Managing a new system for working behaviors requires a thoughtful change management process. Condeco can support you with the implementation of desk reservations in your workplace, with programs to help you effectively launch hot desking in your business.

Are people who hot desk more productive?

Hot desking or shared desks promote flexible working, giving employees the choice of where they work. If managed correctly, desk sharing can help boost employee morale, and in turn, make employees more productive.

What is the difference between co-working and hot desking?

Co-working spaces and hot-desking both offer flexible working solutions for organizations. The main difference is that hot-desking allows employees to utilize any available desk or workspace that is free, whereas co-working spaces are essentially shared office spaces.

Organizations are now moving towards flexible workspace and activity-based working, where employees can not only book desk spaces but other types of workspace; such as breakout areas, pods or booths, and creative spaces to suit their work-day needs.

How common is hot desking?

As the need for more flexible and agile working methods is increasing throughout organizations, more and more workplaces are implementing hot-desking schemes. These schemes make it easier to create a better workplace experience for an agile workforce.

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