Not every organization needs or will benefit from desk sharing. In fact, most organizations we work with still have allocated fixed desks for some people. The most accurate way to find out what percentage of desk-sharing would be effective for your business is by undergoing a Condeco Sense study. This will help you determine what types of workers you have and what desk: person ratio will be most suited to your business.

How to set up collaborative desk arrangements?

Desk sharing and collaborative desk arrangements is a simple procedure. Before you find the right desk sharing solution you must carry out an internal audit of your organization, identifying your business needs, the kinds of spaces you currently have, and the needs of your employees.

Once your needs are understood, it’s time to find the right desk booking solution for your business to help you manage the desk sharing process.

Will Condeco solutions help increase desk utilization?

Our desk booking solution requires employees to check in to their desk and if users fail to show up it will automatically cancel bookings, freeing up the desk for others to use. This increases desk utilization, helping you get more out of your workspace.

Benefits of collaborative working.

There are many benefits of workplace collaboration for an organization.

  • It can help employees improve workplace relationships by collaborating with colleagues they don’t usually interact with.
  • Forming healthy working relationships will help you on a daily basis, and even help you develop your career further.
  • Workplace collaboration can help improve your performance, as you can bounce around ideas between your colleagues.

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