Reopening New York offices

How to reopen your office-based businesses statewide and enable your workers back to the office safely with workspace technology solutions.

How to reopen my office safely
in New York.

Careful management of desk and workspaces, meeting rooms, employee locations, and sanitization will be essential to meeting local guidelines for reopening your workplace.

We’ll show you how our workspace reservation solution enables you to easily reopen your office and 
ensure employees are not exposed to risk.

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Reconfigure workstations for distancing

Reduce the density of desk layouts and the occupancy of meeting rooms to meet 6-ft physical distancing.

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Reduce interpersonal contact

Limit the number employees coming into the office by staggering work in the office days reducing desk booking capacity.

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Disinfect workstations effectively

Schedule enhanced cleaning after usage of desks effective workspace disinfection to support health and safety of employees.

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Health Screening Practices

Ensure health self-screening on arrival at the office and recording workspace usage and enable contact tracing for any positive cases.

Comply with New York office reopening guidelines.

With Condeco you can comply with the enhanced protective guidelines and safely reopen your office for your employees. We’ll show you how we will help…

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New York State Office Based Work Guidelines How Condeco complies
  • Modify or reconfigure the number of workstations and employee seating areas and desks for their workers, so that workers are at least 6 ft. apart in all directions.
  • With Condeco you can close down desk spaces to reduce workplace density to enforce the 6-ft rule.
  • Shared workstations (e.g. “hot desks”) must be cleaned and disinfected between users. Provide a way to disinfect workstations and surfaces, so that workers are not sharing workstations without cleaning and disinfection between use.
  • Condeco sanitization workflow manages this process, and shows workers which spaces have not yet been cleaned and require enhanced disinfection.
  • Immediately report potential exposure of someone with another person who has symptoms or tests positive within 14 days.
  • Condeco contact tracing can assist in identifying others at the worksite with whom they had close contact, through our in-built contact tracing system and help you notify those affected.
  • Implement mandatory health screening practices, Self-health certification, must not be allowed into office if experiencing symptoms or had possible exposure.
  • Our customizable self-certification workflow helps employees verify that they believe they are able to safely enter the workspace via our mobile app and web app.
  • Keep occupancy down in areas of the office (such as rooms). And wear masks when in areas of close proximity.
  • Condeco meeting room capacity can be reduced to required density levels to ensure bookings are compliant.
  • Reduce interpersonal contact and congregation through various methods e.g. adjusting workplace hours, limiting in-person presence to necessary staff, shifting design, reducing on-site workforce, staggering arrival/departure times.
  • Allow employees to select which days to work in the office and which days to work from home. You can put limits on how many days a month a worker can come to the office to control the capacity. Condeco makes it easy to stagger employees’ arrival times to the office, when they have a desk booked.

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With Condeco we can help you comply with all these safety regulations and reopen your office with confidence.

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Information referenced from: Reopening New York – Office-based Work Guidelines for Employers and Employees – Correct at time of publication, October 2020.

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Gensler’s U.S. Work from Home Survey 2020

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  • Automatic check-in using Geolocation positioning
  • Self-certification on arrival at the office

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