resources, increase the efficiency of your workspace and enable flexibility for your workforce, no matter the size of your office, or how many employees you have.

  • Enable agile working for everyone
  • Increase workspace efficiency and make better use of space
  • Improve workplace satisfaction by giving employees more freedom
  • Go mobile to find and book workspace on the go
  • Enhance your workspace experience with digital desk screens
  • Get a better picture of space usage and enable data-driven design

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Desk Booking Software Laptop

Enhance your workspace experience

Bring more visibility into your workspace with Condeco Desk Screens and Desk Kiosks.

Enhance with Desk Screens

Condeco Desk Screens provide a better way to book and manage your desks, breakout areas and offices. Our compact device comes packed with smart features, doesn’t break the bank, and can be mounted in multiple simple ways around your workplace. Users can check in or reserve the space by simply tapping in with their RFID access cards.

  • Show desk occupancy status with LED light bar
  • Easily free up unused desk space
  • Simple touch in and out with RFID access cards
  • Versatile mounting options to suit your workplace design
  • Smart technology that’s easy to use for everyone
  • Insights help you optimize your workspace


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Kiosk Screen

Strengthen with Kiosk

The Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk is a user-friendly touch screen that look great in reception areas. It provides quick check-in facilities, colleague finding and search, with everything clearly displayed via interactive floorplans, so anyone can easily find their way around.

  • Workspace booking at your fingertips
  • Easy identification and touch-in with RDIF access cards
  • Locate colleagues in the building with ease


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