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Responding to client demand with agile workspaces

Consulting businesses are having to respond to a new set of challenges: increased competition, changes in how clients buy services, and higher service delivery expectations. To respond effectively, organizations need a workspace that supports more agile approaches and rapid responses to make the most of emerging opportunities.

Solve your workspace challenges with Condeco

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Improve client experiences

Stand out from the competition when partners and clients visit your offices.

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Enable flexible teams

Give employees the space and tools they need to respond to changing client demands.

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Attract and retain talent

Offer better ways of working to empower the right people with the right skills.

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Support agility and speed

Make it easier for people to come together, so they can respond to new challenges quickly.

Improve client experiences

How your people interact with your clients’ people defines their experience of your business, whether virtually on video calls or physically in office-based meetings. These experiences therefore must be predictable, easy, and frictionless, in order to portray a positive representation of your business.

Our meeting room scheduling solution enables this by ensuring all meetings start on time, with the right attendees in the right place, and with all the relevant arrangements available to them in advance. Not only can this make the running of your business more efficient, but it can help strengthen client relationships with the highest levels of professionalism.

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“I’m used to organizations that book everything through [Microsoft] Outlook. There’s a number of challenges in terms of clashes and having to manage a calendar for every single room. Having a [unified] system removes that and it basically becomes automated.”

— Jon Cartledge, IT Service Desk Manager, Pitcher Partners

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Enable flexible teams

At a time of great change in the business world, organizations like you must respond to new opportunities by rapidly creating new teams with varied skill sets.

Digitization of the workplace can drive this ability by bringing people with the right skills and experiences together into the right working environments. Condeco’s workspace reservation tools can enable this collaboration between dynamic teams quickly and easily, with full clarity across workspace availability integrated with individual employee schedules.

Attract and retain talent

Finding and keeping hold of the best consulting employees around is harder than ever, and creating positive workplace experiences plays a key role in making that happen.

Our workspace scheduling system dissolves the line between the physical workspaces and the people, helping employees work how they want, where they want, when they want. Employees can move from location to location easily and intelligently, whether from meeting room to desk, huddle space to workspace, and from desktop to mobile.


Did you know?

COVID-19 has impacted consulting in some sectors far more than others, suggesting that many companies may need a major repositioning. The consulting market in the financial management sector was expected to contract by 27% in 2020, versus just 4% in the technology sector.

Source: Source Global Research

Support agility and speed

Agility has never been more important, both for consulting businesses like yours and for your clients, in order to seize on emerging opportunities before their competitors can. Doing so means giving people the time and space they need to succeed and deliver on client demands.

Condeco enables these rapid responses with real-time information and control across rooms, facilities, schedules and technology, removing the time and administrative burden from business pitch planning and new project development alike.

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Consulting workplace system FAQs

We’re constantly working with consulting and professional services firms to solve their workspace challenges. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.

Condeco supports the digitization of the workplace providing easy-to-use booking tools for employees and administrators alike. Condeco can support visitor management and gives busy front-of-house teams a simpler way to manage complex space bookings.

Create your own integration with our fully-featured API, enabling you to integrate third-party technology with Condeco and extend your smart building ecosystem.

Many of our consulting companies utilize our meeting room booking system to manage busy and complex room requirements with visitor and vendor management which, alongside our desk booking solution, helps manage office space effectively for employees.

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