The idea is to bring flexibility to your workspace – allowing employees to move around the office floor to accommodate different daily activities, to work directly with your team or collaborate with different colleagues, and to work in the area that is most appropriate for your current projects or goals.

How to manage hot desking?

While some smaller businesses may opt to manage the hot desking process themselves, there are many benefits to using a robust desk booking system. Each system may vary between organizations, but an effective hot-desking management solution will be simple, easy-to-use and durable.

For example, Condeco’s solution for managing hot-desking is all done from one system. You can book via the web or mobile app, our desk booking screens or desk booking kiosk.

What are the benefits of hot desking?

What are the benefits of hot desking for an employee?

The main benefits of hot desking for employees include:

  • Increased collaboration – hot desking enables employees to interact and collaborate with other team members who they would not necessarily sit with. This often leads to fresh, innovative ideas.
  • More agility and flexibility – giving workers the choice and control of how and where they work can foster a culture based on trust, and ultimately improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.

What are the benefits of hot desking for the employer?

The main benefits of hot desking for the employer include:

  • Reduced overheads – hot desking allows organizations to cut down on wasted space, as not every employee will need to be provided with a fixed desk every day.
  • More productive workforce – when employees are able to choose the kind of seating arrangements they want to work in, it can increase productivity and efficiency as they are able to choose the place that suits their needs most.

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