A desk booking system allows you to deploy flexible and activity-based workspaces throughout your organization, enabling users to reserve a workspace as and when they need it, to suit their work-life needs. Condeco desk booking allows users to book in Outlook, using touch screen kiosks, desk screen signage or via our mobile desk booking app.

How to use Desk Booking systems?

With a system like Condeco Desk Booking, you are provided with a number of ways to book a desk space.

There are three different ways to make a Desk Booking in Condeco.

  1. Quick desk search

    Condeco Quick desk search
    To search for a workspace on a particular date, use the quick desk search. Specify the location, floor, and date to find an available workspace. To secure the desk booking click on Book Now for the desk you would like.

  2. Find a desk

    Condeco Find a desk
    To search for an available desk, click on Find a Desk. Choose the location, the Group(s) and Floor(s) you would like to search for. To complete the desk booking, click Book Now for the desk you want, or click the Floor plan.

  3. Desk booking grid

    Condeco Desk booking grid
    To make a desk booking, start by clicking the Booking Grid on the left-hand side menu. Select the Location, Group and Floor you want and once you have found a workspace, select the desired slots on the grid. Complete the booking form and click Save & Close.

  4. What are the benefits of desk booking solutions?

    Condeco’s desk booking solution can help you create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for your employees. With Condeco, you can maximize your workspace and get more out of your real estate.

    How to use the Condeco desk booking app on my phone?

    Android users can download the Condeco Desk Booking app from the Google Play Store, and iOS users can find the app through the Apple App Store.

    This application is for users of Condeco Desk Booking Software. If this is your first time using the app, click on Sign up and follow the instructions, or if you are already signed up then you can just log in with your details.

    In the Condeco desk booking app users can:

    • Check availability and book desks for one or multiple days
    • View desk bookings
    • Delete desk bookings
    • Check in to their desk
    • Find colleagues and book a desk nearby

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