Conference Room Scheduling Software

Simplify all your conference room scheduling management into one scalable solution in the cloud, with our world class, feature-rich scheduling software.

Solve your workplace challenges

Condeco Conference Room Scheduling Software helps to maximize conference room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace.

Our cloud-based solution enables you to schedule and manage conference room, visitors, hospitality, services and video conferencing in one globally scalable system.

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Effortlessly manage reservations
and services

With Condeco, the most complex of reservations become simple to manage and monitor for both your vendors and front of house team, even across different time zones and locations.

Meeting Management

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Book in your
Outlook calendar

Book rooms, services, visitors and video conferencing in just a few clicks. Everything you need for your meeting, available right in your existing Outlook calendar.

Outlook Integration

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Manage meetings
on the move

Find conference rooms on the go, manage bookings and extend your meeting, via our intuitive mobile app.

Mobile booking app

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Delight your visitors

With visitor management built into our platform, reception always knows who’s coming, delivering a smooth experience for your visitors and saving effort for you.

Visitor management

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Integrate with your Skype for Business room systems – automatically add Skype meetings to your room booking or integrate with other video conferencing systems to deliver a seamless and simple video meeting experience.

Video integrations

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Get workspace

Get a clear understanding of space usage and resource requirements with detailed reporting, enabling you to make better decisions about your space and manage costs more effectively.

Data analytics

Watch a video
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Effortlessly manage meetings and services

Condeco offers seamless functionality for conference room bookings, catering, AV and other equipment and supplies, providing a clear view of reservations and availability. And when the meeting changes, everything updates in one swift process, keeping everyone in the loop.

Reservation Process

Self-serve or managed – your choice

You can set up rooms in three different ways: self-serve, where users can directly book the room; managed, where users can request a room; and blind-managed, where users can make a request for a room. Requests can be efficiently managed in a list, or via a room grid view.

Booking grid

Keep everything in view

Our Standard Booking Grid enables you to monitor every aspect of your meeting. The grid shows the status of the room, bookings, and the schedule of any associated services, such as catering.

Move & manage

Create, swap, extend, end…

Often, requirements change at the last minute. With Condeco, you can easily create new bookings, move rooms, extend an overrunning meeting, or swap bookings, making sure everyone is in the right space.

Locations & time zones

Work across locations and time zones

Our Advanced Grid enables you to get a view across locations and time zones; ideal for the management of video conferences.

Vendors & services

Manage vendors and services

The vendor dashboard enables efficient management of service requests by the service vendor’s team. Front-of-house can clearly see the schedule and status of services in the room booking grid.

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Manage meetings on the move

Forgot to book a conference room? Need to move your meeting? Our mobile app for iOS and Android lets you quickly search for rooms, and start, end, or extend your bookings.

Search & book

Just tap to find a room

Quickly find the right room for your meeting, matching the location, room size and features that you want. See results in a list or calendar view, helping you find available rooms quickly, even when things get busy.

Room information

See what your room looks like

See a detailed description of each room with pictures and floorplans, helping you pick the perfect room for your needs.

Start, stop, extend

Amend your meeting with a few taps

Last minute changes to your meeting? No problem. The app shows a calendar or list view of all your upcoming bookings. Change your booking, or start, stop or extend your meeting right from your phone.

Favorite rooms

See availability for your favorite rooms

Add your favorite rooms to a list so you can instantly check availability at a glance.


Find your way to the room

Add a link to your favorite wayfinding system to show the way to the room. Condeco can show a URL or URI to a point of interest.

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Book in your Outlook calendar

With the Condeco Outlook Add-In, you can book conference rooms and associated services right from your MS Outlook calendar appointment.

Grid view

Get a wider view across locations and timezones

On the grid, you can see room availability, even across locations and time zones. You can configure the grid to show specific locations, and even save multiple views to speed up your booking next time.

Services & visitors

Book everything in one go

On the booking form, you can add visitors, services and video conferences. You can even book multiple rooms at once: for example, for an event or a video conference.

Moves & changes

We move everything for you

Should your meeting change, we’ll check if the room is still free, and move your booking. Any changes are handled automatically, making sure that service vendors and front-of-house have the most up-to-date information. Simple.

Exchange sync

Synchronise bookings between Exchange and Condeco

Condeco Sync for Microsoft Exchange lets you link meeting room calendars in Exchange with rooms in Condeco Meeting Room Booking, and have them stay in sync with each other, integrating into your existing work processes for familiarity and ease.

Condeco Sync monitors both calendars and automatically synchronizes any bookings made, edited or deleted, enabling users to make room bookings using any Exchange-enabled calendar such as mobile phones or Condeco meeting room booking tools.

Exchange room finder

A better experience for MS Exchange-based room bookings

The Room Finder for Outlook enables you to quickly find available rooms in Exchange and add invite them to your appointment in Outlook. The room booking is then synched back to Condeco using the Condeco Sync Exchange integration.

The add-in is available through MS App Source, and can be downloaded and activated in seconds.

Available for Outlook Windows and Mac, and Outlook Web Access. Use of Condeco Sync is required.

See how Sodexo optimized their meeting space with Condeco Conference Room Booking


“We worked with Condeco to improve our own workspace technology solutions, as well as demonstrating to our own customers how they can improve their workspaces.”

Richard Priestly, Real Estate Director, Sodexo

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Delight your visitors

With Condeco’s integrated visitor management system, the front desk and reception teams can automatically be informed of visitors when booking a meeting, saving valuable time and effort.

Add visitors

Visitors and visitor-specific information can be added when booking a room, or at a later date. Front-of-house are automatically informed and can notify the host by email when visitors arrive.

Condeco can automatically send configurable emails with directions to all attendees. You can also notify attendees automatically when the time or location of your meeting changes.

Visitors can be checked in, out, or go on a break. Walk-in visitors can be effortlessly added into the system by reception staff.

Quickly take photos and print visitor passes for one individual, or a whole group of guests. Passes can be configured for a range of printers, and to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

With roll call, you can instantly produce a list of who is in the building and which meetings they are attending.

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Smooth communications

Simplify the booking of video conferences by integrating video with conference room booking into one smooth process.

One simple booking process with Skype for Business

When adding more than one Skype room to the meeting, Condeco automatically schedules the Skype meeting to all rooms. All you need to do is start the meeting upon arrival. Of course, you can also add a Skype meeting without Skype rooms. If you already have a Skype meeting in Outlook and add a Skype room, we link the room automatically.

All attendees receive a calendar invite that enables users to click to join, however they choose.

By simplifying the user experience to book, create and launch video conferences, you’ll see an increase in usage, a reduction in travel expenses, and improved collaboration.

Condeco integrates with Cisco too, and a new Polycom integration is on its way. Talk to us about your requirements if you wish to integrate with either of these providers.


Integrate Condeco with your video conferencing provider, we integrate with:

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Get workspace insight

Condeco Conference Room Booking encompasses a fully customizable, real-time reporting solution that can closely monitor exactly how your conference room are used.


Condeco provides detailed reporting to closely monitor room and resource usage, user activity and much more. This helps you make informed decisions about how best to manage your conference rooms.

Often the biggest frustration of room bookings is people not turning up. Track no shows, identify repeat offenders and see how many rooms have been freed up for someone else to use, in a few simple steps.

Track catering and associated costs for meetings and events. Assign cost codes and allocate to finance for invoicing or internal charging.

Identify the number of visitors entering your building on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Track peak times of visitor arrival and view historical data.

Condeco Room Booking Analytics through Power BI brings the ability to easily create high value, interactive, analytical dashboards, allowing for powerful data-driven insights into historical resource usage.

Integrate with digital room signage

Condeco Conference Room Screens and Wayfinder are an elegant addition to your workspace, providing visibility of meetings and helping everyone find and book available rooms with ease.

Conference Room Screens

Stylish touch screens for your conference rooms clearly display a room’s status, and provide a great booking interface right at the door. Visible LED status lights can be seen from a distance, helping you quickly find a room. Ask meeting hosts to check in at the screen and cancel the booking if no one turns up, helping you to keep space availability at a maximum.

Learn more about room screens


Display a list of easy-to-read meeting information, and simple to follow directions for all meeting attendees on any large-scale screen. Ideal for reception areas, the Wayfinder can be set up to match your brand.

Learn more about Wayfinders

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Condeco Conference Room Booking Software helps you to maximize your conference room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into your workplace.

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