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Many organisations struggle with a plethora of systems to manage meeting room bookings, desk bookings, visitors and associated services, such as catering or video conferencing. What should be simple is convoluted, handled across many different platforms, with varying results.

Employees are often forced to navigate a confusing landscape of software tools and information just to complete straightforward tasks.

With Condeco, you can unify the entire room and workspace reservation experience into one simple tool, removing management overheads and liberating the productivity of your workforce.

One system – one process

  • Booking complex meetings, such as multi-location video conferences or catered events, can easily become a time-consuming task. When schedules inevitably change, re-booking often means coordinating resources across multiple systems – a frustrating experience that results in unnecessary work and loss of productivity.
  • Condeco integrates hospitality services, video and visitor management into one seamless application. The entire process becomes easy to manage, even with the most complex of meetings. Condeco handles all the hard work of rescheduling meetings, updating service orders and communicating with vendors, saving employees time and hassle.


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Did you know?

68% of business leaders believe employees are placing increasing importance on the look and feel of the workplace*.

“The wait for smart buildings to catch up with smart users will at last be over: ‘real-time’ real estate’ will start to seamlessly integrate a range of technologies into the workplace to respond to individual needs.”

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Integrate into people’s scheduling workflow

  • Finding a time for a meeting that suits everyone can be hard enough. It should be easy to find a room, and make all the other necessary arrangements, such as adding catering, or notifying reception of visitors.
  • With Condeco, you can integrate room booking into Microsoft Outlook, enabling you to book meeting rooms and associated services straight from your Outlook calendar.
  • Easily locate a free room and make a booking, all from the appointment window in Outlook. Add extras such as catering, video conferencing, or other services, in just a few steps. If details of your meeting change, don’t worry – Condeco can help you make adjustments with the click of a button.

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Enable mobility

  • Everyone recognises the stress caused by having forgotten to book a room for an important meeting. If you’re out and about, you often don’t have easy access to your computer.
  • With Condeco’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, it’s easy to find available rooms and desks, manage bookings, or even locate colleagues. If a meeting overruns, it’s no sweat to extend the booking on the phone. You can even check the live availability status for your preferred rooms in seconds, and book with a few taps of the screen.



Seamless collaboration

  • Video meetings have been shown to be more productive than phone calls – remote collaboration is the future. When booking meeting rooms with video conferencing, there should not be a separate process to dial-in.
  • With our Skype for Business integration, its easy to schedule a Skype for Business meeting as part of your booking. Select two or more Skype for Business enabled rooms, and Condeco automatically schedules the Skype meeting with the rooms invited against the users Skype account, saving valuable time, and creating a seamless experience for all attendees, whether present or remote. We also offer integrations with other video conferencing systems.

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Improve wayfinding

  • It’s not just a struggle to deliver an efficient room and desk reservation experience – many organizations encounter difficulties in providing visibility of bookings and clear wayfinding in the workspace itself, often inviting conflict between colleagues about who booked what.
  • Our suite of digital touch screens for rooms and desks clearly displays which spaces are free and which ones are booked, removing any confusion.
  • Wayfinding boards help everyone find their meeting space. For bigger buildings and campuses, it’s easy to link third-party digital wayfinding applications with our mobile app, making sure nobody is left looking for their meeting room.



Managing change effectively

  • It can be a challenge to introduce new business systems, often requiring employees to familiarize themselves with entirely new platforms, and adapt to foreign processes. Condeco’s integration functionality can help keep the change to a minimum.
  • With Condeco Sync, you can introduce meeting room booking while keeping existing, commonplace office software like Microsoft Outlook. Sync connects to MS Exchange 365 room calendars, and synchronizes bookings made in the room calendar with the corresponding calendar in Condeco. This enables you to offer access to more complex functionality to one set of users, such as executive assistants, and keep other users in the environment they are already comfortable with.

How can I improve workspace booking experiences and improve productivity?

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*The modern workplace: People, places and technology – 2018

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